Can CBD Be Absorbed Through the Skin? How Does It Work?

Since the inception of CBD, it has garnered much hype surrounding its therapeutic qualities. Its popularity as a home remedy for skin conditions, such as acne and seasonal rashes, has skyrocketed over a period. Its domination of the mainstream has attracted attention and it has become a standard choice of treatment.

You may have heard claims about infused mixtures and their capabilities of revitalizing the skin due to medicinal ingredients. However, is it as absorbent as scientific studies and avid users claim it to be?

The Effectiveness of Topical CBD-Infusion

CBD can be absorbed topically. The overall effectiveness has much to do with consistency. With regular usage, direct application of cannabinoids is widely expected to have almost instant results. It has received a barrage of rave reviews throughout the years and is recommended by dermatologists. Also since it is a natural, over-the-counter remedy, medical professionals even suggest it to their patients.

Pure and Planted

How CBD Works On Skin

CBD is absorbed through the skin and interacts with receptors beneath the epidermis, influencing the body’s endocannabinoid system. To combat dryness and irritation, topicals typically contain hydration-promoting chemicals. Essential oils are also a common element in a variety of CBD products. Because they include a wealth of other useful compounds, they make excellent carrier oils and extra additives.

There are many types of topical products. A few of the most common types of topical CBD topical remedies are creams, lotions, roll-ons, and lip balm, like those produced by local Vermont company, Pure and Planted.


Topicals are applied to a specific surface region by rubbing. It’s a common substitute for edibles and other ingestibles because it’s a quick, targeted option. Despite the fact that it does not enter the bloodstream, it gives targeted relief and is appropriate for preventive maintenance. As a result, a product is only active where the skin is afflicted. It zeroes in on the problem areas and gets to work on resolving them.


Transdermal drugs pass through the bloodstream naturally and allow deep penetration into membrane tissues. This method is mainly popular among individuals who prefer to relieve pain using an intense aid that lasts for hours. It circulates in the blood and provides moisture for severe disorders such as eczema and chronic itching. Not only does it fight its way past multiple layers of skin, but it also affects other organs.

Given its ability to travel throughout the body, a small amount can go a long way. When used sparingly, it can be considerably better than slathering, which can clog pores. The skin becomes more responsive to absorption after frequent use. CBD can also be stored in the body for days without having an adverse effect.


Final Thoughts

Other than ingestion and inhalation, CBD is available in a variety of forms. If you’re thinking about taking CBD, you’ve probably heard that it’s good for absorption. The method you select should be determined by your needs and specific expectations.

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