3 Ways Online Games Help Us Destress this Pandemic

The year long (and then some) lockdown has not exactly wind us down a great deal. If at all, we are even busier that we have ever been – at least from our end. With the global restrictions and the limited things we can do, it is essential to find out for ourselves how we are able to destress, for our own mental health.

It was also during this pandemic that we were able to equip ourselves with the know-hows on how to “learn how to learn,” which I also call, “learning smart.” This new normal has paved the way for us be creative as we devise our way into it, making sure we keep afloat by choosing to thrive – the path we intentionally take.

3 Ways Online Games Help Us Destress this Pandemic:

  1. Online game breaks while using the Pomodoro Technique. This time management method was a game changer for us since it has allowed for us to be more efficient with our time. The breaks in between doing school or work tasks, are just as important and have key roles to play in us being better at what we do.
  2. Psychology Today mentioned how dopamine is released when people play video games, making them a cost-effective and easily accessible way to brighten your day. When it comes to mental health, the release of this “happiness hormone” has the ability to recharge us and make us more efficient in our tasks. This makes total sense. And in the context of “playing” in between the Pomodoro breaks, I have seen this work for my son, as he does his online class. We have found this to be extremely helpful.
  3.  A study on online games and mindfulness suggests that digital games help as it promotes a way to relax and recover.

However, some of us may not have the luxury of buying games or taking the time to start up downloaded ones, which  calls for the good old alternative- browser games! Having played some well-known ones like diep.io or agar.io, having a collection of these games on a single site would be a nice thing to have. This is where Plays.org comes in.

Destress with Plays Free Games

I had my son check out this online game website, so it’s easy for him to access in between his Pomodoro breaks. He doesn’t need to get hold of a separate device to chill out for a few minutes before heading on to fulfill his academic requirements.

One of the games on this site, 8-Bit Dungeon Knight, is a systematic puzzle game with levels that can be completed through parallel solutions, using stat calculation to determine the outcome of fighting an enemy. These levels pose a welcome challenge, even to a person used to casually playing games on a regular basis. The gradual introduction of items such as attack and defense rings in the different levels provides a learning experience that’s not too complicated but also difficult enough to pose a real challenge. Using stronger enemies, and keys really gives it the feel of a dungeon game. Despite being only one in a large collection of games, it’s a well-made specimen and I really recommend that it be played by those looking for a fun challenge.

Destress with Plays Free Games

Another favorite game would be Minigolf World, an excellent test of accuracy and judgement, while being a fun, casual game one can play on their own time. The good quality and realistic physics make for a nice, chill game for relaxing. If you’re like me looking for a quick game with satisfying graphics, realistic obstacles, and simple results, Minigolf World it is.

shadoworld online plays dot org

Shadoworld Adventure, is inspired by Super Mario Bros. It’s a simple enough game, about gathering stars and keys to progress through the levels. Featuring a selection of flying, walking, avoiding, and jumping on enemies, you must travel through each level and avoid obstacles using your double jump. The ambience makes for an interesting game, and the player character’s movement is very satisfying.

Destress with Plays Free Games

I recommend this for those looking for casual adventure-platform games. An exciting game, with the element of surprise found in platformers.

All in all, Plays.org has a wide variety of entertaining games for people of different tastes to enjoy.   The 30+ free-to-play browser games are a lot to choose from to serve our “pomodoro break” needs. I love that each game has user ratings that help determine what kind of gameplay one might expect from it. With these ratings, all kinds of gamers can be accommodated more easily and find their favorites more conveniently. With the ease of access via browser, you can quickly fire it up in a matter of seconds and pick from a wide variety of games. 🙂

I am not much of a gamer like that of my hubs and our teener son, but I see for myself the importance of these online game breaks to keep us driven and fresh, as we go about the tasks we face each day. We do what we can to thrive in this season, and like with all else, moderation is always the key. Using this alongside the Pomodoro Technique, is what works for us, as it helps us destress during this pandemic.




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