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An Ultimate Spa Experience…

…right from the comfort of my own home. Yes, you read that right. I have always loved scented candles. As a former-couldn’t-care-less to a passionate environmentalist that I have become, I now highly favor natural products. As for this particular concern, soy candles.

I love most scents from Alice Blue Candle. They last and last, plus it allows me that ultimate bath experience. The great thing about is I don’t have to go to a spa to enjoy the luxury and ambiance. I light the candle 10 minutes before I get into the tub, run the water, pour some lavender bubble bath to match my lavender scented Alice Blue Candle. It can be the most relaxing experience, especially for a work at home mom like me. I don’t get to have this luxury very often even as I juggle things around the house, work and my toddler (who can be a handful by himself) day in and day out, but when I do… it is really something else.

I get my supply from G/L Glorietta 3, the stand afront Dockers. A 6 ounce candle costs PhP 395.00 (Approx. $9), which ain’t bad. It can last you 30 hours. 40 hours tops.

*this is not a paid advertisement. I have always loved scented candles. I have experimented on a lot of brands local and otherwise. But when I lit my first Alice Blue Candle, there was no turning back. 😉

Saving on Fashion

Often times a Metro girl gets hooked to shopping before she knows it, accumulating tons upon tons of signature loots that are left in the closet to rot. To maintain a classy lifestyle, a profile that only the filthy rich can afford to live out, can be quite a task. But the truth of the matter is, one does not need to get tangled up availing of personal cash loans month in and month out. The real “it” girl can swing her way around with all the various fashion alternatives over the pricey, over the top ones.

Marketers have progressed to the extent that consumers are given more freedom with the things they use on an everyday basis. It is practically just a matter of experimentation and knowing what works for you.

An example of which is this signature diaper bag (left image) that costs a whopping $399. Any Metro mom would understand the importance of carrying a fashionable yet functional bag to carry her baby’s essentials-to-go. With all the diapers costs, alongside every other thing a baby needs, a mom can always choose to save that extra buck and settle for this no less than cute baby, a $64.40 diaper bag (right image) to carry both your stuff and the baby’s.

A Polished Canvass

This is basically what every woman wants. A clear, blemish free skin. Here is an alternative to the not so brave to go under the knife like myself. A non-invasive diamond peel right from your very own home.

The Polishing Peel by NuSkin will give you that smooth lift without the sting. It is an extract from pumpkin that is designed to lift out dead cells giving your face that bright and glowing peel. It banishes the dullness and leave skin smooth as silk. Ideally, this should be used three times a day. I used to but I personally have used this just once a week. It is gentle to the skin unlike the more popular facial scrubs. This is not a paid advertisement.

I know I would be maximizing the benefits if only I use it three times a week. But to be honest, my face feels revitalized, translucent every single time I use this. It can be pricey, though. But it would be worth the try, rather than going through invasive procedure, which I will not go through, if I can help it. As “kikay” as I think I am, I am not that brave yet and would still consider myself towards the more “conservative” league. Maybe when I hit midlife or something. But that would be another story. 🙂

T. LeClerc Has Got You Covered

Why would I even be surprised when the mother of all face powders turns out to be the best in the market? T. LeClerc history dates back to 1881. A pharmacist concocted the formulation that suited all kinds of complexion of women the world over.


This face powder really has you covered. I have mine in Yellow Banane. That’s as weird as it gets, the name that is. When you get your face covered – it’s texture is incredibly light and silky. The seamless matte finish is just to behold. This is really a biggie for “kikays” from our humid land. You will always get that amazing glow as it controls the oilies like no other face powder can. For that porcelain, flawless look it will be T. LeClerc for me and no other.

Kikay: What’s In A Word? ("Kikay" Defined)

The term “kikay”started to flourish and began as a lingo to describe someone who is flirtatious back in the late 90’s, practically coined by the Generation X. It has since then evolved to defining someone who is flirtatious to someone who prefers and loves everything girly, pink and sassy.

I have seen that this terminology has not yet saturated the net despite of its reputation of vast eloquence on just about every definition. Clearly, there is no definite meaning attached to it. You can check out for yourselves and Google it and you will find none. You will be directed to several websites carrying the term, the prevailing spot for the term that I go check from time to time is Kikay Exchange or if you opt to go check with wikipedia’s, several names (mostly local actresses) whose names are attached to the term “kikay” will result from the search. There is really no clear distinction but the mere description of someone or something “kikay”. Everything pink, girly and sassy.

Anyone out there who has got a better meaning to it? Feel free to drop in your thoughts.