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How to Plan a Sunday Chill Day that Makes the Week Easier

You deal with so much stress during the weekdays that when the weekend comes around, you just want to forget about work altogether. You deserve the downtime and if you can get a break, you should. However, when you get back to work on Monday, it’s back to the same old stressful routine.

Instead of just using your Sunday to get those final dregs of freedom, use it to improve the upcoming week. Here’s how to do it:


Diana Stalder Rainy Day, Unli Warts Away Promo Launch

Diana Stalder Rainy Day UnliWarts Away

It’s rainy season once again. More than any time of the year, this is when we would rather stay indoors than get drenched by the rain, or worse, stuck in the metro flood.

Truth be told, most of us, if not all, have to deal with unpleasant warts, whether they’re on our faces, or in random parts of the body.

What better way to stay productive still (even while indoors), than to get rid of those unsightly warts as Diana Stalder launches its Rainy Day Unli Warts Promo.

diana stalder unli warts promo (more…)

My Stelton Dermascience Beauty Pampering Experience

Stelton Dermoscience 2 days after treatment

Stelton Dermascience: Skin Science Mastered.

After years of practically being a hermit, stuck with a non-flexi time with my most recent work-from-home employer, paired with homeschooling, it was next to impossible to squeeze in a “me time”, let alone a time to visit skin care clinics to get some much needed treatments. With my contract ending with the said online client, almost a couple of years in, and as we officially signed off homeschooling (Hello Philippine Science HS!), I recently was able to check out Stelton Dermascience, located in the new mall right smack Makati Medical Center –  Ayala North Exchange Mall.Stelton Dermoscience

It’s been a great while, and it feels sooo good to indulge my tired momma skin! 💁🏻‍♀️

And because it’s been a while since I last had any treatment done, I didn’t know where to start! Haha! But when I was asked what bothers me most when it comes to my skin, I had to blurt out without hesitation that it’s the sunspots that have awfully overstayed atop my left cheekbone. Waving hello to fellow drivers, who get that part of face exposed to the sun!  I had it chemically peeled a decade back, had a series of laser treatments done on it. Sure, they lightened – but the spots surfaced right back up with babies in tow. Waaah!!! What’s a girl to do?

BlueWater Day Spa Opens Their 6th Branch in Ortigas

Bluewater Day Spa celebrated another successful grand opening with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for their 6th branch at Ortigas Ave, one of the busiest business districts in the metro. Spotted on the ribbon cutting ceremonies were Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, international car racer Marlon Stockinger, Christian Bautista, David Licauco, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ervic Vijandre and new brand ambassadors Raymund Isaac, Enzo Mondejar, Jay Buen, Sidney Yap, Ton Lao, Cez Young, Leo Posadas, Jake Galvez, and Dino Lazado.


6 Hair Care Tips to Try for Cheap

6 hair care tips to try for cheap

So many people spend a lot of money buying products and getting hair treatments, only to be left dissatisfied at the end. While there is nothing wrong with investing your money on them, know that don’t need to spend so much to care for your hair. You can view this link for some practical tips and reviews for hair care. Also, check out the list below for some hair tips you can try that will only cost you a little money.

6 hair care tips to try for cheap

    1. Wash your hair less often – Here’s something that will not cost you money, and will even earn you some. It might take some getting used to, especially for those who wash their hair everyday or every other day, but limiting the time you wash your hair can actually have some benefits. Many are saying that shampooing daily can actually your hair because you are stripping it of its nutrients and natural oils. Learn to wash your hair every 3 or even 4 days.


SvelT’i 4 Everyone

SvelT’i 4 Everyone

In this fast-paced day and age, most of us juggle so many roles and responsibilities that we sometimes forget an important thing—looking after our personal needs. And while we are busy ticking off our to-do list, we must not forget one the most important facets in our life and that is self-care.

More often than not, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and the effects take an alarming toll on our total well-being. No matter how complex or indulgent as it may sound, self-care is of utmost importance in achieving our best self ever.

SvelT’i 4 Everyone

L-R: Ms. Hannah Locsin, model; Ms. Marga Arenas-Vargas, news anchor; Ms. Jannie Alipo-on, beauty queen/model; Mr. Jeremy Favia, chef/host

Aside from healthy lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and wholesome diet, pampering yourself is important too. A regular trip to the salon, a relaxing massage or even getting a long overdue facial are needed in order to achieve your best self ever. (more…)

Via Antonio and OB-Gyn Dr. Amity Casurao-Trono on Contraception Plus

Contraception Plus

My leaning has always been towards the natural, whether that pertains to household, or beauty products, or in this case, means of contraception. So when an invite on women empowerment through making better choices: contraception + wellness, I had to take a step back and think twice. This is also why, with my current breast nodules monitoring, I have opted for the safter thermography over mammography. But then again, that’s me. I’m not blind to the fact that there are a handful of women who suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrom (PCOS) who have benefited greatly on using the pills to keep their hormones stable. I attended anyway, and resolved that I was going to listen not just for myself, but for other women who have other reproductive issues that might as well have benefited or continues to benefit from taking the pill.

Imagine my delight when the first woman who spoke on the topic, Via Antonio, an actress and comedian, happens to be a pastor’s wife as well. I sat there, listening intently and thinking, “this is interesting…” Needless to say, I was a captive audience.  

Listen to Via’s story she authentically told during the said talk. (more…)