#KissAgingGoodbye with Watsons

Watsons summons all to Kiss Aging Goodbye through their latest anti-aging campaign.


Aging is inevitable, true. But with all the latest in product innovations, I’m all for delaying it for as long as possible. Because of free radicals that come with today’s lifestyle, the signs of aging are more pronounced than they were decades ago. Truth be told, fine lines come as early as 20s. (more…)

Looking closely at Gloww Capsules

As someone who is partial towards “natural,” a supplement of whatever kind, only catches my attention when its ingredients are made of such and at the very least, BFAD approved. This is what I saw Gloww Capsules to be.

Aside from Gloww Capsules being both. Gloww also has not added preservatives, chlorinated solvents and artificial flavors like most  supplements that are commercially available. Yes, even those that claim to be “all natural.”  I did some research and saw that there are a handful of good feedback from actual users of this product.


Aging and Botox

Lines and wrinkles are things that aging naturally does to people. These are caused by sun damage, gravity, stress and the natural progression of the body as it responds to growing old. If at all one of the neatest things advancement of everything around us has brought is botox injections. It is of a lesser invasive nature than having to go under the knife which was a popular choice in the past.
Although I don’t really see myself going through the same procedure, I am not against it. The Botox and filler technique is currently the number one choice of men and women who would like to get rid of unsightly lines without having to undergo cosmetic surgery. Watch this how to inject botox video just to give you a glimpse of how it is done.

Botox Injection Video

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