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@ShopSaladbox + @SkinFoodPH Sparty!

As we officially welcome the unforgiving summer heat, a sparty can’t be far behind. A spa indulgence was already underway, when I received an oh-so-timely invite from Saladbox for its second installment of Saladbox + Skin Food Sparty held at Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa located in Tomas Morato last March 29.


 Look who’s ready to sparty! I kind of knew I was in the right place when I saw those familiar boxes that lined the steps up to Nail Cocktales Spa place. 🙂

I have always been a solid Saladbox follower every since it was launched to the beauty box subscription world. I arrived rather early, so I was able to take photos as the organizers were still doing their last minute touches. 🙂

DSC01789 DSC01790

So apt. Skin Food on a platter. 🙂

The very first product that I have tried from Skin Food is their Bath Salt. That goes back to 2008. It was the first bath salt I used when our home was newly constructed with the bath tub that I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. So how can I forget!  I totally loved how it felt on my skin. I just learned from the Skin Food folks in this sparty that their bath salt product has already been phased out. Figures why it’s always out of stock when I go check.


The sparty has its very own official event hashtags! Sweet. You can check out the photo essays on Instagram via #SkinFoodSaladbox and #SBxSkinFoodSparty. Don’t forget to follow @shopsaladbox and @SkinFoodPh on Twitter and Instagram while you’re at it. 🙂


The corner that spells makeover! Gotta love how dainty this spa place is.  (more…)

Love my June Saladbox!

Kikay Corner loves Saladbox! Now this is one late post I know, but I want you ladies to have a peek on my most recent Saladboxes.

june saladbox
June 2013 Saladbox includes the following:
1. Avon Fashions Lianne Bra, which comfort I am so digging.
2. Innisfree it’s real manuka honey facial mask
3. Go Fickle Glycerin Tea Tree Soap
4. Muse Nail Polish in ANP-Pastel-12 Creamy Red
5. Fanfare Inc. Lipstick

june saladbox products



Hear Ye! Enter to Win Saladbox’s Valentines 2013 Dream Box

My favorite beauty subscription box, Saladbox, is giving away two Special Edition Dream Box worth P5,000 each.

Valentines 2013 Dream Box

Saladbox’s Valentines 2013 Dream Box contains all these fab and raved over brands and products:

– Ciaté Paint Pots (mini-mani)

– Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask

– Sophia Eyelash Enhancer

– Ysabel’s Daughter Revitalizing Facial Serum

– Osmo Berber Oil Hair Treatment

– Carmex Click Stick Balm in Strawberry

– Strip It! Sugaring Wax 100g

– Sakura Foot and Heel Lotion

– Musk by Alyssa Ashley EDT Sample


December Saladbox

Like probably every other Saladbox subscriber, I got all giddy when I received my December Saladbox. I was not the least disappointed as I love everything that was in it.
December 2012 Saladbox

From the bunch, I am most excited about the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen. There was Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm, Musk by Alyssa Ashley tester, a couple of  2g containers of Virginia Olsen mineral makeup and a P300 Urbanears coupon.

Sophia Eyelash Enhancer

Truth is, I will have to watch it as I put this Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen to the test.  The first eyelash enhancer I tried, Enormous Lash sent me to the eye doctor after a few weeks of using it. I blogged about it here. But this might just be the one eyelash enhancer that will work for me, I will give it a try. Let me just say, I am happy that this one is included in the December Saladbox. Because frankly, after shelling out four grand for Enormous Lash and finding out it was not for me, I don’t think I will be willing to experiment with a similar product, especially something as pricey. But if this Sophia Eyelash Enhancer works for me, I will gladly purchase. I will surely keep you girls posted. 🙂


My November SaladBox

Behold, Kikay Corner’s first ever Beauty Box Sample Subscription – SaladBox! This post is a sneak peek of my November SaladBox. While most beauty box subscriptions would deliver only samples of products, my SaladBox has full sizes of products save for one.

November 2012 SaladBox | From Hair to Heels

From SaladBox:

Hey there!

November is coming to an end, and with all the rush that the upcoming holidays bring, we know how stressed you may be at this time of the year. Work and personal stuff (READ: holiday shopping) can be too tiresome and time-consuming to give us even just a short while to relax and pamper ourselves.   Allow us to treat you with some fun products from our featured brands this month.

Whole body pampering has been a beauty junkie’s life-long wish (or at least starting college), and we’ve handpicked samples (and some treats!) that will definitely soothe and beautify your body —from hair to heels.

All treats and no tricks,

SaladBox team 


All treat and no tricks, indeed! SaladBox’s beauty box is loaded with full sized beauty products!


My Current Facial Regimen is Made of These…

I have honestly tried to stick to a facial regimen for as long as I can remember but have failed every time. But this I have been on for a month now. It may be because different brands come my way and I would honestly want to give my honest review on them. But there’s this strong feeling it has a lot to do with my withstanding issue with multi-step things. Is it just me, or regimen sounds a little rigid too? Or I might just be one plain lazy cow when it comes to facial this and that.

Facial Reginen


Pond’s Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam, Pond’s Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream, Ysabel’s Daughter Revitalizing Facial Serum and Celeteque Eye Plus Dark Circles Lightener

Pond’s Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam claims to be infused with 99% real gold micro-particles that sweep away dullness and boost the skin’s radiance. This rich facial cleanser also doles out luxurious lather and exfoliates the skin without over-drying it. I use this at least twice a day. Upon waking up in the morning, followed by…

Pond’s Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream with SPF15 claims to work deep within the skin to re-energize the lost radiance of aging skin cells. Infused with 99% real gold micro particles. It claims to improve dullness & protect your skin against UV rays. The first thing that attracted me to this cream is its SPF. Look, Ma! No need for extra everyday sunblock.

