Top 5 Benefits of Playing Solitaire

I have learned playing solitaire way before our family’s usual game of choice during game nights has something to do with cards. It was a game introduced to me by my mom, which I found rather entertaining and was straightforward with its rules. Even when computers were still relatively new, Microsoft solitaire was one non-negotiable game I played when mom wasn’t on the screen working.

Decades since, it is good to know that more than mere entertainment, the game solitare has benefits we can look back into and even take advantage of in this fast-paced online world.

1. Turns off outside noise for that welcome few minutes break.

While it won’t lull you to a meditative mode, solitaire has the ability to put your mind on a break. A good game to play during your pomodoro break. The relaxing mental activity tones down stressors of online work, or any other pressure for that matter.

2. Diversion.

In this every hurried atmosphere we are mostly in, a diversion like solitaire has the makings of driving off frustration when faced with things that are unavoidable during our days. It has a way of refreshing the mind, coming out ready to battle right back when play time is over.

3. Mental exercise.

While might not give you an excellent mark in your SATs, it is still a beneficial brain game activity, as you are analyze cards and get more alert by the game of what suits and numbers to look into. Simplistic as it may seem, the relaxing kind of game actually has the ability to improve mental skills more than we think.

My highest score so far: 631 

4. Improves critical thinking skills.

Truth be told, playing solitaire has the ability to improve logic and problem-solving skills. This allows for a person to better use critical thinking skills when needed.

5. Fun.

While yes, playing solitaire is a soft mental exercise that has the ability to calm and allows for you to de-stress, do not forget that it can be really fun. There is something about a fun activity that you can go to during your pomodoro break.

free online games

And to top it all off, there are a other free online games that I have grown to love, that provides the break I need several times a day as I work on my online tasks.

word search game

One of the games that I have grown to love is the Word Search Game on I love the rush of finding the hidden word, and just beating my time. Does that make one sharp? Maybe. But it can really be a good game to pass the time, and it does not take a lot of time to play. Another thing I love about it is it is browser game, meaning it does not have to eat up space in my computer and it is not resource-heavy. Don’t take my word for it. These old school games have a fun way to take mind off one’s tasks throughout the day.


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