Organize as You Accessorize

The real challenge for a girl is to have her closet organized despite the number of accessories accumulated over the years. It is not easy I tell you. It is almost natural to just throw things in the drawer, dresser and closet. The thing is accessories don’t crawl to their respective places and organize themselves.

bangle-treeWe have to intentionally choose to weed away stuff on a regular basis. It is so much nicer if the appeal does not stop at how we look but how our abode does too. It gives this certain feel that everything is in place. There are organizers available in the market to help us unclutter our stuff, we can get hold of those. But we can also be creative by making customized bangle trees like what I found during my search over the internet. (more…)

Shopping Online for Lovely Fascinate Flats

One of the more challenging things that a girl has to do is to get hold of a good brand that carries stylish but comfortable heels and shoes. I personally cannot stand getting blisters around my feet and having to limp after a while of walking. I happen to belong to the bunch who believes that fashion does not have to hurt. (more…)

Choosing the Right Handbag for Your Body Type

How do you choose handbags when you shop?  Do you take your pick in favor of trends, color preference, size or just because instincts dictate that you go grab one? Choosing the kind of handbag can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you want to buy the right one for your body type.



My Swarovski Masterpieces

Allow me to post a few of my masterpieces. I used to create sets of Swarovski bracelets, earrings, watches and everything Swarovski. That was wayback five or so years ago. It was one of the most fun things that I have done ever. Creating these beauties and earning from them atleast a hundred percent ROI got out the business streak in me. If there was anything, the most grueling thing about it was going to Divisoria or Quaipo to buy the materials.

Too bad I did not yet have my trusty A620 then, that’s why all I could take pictures of now are those that I keep for myself.

rose quartz bracelet

semi precious stones in 10k links