Fresh Scentlab Deo Body Spray for that Fresh and Irresistible Scent All Day!

Fresh Scentlab recently launched its newest Deo Body Sprays, made with 24 hour odor neutralizing technology and long lasting fragrance for all day freshness!

Fresh Scentlab Deo Body

How exactly do we tell Deo Sprays from Deodorants? Let us count the ways:

Deo Sprays

  • If you want overall body odor protection, go for Fresh Scentlab Deo Body Sprays
  • If you want want convenient and easy application
  • Comes in 2 irresistible scents
  • SRP: 169.00


  • If you want 2-1 Serum Deo for your underarm for that light and odor-free protection
  • Aluminum Free, and Paraben Free⁠⁠
  • Long Lasting Sweat and Odor Control⁠⁠
  • Milk White with Glutaboost
  • SRP: 139.00

Both have 24-hr odor neutralizing protection. Exclusively Available in Watsons. For that effective product against odor-causing bacteria, try Fresh Scentlab Deo Body Sprays and Deodorant. Available in Dreamer and Love scents. Perfect for everyday use. 

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