Taking Charge of Your Finances for a Brighter 2023

In just a few weeks it will be one brand new year for all of us. When people think of new year, the thoughts of resolutions, vision board, great and big plans for the coming year are most often than not the first things we think of. It is actually a good thing to have a plan for a better future. But it is best when we come up with practical steps on whats and hows. Some measurable way of coming up with a conclusion at the end of the year that your laid out plans were dutifully fulfilled and the result that came back were satisfactory.

1.Identify the bad and put them off.

A good rule of thumb to do before laying out your new year’s resolution for the coming year is to identify financial practices that you did this 2022 that did not work for you. As our trusty life/finance coach would have it, “You can’t expect to have a different outcome by doing the same thing over and over again.” Which makes so much sense, right? Really now, how can we expect to ever take off from where we are when we do the same tricks year in and year out? It’s time to get up and have enough of our old ways and make up our mind once and for all that 2023 is a time to make things new by putting off the bad and putting on what’s good.

2. Replace with the good.

Get the bad out of the way, and then what? When we take out something from an equation, the tendency is to crawl right back to the old ways when it is not replaced with the good. That’s what you need to zero in on next. Put off, Put On. Makes sense?

Let’s say for the most part you have not really gotten rid of your bad habit of purchasing stuff on a whim, that is one thing to consider putting off. Renewal of the mind is doable for as long as you put your heart into it. What do you put on in exchange? How about listing down what you want to buy on a whim on your wish list when you feel like it. Impulse buying makes the bulk of the majority of extra stuff in every household that are otherwise unusable for years upon years. Well thought of purchases, for one, are more likely to be treasured and used well over time.

Financial Resolution for a Brighter 2023

3. Road to Becoming Debt-Free.

While this phrase may seem like a long shot for now, planning it out is a good first step towards what you want for this coming year. In this regard, making use of free online financial calculators to revamp your personal budget. A credit card payment calculator can come in really handy for when you want to plan out how to get out of your credit card debt. Having that figure set in your mind to pay off every month will give make things more measurable for you. This is the key to making your plan sustainable.

4. Get accountable.

Nothing works when you have no one to answer to. This is almost always true for all of us. In the event that we stumble, and no one is looking, it is just so easy to slip right back to our old ways, right? So get accountable. Whether it be a mentor, a buddy, your spouse, your folks. Have someone know about your plan and give them authority to keep you accountable. This may sound to be only for the courageous lot. Then be one of them. If that would mean you’ll be out of your miserable ways by the end of 2023, then by all means!


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