Catch Raks Glam at Various Bazaars this Holiday Season (A post with some bits of AOTD and a slice of OOTD)

the mercato central bazaar

First off, do not forget to catch Raks Glam at the Lifestyle Market of The Mercato Centrale Group Premiare Bazaar AND the following venues:

  • October 23-25, 2013- BIR Quezon City office 8am-5pm
  • October 24-26, 2013- UP Diliman 8am-5pm
  • October 27-30,2013- University of Baguio, Baguio City 8am-5pm
  • November 13,2013- Centro Escolar University 8am-6pm
  • 3rd week of November – December 23, 2013- Sta Ana Night Market (Besides Sta Ana church, Manila 5pm-10:30pm)
  • November 30 & December 14, 2013- Mercato Premiare Bazaar 4pm-12midnight
  • December 4-6, 2013- New World Hotel Makati

Now for my Raks Glam pretty trinkets feature: 

the mercato centrale group premiare bazaarDSC00596


I love my new earrings sets from Raks Glam! 🙂

raks glam necklace

Check out this Raks Glam animal print pendant necklace. Can easily accent a plain looking shirt for that leveled up look. 🙂


And these sets of bracelets can just about go with anything! 

raks glam with casio vintage watch

They went well with my Casio Vintage DB-360 watch. 🙂

I uploaded the above photo last week for my #aotd post: Follow us on Instagram

–>@jenaspacio and @RaksGlam


Casio Vintage DB-360 Gold with Databank Feature

After a long time of this Casio Vintage DB-360 Gold with Databank watch post sitting in my drafts folder, it is finally seeing the light of day. With Casio watches successfully made its comeback, we are brought back to nostalgia and brand new appreciation for old school fashion. Arm candy fashion, that is. 🙂
Casio vintage db360 gold unbox

A lovely Casio DB-360 with Databank Gold gift I received for an advertorial post. 🙂

db 360 casio


The package includes a 10 year battery warranty card,  a separate warranty card for the watch itself and a multi-lingual manual.

casio db 360 gold

There are a handful of other Casio vintages watches available in the market today, but I love Casio DB-360 the most. Other models do not appeal much. Maybe the kid in me wants that “databank” feature and this model is a bit swankier than the rest. 🙂

casio db 360 back steel

Stainless Steel Back (Casio DB-360 back inscription)

Casio DB 360 databank

Data Bank Feature! Old school is cool! 🙂


Two Newest Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches at BaselWorld 2013

Rolex watches are indeed excellent works of art and that’s why they have been collected by so many well-heeled consumers in the world. At the BaselWorld 2013, there were some artistic and great Swiss Rolex watches standing out, which did create different visual effects and bring aesthetic experience. Here’s a look back at those luxury watches.

replica rolex watches

The New Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II, presenting the expertise of Rolex, has an exclusive function, namely, the countdown from one to ten minutes, which can be achieved through the inner mechanical memory. The user could easily synchronize this regatta chronograph with the official countdown. It is technically complicated to implement it. Truly, the distinctive design, terrific materials, dependable calibre 4161, ease of use and other outstanding parts have made the newest Rolex Yacht-Master II a much-loved version.


Yishion Clothes and Accessories

As the school year officially starts, it’s a great time for young stylistas to revamp their look with a new wardrobe from Yishion. An international brand known for chic ready-to-wear apparel, Yishion offers clothes and accessories that can spell out the unique style of fashion-savvy individuals.

High school graduates getting ready for college can spice up their look by playing around with collared blouses and soft, stylish skirts, or casual striped tops and outerwear with bright colored capri pants. Guys can look dashing without discomfort with perfectly fitted graphic tees, bold-colored shirts, and chino shorts. They can also slip into something more formal like crisp long sleeves with colored trousers.


Another way to make any ensemble stand out is by adding accessories and other statement pieces that complement the overall outfit. Yishion has a variety of accessories that range from quirky rings and cool shades to trendy yet versatile bags and belts.


Pretty Raks Glam Bangles and Earrings

Raks Glam bangles

I know I have mentioned some months back about my love affair with Raks Glam accessories. May I just give you a few more trinket reasons why I so love the brand? Take these pretty bangles, for instance.

raks glam bangles worn

Lovely bangles that call for an arm party! Wearing a single bangle or two (or more) with the simplest looking clothing piece can easily translate to a fab look.

Raks Glam chandelier earrings

Raks Glam Chandelier Earrings

These chandelier earrings I’m totally loving! My favorite of them all! I love the details and the color contrast. 😀


Who’s ready for summer?

With all the stresses coming from all corners of the house, I am currently dreaming and looking forward to our brief Davao getaway. While the idea of my going away for a while for a full week should be lovely, I cannot help but also get concerned as I am leaving a whole lot of things behind – including the current finishing of the construction of the house. You see, we had this flight booked way before the plans of construction started. Not to mention it also got pushed back months later because of some very unfortunate circumstances we had to deal with. But we trust that God will deal with the people concerned. We are never just living for the here and now and we all will give account to whatever we choose to do in this lifetime. Just saying. 🙂 Moving on..

Deca wakeboard park

I know I could have composed this photo better. But we all know how challenging it is to shoot sport activities. But look at the lush greens surrounding the Deca Wakeboard Park! It’s even lovelier in person!

As I look forward to this quick summer Davao getaway, we are thrilled to be staying at my father in law’s place in Tacunan, Mintal, which is but stones throw away from Deca Wakeboard Park in Davao City. Above is a photo I took of the hubby during our visit last year, as he was reaching the last stretch of the ride. They charge P300 for 2 hours or P600 for 8 hours. (more…)

SM Baguio Plants the 30,000th Tree (Green Road to 50,000) with OOTD

Together with two other blogger friends, Iris of and Jenn for Orange Magazine TV, Kikay Corner was privileged to witness SM Baguio’s planting of the 30,000th tree in their quest to reach the Green Road to 50,000 goal.

The Road to 50,000 TreesWe got to check out the place before the tree planting event.

30,000th tree plantIn this hole went the 30,000th tree that was planted.
bloggers at sm baguio
Enjoying the cool air of Baguio with blogger friends. SM Baguio is my second favorite branch, next to SM Masinag which is the closest to home.