Headed to New England? These Are the Cities You Need to See

New England is one of the most scenic areas of the country, offering a chance to get away to fun activities and incredible fun. Whether you’re driving through on a road trip or stopping in one of these awesome cities, these are the top areas you should visit while in New England!

Why New England?

Regardless of what time of year: you’ll find something you love in New England. In the winter, these states are full of gorgeous snow, creating a winter wonderland unlike any other. This is also when some of the best comfort food in the country comes out, like amazing seafood soups.

In the spring, New England comes to life with exciting sports rivalries and beautiful endless greenery. Although it takes a while to knock off the chill here, it’s worth it for how beautiful this area truly is.

In the summer, you’ll never find a better climate to vacation in! Not too hot and full of endless forestry, coastlines, fantastic cities, and endless festivals and things to do. The summer here can feel short, but anyone can make the most of it in New England.

Fall is the best time of the year to visit this northeastern area! The leaves turn endless hues and shades between yellow and vivid red, and you can joy the crisp feeling of the seasons changing. Although it can get chilly, this is an awesome time for fresh apple cider and some of the best companies you can find!

Boston, Massachusetts 

If you’re ready for a party, some of the best alcohol you’ll find, and the ability to pair up and become friends with anyone: it’s time to check out Boston! This is a passionate city full of people who understand the importance of work and play balance. Home to just under 700,000 people, it feels like a far larger city than it is, with some of the worst traffic you’ll find: but you’ll love visiting Boston all the same! 

Burlington, Virginia

Although Burlington houses for sale can be pricey: living in this gorgeous city is worth it! Although this is the smallest city on this list, with a population of just over 45,000: Burlington is a fantastic place to experience endless cultural pieces. From the peaceful and gorgeous city’s architecture to the fantastic long history and passion for the arts, you’ll never get tired of exploring this amazing little city. 

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, understands visitors and delivers across the board for anything you could possibly want. From the beautiful river and mountain views to the gorgeous open water that looks like an endless mirror sitting in the port, you’ll feel like everywhere you look is another cinematic moment waiting to happen. Although there are only sixty-thousand people who live here: you’ll love the little-big-city feeling here! 

New England Will Stun at Every Turn

New England is unlike any other part of the country. From the entertainment to the amazing people and views: consider stopping at the moment you get a chance!

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