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My Certified Lead-Free Lipstick

It was more than ten years ago when I started testing the lipsticks that I had. I probably had more than ten. My lipsticks were branded ones (most of which were gifts): MAC, L’Oreal, Revlon Colorstay, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Dior, et al. As per the email that I received that to know the level of lead content of a lipstick is apply it on the arm and rub the portion with a gold jewelry. It surprised me that every single one contained lead. It seemed like the more expensive the brand, the more lead it contains. Try it for yourself. It scared me and now I am happy to report to you that my lips are now practically lead free.

This is what I have been using for around four years now. Bioenzyme Lipstick. I love it. It protects and refines.

Read the buzz from their website:

Enchance the natural beauty of kissable lips. Indulge in the allure of
glamorous red lipstick. Contains beeswax blended with herbal and flower
extracts that help maintain the redness and moisture of lips. Long lasting.
Non-darkening. Four shades to choose from.

The last time I bought the distributor’s price was PhP 250.00

My Next Favorite Scent (Candle)

Lemongrass- a combination of lemongrass, neroli, orange blossom, rose and jasmine.

I love Alice Blue Candle for this reason:

Walking through a pine forest … baking in the kitchen … the coffee shop
around the corner …Alice Blue Candle has taken the familiar, much-loved scents
and used them in their scented soy wax candles. These candles are manufactured
in the Philippines from imported raw materials and are hand-crafted under strict
quality standards.Alice Blue Candle uses only premium fragrance oils that are
carefully selected to blend with their soy wax, thus creating the highly scented
candles that they are known for.

It’s my next favorite amongst the varieties of scented candles, because what tops for me is their Lavender scent. It will practically lull you to sleep and just allows you to relax and just immerse into dream land.

Locate Offenders in Illinois

Do you know that every single year there are at least 350,000 sex related reported crimes? And there are as many as 60,000 to 70,000 sexually related crimes that occur to kids 18 years old and below? The statistics is shocking but true. If you are a resident in Illinois, you might want to check out Illinois Sex Offenders. It is important to know the dangers that exist around your vicinity.

Ilog Maria’s Milk and Honey Soap

Another great product that I would love to share with you is Ilog Maria’s Milk and Honey Soap. It does what it claims and the good news is it lasts more than the regular natural soap. This is actually the only soap that works on my little guy’s skin. My father and I have passed unto him the tendency to have those “keratosis pilaris” bumps on his arms. And this soap actually is more affordable than the soap his Pedia recommends.

Milk and Honey Soap(Regular Size)
Offering your skin gentle moisture and a glowing complexion. Wholesome, nutrient-rich buffalo’s milk has a low pH level. Maintains skin at its natural balance. Recommended for problem or sensitive skin.
Price: Php 71.50
Unit Weight(g): 95 grams

Court Record Search

Sometimes we go through rough circumstance and we need to get a hold of Public Court Records, of bankruptcy, divorce or even family records. The place to look for is Your ultimate information resource site with compilation of complete criminal records from all over the United States that is affordable, fast and easy to navigate. Check out the site for more details.

Pamper Yourself by Going to the Movies

One of the more common ways to pamper one’s self is going to the movies. Whether in the theater or in the comfort of your homes, it is one pampering you deserve to have from time to time. Why not take a bit of your time to take this survey and maybe share what was the movie you saw last?

Web Reviews

Everyone can make use of Web Site Reviews, that’s true. But while we are at it, it is best to go to a reputable one to grab a hold of the opinion that we need for a particular site. Top Websites is also a place to post your opinion about sites that you are satisfied with or otherwise. All the information you need in one reliable resource is Check it out.

The Value of Getting Hosted

Originally it was this site that I was contemplating on getting its own domain. But it was Google’s pleasant surprise a couple of weeks back when this youngest blog of mine was given a decent ranking. Since I wouldn’t want to throw that away, I resorted to getting my Handy Tips and Hints its domain instead. The domain for this site will be immediately purchased once the ranking is taken back. It’s just the way it goes, it only takes a matter of time, as they say.

Now that I am left with my other site to transfer from Blogger to WordPress, I am seriously looking into webhosting rating and picking out the best one to host my brand new domain. Instead of continue having it hosted for free, I would rather that it be transferred to WordPress because of the hubby’s recent headache with Blogger.

I love that makes it available for webmasters to compare hosting services from the reviews given by actual clients. This is what I am looking for. I wouldn’t want to end up regretting taking in the service of anyone without really knowing before hand what the odds are. If you are serious with your internet marketing business and you are looking for a web host then might as well settle for the most reputable one.