Fashion is referred to anything that is modern and current particularly in the outside look of an individual – clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Styles are continuously changing through the years. As a matter of fact, if you would look closely, designers today make their designs based on the former trends that made a big impact. For someone who was never big on fashion, I just about wear what I want and am comfortable in. I am wired in such a way that I resent being dictated on what I can and cannot wear. So there. But with beads, I am a beadaholic through and through. 🙂


JML’s Turbo Cleaner stain remover took care of my Le Pliage’s ink stain

It was a couple of months back when I found that one of my Le Pliages has acquired this stubborn stain. There was no way I can figure out where it came from. It sure looked like it was ink to me and it was too brutal for me to ignore.

Specific Care Instruction for Longchamp Le Pliage:

Polyamide fabric with induction inside trimmed in cowhide leather
To maintain your product, apply with a soft brush Longchamp colorless cream regularly to leather areas.
To remove dirt, clean the whole lining using a cloth or a soft brush, with water and neutral soap (avoid water spilling over leather parts when cleaning).

Even the care instruction that came with the bag did not help. So I did what any diligent kikay would do. I checked out stores and places for stain removal stuff for the bag. Something that is safe for polyamide fabric, to be exact. Lo and behold, I found one of my favorite household brands carrying just what I need, in one of the malls I frequent. How convenient!

It claims to contain no harmful chemicals and is skin safe — 100% Eco Safe. Removes stubborn stains and works on fabric and leather. I got it for only P299.  The huge stick came with a mini. Something I can just have in my purse for emergency purposes.  🙂 I honestly did not quite expect it to work so beautifully. We all know that ink stains can be as stubborn as can be. But it did! I love that I can use this around the house and practically everything that needs stain removing. 🙂 (more…)

My faves from Jewelmer’s Tutti-Frutti Collection

If there is anything that is sure to be in my jewelry box, it will be a set with multi-colored stones. It was that one set (ruby, saphhire, emerald) that the robber left in my dresser when our house was ransacked more than a decade ago. I guess it’s because colored stones are pawned at a cheaper rate (?). This also got us to be more careful. No more jewels in our dressers. We can’t even trust to leave it in our home’s supposedly trustworthy safe.  Aside from my everyday ones, all jewels are now in our bank’s safety deposit box. No risking, this time. 🙂

Dangling earrings from Jewelmer‘s Tutti Frutti Collection featuring two (2) golden South Sea pearls set
with rose quartz, peridot, amethyst  and 18-Karat white gold

When I saw Jewelmer’s Tutti-Frutti – A Cascade of Color line, I cannot help but admire the collection. The pieces are beautifully crafted with brilliance always known for Jewelmer pieces. The whimsical tone that this line has makes this collection a stand out. I love it! (more…)

Havaianas Always Summer: Race to Hawaii

The Havaianas Always Summer: Race to Hawaii contest was launched last January 27, 2011 at The Manila Polo Club. It was my first event for the year and was really glad to have seen blogger friends once again. This contest is a unique race that will challenge two member teams to celebrate nationwide while doing summer tasks.

And although we might as well be still savoring our unusually cool weather, summer really is right around the corner and Havaianas Always Summer: Race to Hawaii contest will just be the perfect escape for what might just be another scorching season we are to inevitably experience.


Ray-Ban Aviator sunnies


With the first month of the brand new decade almost coming to a close, I find it just fitting to post one of my favorite presents I got for the holidays – a Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator sunnies, no less! Thanks to my ever sweet hubby, who must have been so burdened to see my recently acquired eye strain syndrome brought about by the number of hours I spend on the computer. Even the doctor thought I had conjunctivitis. Proven by it surfacing every time I spend a lot of time working on the computer (which is practically everyday), it certainly is some kind of allergy or eye strain. Not that my Aviators healed my strained eyes. But it made getting out of the house bearable by not having to explain to the people I meet that it’s allergy and not sore eyes.

Not that I love my Wayfarer by Charles and Keith any less and having had my fair share of brands, my Ray-Ban aviator shades is by far the coolest. It being a style icon since 1930’s. It is practically timeless. Plus the fact that I may have a tinge of want to be a rock star of sorts from time to time. 😛

Cool was invented in 1937. Originally developed to combat the blinding glare experience by US Air Force pilots, Aviators merged formidable design with cutting-edge technology and changed the face of society forever.


Stepping into Penshoppe’s Style Closet

The Penshoppe invite read: Mix, match and make your own style! Step into Penshoppe’s Style Closet and be pampered as we dress you up. And with my schedule free on the given date, who was I to say no.

The day I got invited, the Style Closet was camped at Cybermall, Eastwood. Being the first one to arrive, I saw a bunch of call center agents who were getting styled by Penshoppe’s stylists.


Rags2Riches Collaborates with Aranaz for 2010 Fall/Holiday Collection

ECO-ETHICAL STYLE takes center stage as Rags2Riches/RIIR Designer Line unveiled its Fall/ Holiday collection of signature bags and accessories. Created by premier designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan, the launch of RIIR-Aranaz’s Fall/Holiday collection is the collaboration of Filipino style connoisseurs – RIIR, Aranaz and Rajo Laurel, who graciously lent pieces from his couture collection to the runway muses of the event.

I am particularly impressed how every piece of RIIR-Aranaz collection has been meticulously-woven and comes with a tag that tells who the particular mother in Payatas made it – creating an instant bond between the maker and the bag owner.   It also uplifts the mothers of Payatas out of poverty.

the mothers of Payatas with Chin-Chin Gutierrez (RIIR advocacy supporter)


Passion Flows | Jewelmer Unveils the Most Luxurious Magazine in the Philippines

Last Wednesday, November 10, 2010, Jewelmer unveiled the most luxurious magazine in the Philippines via the one-of-a-kind version of 8th issue of Flow Magazine, that Jewelmer itself curated. This lovely hardbound edition sits on a handcrafted kamagong box inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl alongside a bedazzling golden South Sea pearl strand necklace and an engraved Mother-of-Pearl bookmark.


A Pink Technomarine Cruise 3 Hand for my birthday

I would not have had an inkling that I would be traveling to Kuala Lumpur and coming home to Manila with a yoyo I have always wanted to have, but have been putting away for a while now – A Pink Technomarine Cruise!

I don’t usually give in to signs like this.