Math Basics, Business and Better Money Management with Flower Shop and Twin the Bin Virtual GameOnline Game

There are a handful of serious masterclass on finances and money management, for sure. But I love how educational and chill these games that I stumbled upon, as they provide literacy, whether directly or indirectly related to finance, business or money management.

One of the features on their website is a collection of educational and entertaining money games, and “Flower Shop” is one of them. In “Flower Shop,” the player runs a virtual flower shop, buying and selling flowers to make a profit. The game teaches basic math and money management skills as players have to calculate the costs of buying and selling flowers and manage their cash flow to keep the business running.

Flower Shop Game

I especially love the “Flower Shop” game, not just because it’s everything pretty, but because of its being simple and educational as it teaches players about basic math and money management skills.

Here are some of the features of the Flower Shop game:

  1. Virtual flower shop: The game is set in a virtual flower shop where players can buy and sell flowers to make a profit.
  2. Flower inventory: The game features a variety of flowers that players can buy and sell, each with a different price and demand.
  3. Market demand: The game simulates market demand, with the prices of flowers changing based on supply and demand.
  4. Budget management: Players have to manage their budget to buy flowers, pay rent and bills, and earn a profit.
  5. Math skills: The game requires basic math skills as players have to calculate the cost of flowers, profit margins, and other financial aspects of running a business.
  6. Easy to play: The game is designed to be simple and easy to play, with a user-friendly interface and straightforward gameplay.

Overall, the “Flower Shop” game is a fun and educational way to learn about basic money management skills while running a virtual business.

Flower Shop Game

Another game that caught my attention is the “Twin the Bin” game. As a compost believer myself, as we have one in our very home. The game aims to teach players about recycling and waste management.

Twin The Bin Game

In this game, the player is presented with a series of items and must drag them into the appropriate bin:  a recycling bin, a trash bin, or a compost bin. The items are presented at a rapid pace, and players must sort them quickly and accurately to earn the most points.

The game is designed to be both fun and educational, teaching players about the importance of proper waste management and how it can help protect the environment. Additionally, the game includes helpful tips and information about what items can and cannot be recycled or composted.

Twin The Bin Game

Overall, “Twin the Bin” is a simple yet effective game that can help players learn about waste management and the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. It’s a great way to make learning about environmental responsibility more engaging and interactive.

These games are designed to be both fun and educational, helping users to learn important financial concepts and strategies in an engaging and interactive way, as more people are made more aware to be intentional in living a lifestyle towards zero-waste. Because truth be told, nobody else will better take care of mother earth than its inhabitants.

Twin The Bin is a recycling game where players move the recycling bin across the screen to collect a specific type of recyclable.

These are my top 2 games from If you happen to have encountered these educational games online, would you care to share what’s yours, and what specifically drew you to that game? Is it not fun to have these virtual games available. We can even make use of these games to be some form of teaching activity on Math basics for our future entrepreneur and financially-literate kids.

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