Ice-Watch Philippine Launch

I first heard of Ice-Watch July this year and was so looking forward to its launch, which was held last September 1 at C3 Events Place in Greenhills. While I might have failed to join the rest of the media people in covering the event, I got my sweet husband to attend for me. Little did I know, he was coming home with no less than an eleven grand worth of Ice-Watch timepiece for me.

Ice-Watch Gold Rose


Kazuri Beads from Kenya

These are the Kazuri beads the hubby got for my “pasalubong” (present/keepsake) from Kenya. I love them.  These are actually a necklace and a bracelet. I just loved how they come together in harmony even as I wrapped the supposedly necklace together with the bracelet around my wrist.

Kazuri, which means “small and beautiful” in Swahili, began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting on making handmade beads. The factory is located in what used to be part of the Karen Blixen Estate (of the Academy Award winning film “Out of Africa”) fame.


2 handbag hangers from ArtsCow for $1.99

I’ve always been inconvenienced by my having to lug around with a heavy tote wherever. But truth is, I cannot leave home without it or any of the articles therein. After searching high and low, I finally found the handbag hanger that I want. I’ve seen several from accessory shops all over the metro but found none that appealed to me.  Arts Cow did emphasize too that these are sturdy handbag hangers. Definitely nothing cheap like what we locally have.  What is sweet about it is I was able to order customized handbag hangers for only $1.99! That’s $19.97 savings!


Kikay Corner got Unshackled!

I have always had this knack for anything artsy ever since I can remember. From learning to do bobs and layered hair styles in high school (yes, even before it was yet the “in” thing) to creating beads and swarovski sets that have traveled the world over. I have always been a do it yourself, crafty kind of person. There’s always this sense of fulfillment when you get the desired output. And I take pride showcasing my masterpieces. Here are a few I have saved from yester years.

I may have changed careers now. Nope. I don’t anymore trim my own hair. I don’t have the luxury of time experimenting on my crown like I used to. Nor do I weave pretty beads and swarovski pieces anymore. But it does not mean I have lost my love for beautiful things.


Just Jewels Jewelry Exchange

We girls just love jewelry. Not jewelries. Just like you don’t pluralize baggage and luggage. It’s the same with jewelry. Just a quick note. It’s always fun to learn a thing or two from time to time. 🙂

Moving on, I have started collecting jewelry when I was little. It all started when my mom got me this fancy pearl set for my birthday until I started collecting real ones. Gifts from my mom still until I started earning my own keep at 21.


Jewelmer’s 2010 Printemps Collections Launch at the Marquee Mall

I have always loved jewelry and I could not be more thrilled to be invited to witness the launch of Jewelmer’s 2010 Printemps Collections that incidentally coincided with the launch of their brand new showroom in Marquee Mall branch in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Four lovely ladies modeled those intricately woven pearls (photo by Laszlo Lim)

Jewelmer’s 2010 Prinemps Collections


Necklace with 11 natural colored golden Palawan South Sea pearls set with .084 carat diamonds and 18-karat yellow gold


Lovin’ Phiten’s rakuwa bracelet


I first came across a rakuwa bracelet early this year but it was not until recently that I got convinced that it really works.  I literally now only take it off during bath, otherwise it’s permanently wrapped around my wrist. 🙂  I currently have this 3 line rakuwa bracelet and it perfectly suits my personality.  The lines colors are white, pink and lavender.  My only issue is that I cannot use it when I leave the house and I’m wearing something that will go against it’s color.  This is why I’m hoping to get the titanium one in the future.  It may be kind of pricey, but the benefits that I have experience so far are priceless.  


A Tiffany & Co. for Christmas

The holidays can’t be more felt with Tiffany & Co. giving out huge discounts for their much loved items. I cannot just post a single one, because I love them all. Now all ladies who have not come up with a Christmas wish list yet should hurry and give their men some hints here and there for their presents. The clock is tick tockin’ and before we know it, Christmas will just be a few days away.

tiffany bracelet

Engraved Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet