The Complete Guide to Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion-Cut diamonds are often less expensive than round diamonds, and they show off the actual color of the diamond better than any other shape. In addition, they look fantastic in all types of settings, but they are more challenging to fit into standard settings. This article will review some of the pros and cons of this popular shape.

Halo Engagement Rings

They Are Less Expensive than Round Diamonds

If you’re looking for a traditional look for your engagement ring, you might consider a cushion-cut diamond. Cushion-cut diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds, but you’ll have to pay more attention to quality. There’s no right or wrong when buying a diamond. The lower price is a bonus if your significant other prefers round-cut diamonds.

The price difference between round and cushion-cut diamonds can be as much as 25-50%. This is due to the lower demand for these diamonds and the fact that they produce less waste when cut. As a result, they tend to be less expensive per carat. However, the difference becomes more significant as the carat size increases. Therefore, a cushion-cut diamond might be the way to go if your budget is tight.

They Display Their Actual Color 

Diamonds in the cushion halo engagement ring show their color better than diamonds in other shapes. Diamonds in the cushion shape show their color better than diamonds in other shapes. This is especially true for diamonds with a color grade of H or higher, as their table size is generally larger. Therefore, you should buy diamonds with a high color grade.

Cushion-cut diamonds are also less expensive than other diamond shapes. They’re also slightly elongated than different shapes. They’re also easier to read regarding their light performance characteristics. The cut is the most apparent difference between cushion-cut diamonds and other diamond shapes. While a classic cushion cut has a square facet, the modified one has long sides. These diamond shapes belong to a group of diamond cuts called brilliant, primarily designed to increase their brilliance.

They Look Fantastic in All Types of Settings.

When choosing an engagement ring, the Cushion-Cut diamond is a fantastic choice. This classic shape is perfect for a modern flare while still paying tribute to ancient diamond styles. In addition, this diamond style looks great in many different settings. For example, a halo setting can create the illusion that the center stone is much larger than it is, which makes it an excellent choice for maximum impact.

The pillow-cut diamond has rounded corners, adding an elegant glow to the diamond. Cushion-cut engagement rings are very versatile, looking great in three-stone, halo, and solitaire settings. This shape can also be shaped into an oval or square shape.

They are More Challenging to Fit Into Standard-Setting Sizes

One of the main problems with a cushion-cut engagement ring is that it is not easy to fit into a standard ring setting. It can have weird gaps or prongs that don’t sit properly on the corners. If you choose to get one of these engagement rings, you should consider getting a custom-made one to ensure it will fit correctly.

The best way to purchase a cushion-cut engagement ring is to look for a website specializing in them. Some websites will allow you to view a ring in its entirety. For example, James Allen and the Blue Nile offer HD videos of the rings, allowing you to see how they will look once it is finished. These sites also have risk-free returns policies and a variety of GIA and AGS-graded diamonds.

They Are More Difficult to Find

Cushion-Cut engagement rings are increasingly popular but are harder to find than other cuts. Although they were popular during the 1800s, the style fell out of fashion in the 20th century and is now more sought after by a more traditional crowd. These rings are still not as standard as round diamonds but are an excellent choice for those who prefer antique-style jewelry. Cushion-cut diamonds first came onto the scene in the 1800s and were vastly popular with the rich until the late 1900s, when they became increasingly difficult to source. However, they have recently started appearing in jewelry shops again.

Unlike other shapes, cushion-cut diamonds have fewer facets. They are also more expensive than round-cut diamonds. However, their uniqueness makes them a desirable choice for many women looking for a unique ring. The lower-facet count of a cushion-cut diamond allows it to have more fire than a round diamond.

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