Wellness Goals and Practical Ways to Achieve Them

The global pandemic has brought the world a lot of uncertainties alongside the still growing number of health issues, aside from the Covid-19 virus itself. While there might be little we can do with our circumstances, it is always wise to look into things which we can – like making sure we keep healthy. And while keeping healthy is a general term in itself, we can zero in on keeping our weight in check.

Nature.com discussed the likelihood of the pandemic worsening the obesity epidemic, reasons include: the deterioration of psychosocial health – emotional eating is its all time high. There really are a handful of things to look into when it comes to keeping healthy. But one of the practical things we can incorporate in our regular activities is to step out of our old sedentary routine and have some weight loss goals, when we need it.

culinary school weight loss

As for any goal, from trivial to the grand ones, it is always great to have some tools to measure our success. A weight loss calculator is a non-negotiable in this regard.

culinary school weight loss reportI love that this specific weight loss calculator is straightforward and easy to use.

Yes, I have finally achieved my normal weight! This is normal for me. My petite frame would feel rather heavy when I tip a pound heavier than 105lbs. My recent shift to ketogenic/low carb diet has also played a major role in getting this achieved, alongside a few other health issues like nocturnal rashes. I have probably baked to the moon when pandemic struck, that is why the carbs took a toll on my health. It is always good to do your research, take control over your family’s health.

body fat calculator

And while we are at it, the same CulinarySchools.org website features this body fat calculator, which is essential for us to know our basic estimate of our body fat. While we want to indulge in good food, it is also for our well-being that we take control of our health by knowing our numbers, and as I previously mentioned choosing the diet that best fits your health need.

workout calculator

And when you have finally decided that it is time to get off your sedentary self, calories burnt while exercising can also be calculated through the workout calculator. So handy, right! It’s like a one-stop shop for everything I need with the current goals I am shooting for. And in between workouts, there are fun kids games you and your kids can check out and play!

kids games

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us is that health is truly wealth. We need to take care of our bodies and keep healthy, mind soul and spirit. Taking charge and making use of these handy online resources can actually make a great deal of difference to reach our health goal, not to merely keep us afloat but for us to truly thrive regardless of the season.

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