Celeteque Eye Plus Dark Circles Lightener is the one from this bunch I have used the longest. It was after all the hassles of our home project last May that I saw the nightmare that are my eyebags. As I have mentioned in my Celeteque review and giveaway post (don’t forget to join!), it is the one eye cream that I have seen to really lighten my otherwise panda eyes.

I got introduced to Ysabel’s Daughter Revitalizing Facial Serum via the Saladbox. It retails for P950 for this 30ml. I have been hearing a handful of raves about it. But not to take their word for it, I got down to trying it myself. The All Natural in its branding was what got me listening.


Working from Home Wearing Innisfree Shea Butter Mask

There is probably no other job on earth (except perhaps for those who are in the cosmetics department) that can have you work as your face is plastered with a mask like this — Innisfree Shea Butter, specifically, for me, for this time being. It’s like seeing the twin sister of phantom himself (is he had any), this time with a full mask. I was supposed to upload a photo of me with a mask but was way too shy. My eyes gave my illness away. I have been under the weather for a good month now. The stress of settling back home must have triggered my allergy attacks.
Innisfree shea butter mask

As I found my skin being too tired than usual lately, I pulled out this Innisfree Shea Butter mask from one of my recent Saladbox subscription boxes. The label is mostly in Korean yard sign printing. But that did not stop me from using it. I always knew anyway that Shea butter has some real good moisturizing and hydrating qualities, so Innisfree Shea Butter Mask, it is. I love that it is infused with the blend of herb complex water and essentially ingredients from nature. Natural ingredients always get the upper hand with me. 🙂

Inside the Innisfree Mask

Shea butter-enriched sheet mask soothes and hydrates dry skin for a dramatic improvement in its moisture level after every use. Thick sheet masks are also steeped in herb complex water, treating skin to a steady stream of vitamins and minerals that perk up a drab complexion while strengthening its natural moisture barrier. 

peeled off innisfree mask


Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen

As far as I have known, I am not what you may consider blessed in the the eyebrow and eyelash department. Sparse and few – two words. When eyelash extensions started to sprout some years back, I jumped at the chance – I blogged about my “Betty Boop lashes” in 2009. I believe the brand used human hair wigs, which was good. But it was the medical grade glue’s fumes that irritated my eyes. I lost lashes too many since – my poor already sparse and few soul windows. I bought home with me Enormous Lash the year after. Because inasmuch as I love to make honest reviews, I did not get that post updated because it triggered eye problems, including ultra dry eyes and my having to wear multi-coated spectacles.

Sophia Eyelash EnhancerSophia Eyelash Enhancer unboxed

The leaflet says that the package contains:  Sophia Solution 5ml, Eye Lubricant, Reusable Applicator Brush. I’m not sure why my package lacked the eye lubricant. Good thing I do not have the need for it (yet). 🙂


Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013

After quite a while of blogging events hiatus, I finally got to attend that of a brand I have been curious about – Virginia Olsen Minerals. Apparently, I was one of the few who will get first dibs of their yet to arrive Summer Collection 2013 colors!

Kikay Corner

Yes, first off, a selfie. My no makeup look. An easy excuse for not having so much time to glam up. Just way too busy with moving houses and getting settled. Explains that tired look. 🙂

Since I was way too busy to get a decent OOTD shot, here are a couple I found in the images for that day.  Just before I parked the car to ride the train. Yes, I am very carbon footprint conscious (aside from not wanting to trouble myself with the crazy Greenhills parking). 🙂


Because I was commuting half the time, I opted for flats. The most comfy I’ve tried to date.  🙂

Virginia Olsen Minerals Bloggers Launch

Unlike other brands claiming to be mineral makeup, Virginia Olsen takes pride on being 100% pure mineral makeup. Definitely free of paraben, bismuth and talc. My first taste of Virginia Olsen was from my December Saladbox. I admit, I was not too keen on testing the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia OlsenAfter having had to suffer some side effects from using Enormous Lash in 2010, I have kind of gotten traumatized. But after hearing all those girls rave about how good it is (and saw for myself those thick and long lashes), I finally gave it a go that very same day. A week since and my eyes are doing okay still. No irritations whatsoever. The all natural botanical ingredients must have been the trick. I know, I digress. But I will totally blog about my Sophia Eyelash Enhancer experience soon. 🙂

Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013 Launch

Back to makeup heaven a.k.a. Virginia Olsen Minerals Manila headquarters, as I previewed Virginia Olsen Minerals’ yet to be available Summer Collection 2013, I cannot help but notice an affirmation of my first impression of the brand – the pigmentation of each color is impressive! I swear, if I did not have to spend an arm and leg recently for the expenses of building our new home, I would have hoarded them all. I am totally in love with the brand! I love that they are so affordable too. (more…)

Discovering Avon’s Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Renewal Hand and Body Lotion

Sure, we have heard a handful bunch coming up with everything Glutathione – from food supplement, to soap to lotion. My latest discovery of which is Avon’s Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Renewal Hand and Body Lotion via the March Saladbox! I love how Saladbox has constantly introduced me to new and promising beauty products.

Saladbox March


Two other products that came with my March Saladbox that I am totally digging, aside from this SSS Glutathione Lotion, are those testers of Snail Nutrition BB Cream and Island Girls BB Primer Fix. The former having this cool effect on the skin that’s so refreshing especially in this unbelievably humid summer weather. But that’s another blog post altogether. 🙂

Skin So Soft Glutathione Lotion
I have been using Avon’s Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Renewal Hand and Body Lotion for a good full week now. Does it deliver as what Georgina Wison, its brand ambassador, said it will? I really cannot say just yet, since I, for the most part, am under the sun because of all the not-so-girly tasks I have been up to lately – (more…)