DIY Touches to Make Your Vacation House a Home

While the pandemic might have placed travel restrictions left and right and have limited a lot of vacation plans of a lot people, it also has been a good season where more people are leveling up their vacation houses and giving it special touches to make it a home.

For one, when is the best time to get some home improvements but during the lean season, preparing for the ease of restriction again. How does one level up vacation rental properties and make it cozy and fun, a perfect travel scenery from your future guests usual pandemic vibe?

If there is anything I love doing to level up a spot, it’s DIY. Why do DIY anyway? During pandemic, aside from it being economical, with a lot of free time in your hands, it really is the best time to squeeze out those long hibernating creative juices. We have Pinterest to check out too, for your home peg. Consider it a treat for your future vacation home guests.

vacation home

Home Away from Home

What is so fun about Do-It-Yourself projects is that you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve your vibe. A few accents here and there with a theme in mind makes a great deal of difference. If you have a real estate for sale in Whistler taking advantage of the lean months to improve your home is a great idea.

A well-stocked pantry

I don’t know about you but what usually makes a good vacation house in my books is when I find a pantry that is well-stocked. While a great interior design makes for a good first impression, a well-stocked pantry makes that last. Just think about it, the first thing travelers do when they come in from a flight is unpack. Depending on how long the travel was, often times getting a much is not much of a priority. Finding a pantry where they are able to indulge upon check in leaves for a sweet lasting impression. And I am not even talking about the usual hotel complimentary. Take it up a notch, will you? A full meal, in the house, plus a pantry with snacks.

A Spa / Me-Time Nook

Consider a spa vibe in your bath tub, with all the works available for your guest. Throwing in some spa kit essentials, with a good, lasting scented diffuser sticks, have the makings of a welcome to spa feels. You might even want to add a portable steam/sauna bath, will be a great plus too.

The thing with giving DIY touches in your home, the ideas are limitless. But these two things will almost guarantee a lasting impression that would have your guest come back and make your place their go to place in your location.

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