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Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013

After quite a while of blogging events hiatus, I finally got to attend that of a brand I have been curious about – Virginia Olsen Minerals. Apparently, I was one of the few who will get first dibs of their yet to arrive Summer Collection 2013 colors!

Kikay Corner

Yes, first off, a selfie. My no makeup look. An easy excuse for not having so much time to glam up. Just way too busy with moving houses and getting settled. Explains that tired look. 🙂

Since I was way too busy to get a decent OOTD shot, here are a couple I found in the images for that day.  Just before I parked the car to ride the train. Yes, I am very carbon footprint conscious (aside from not wanting to trouble myself with the crazy Greenhills parking). 🙂


Because I was commuting half the time, I opted for flats. The most comfy I’ve tried to date.  🙂

Virginia Olsen Minerals Bloggers Launch

Unlike other brands claiming to be mineral makeup, Virginia Olsen takes pride on being 100% pure mineral makeup. Definitely free of paraben, bismuth and talc. My first taste of Virginia Olsen was from my December Saladbox. I admit, I was not too keen on testing the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia OlsenAfter having had to suffer some side effects from using Enormous Lash in 2010, I have kind of gotten traumatized. But after hearing all those girls rave about how good it is (and saw for myself those thick and long lashes), I finally gave it a go that very same day. A week since and my eyes are doing okay still. No irritations whatsoever. The all natural botanical ingredients must have been the trick. I know, I digress. But I will totally blog about my Sophia Eyelash Enhancer experience soon. 🙂

Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013 Launch

Back to makeup heaven a.k.a. Virginia Olsen Minerals Manila headquarters, as I previewed Virginia Olsen Minerals’ yet to be available Summer Collection 2013, I cannot help but notice an affirmation of my first impression of the brand – the pigmentation of each color is impressive! I swear, if I did not have to spend an arm and leg recently for the expenses of building our new home, I would have hoarded them all. I am totally in love with the brand! I love that they are so affordable too. (more…)

Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Roseberry

It was when I was about to run out of my all time favorite organic lipstick two months ago that I discovered Palladio Herbal Lipstick. Although I have a handful of lipstick in my makeup kit, my default lipstick will always be that of herbal or organic ones. It came with my mother’s instinct. As much as I have always loved pretty stuff, I just got to make sure that I don’t transfer lead or any harmful ingredients when I kiss my kid. That said, I’ve switched to all natural lipsticks when my son was born. That’s more than 7 years ago. My first Palladio product was the Natural Rice Powder which I first blogged about in 2009, which I was not very satisfied with. I also blogged mentioned Palladio concealer in 2011. Palladio Herbal Lipstick is my hands down favorite.

Palladio Herbal LipstickAs for the number of herbal and organic lipsticks I’ve tried, there’s only but a few. Since there are only a limited brands of this kind.  This most recent discovery, I am very pleased with. I tried Human Nature’s mineral lipstick but I am just not happy with it. It moisturizes all right. But it does not have the pigmentation and the lasting effect I require of my default lipstick.

Palladio Roseberry

A contoured tip that practically ensures precise application.

The good news is Palladio Herbal Lipstick is also very affordable. Compared with the only all natural lipstick I have been using this past 7 years, this is half its price. Palladio Herbal Lipstick only retails for P350 (approx $8.75). I love how Palladio herbal lipstick glides on the lips. (more…)

My favorite organic lipstick

When I blogged about my certified lead-free lipstick in 2008, I said that I have been using it for four years then. Making it 7 years now. Sure, I still buy lip stain and lipstick that I fancy. But this is the one lipstick that I cannot do without. Why, I can even sleep in it and not worry about it causing my lips to darken or whatnot.  The packaging of this herbal lipstick is so cheap, you actually can mistake it for one of those cheap China cosmetics in that are all over our tiangges. Think again! This cheap looking lipstick costs no less than P600 (approx. $14). I was surprised myself. Because if I remember it right, the last time  I bought my previous one, it was just around P450 something.


Kikay Corner’s Review of Leyende’s Face Canvas moisture glider & make-up base

It has been more than two months since I started using Leyende’s Face Canvas moisture glider & make-up base. The timing could not have been more perfect. I was about to grab the six times pricier Smashbox but I couldn’t get myself to pay for something that I haven’t tried before for a day’s worth of job. Boy am I glad the cheapskate got the best of me right there. If not, I wouldn’t have known how Leyende’s Face Canvas was created to complement just about any foundation I use. I switch between YSL Matt Touch Foundation to Nutrogena Healthy Skin Enhacer.



Kikay Corner’s Organic Thanakha Online Store is Now Officially Open

Please click this link to go directly to KIKAY CORNER’S ORGANIC THANAKHA ONLINE STORE.

Kikay Corner is now proud to be an official distributor of Organic THANAKHA. Thanakha is an all in one skin care product that is therapeutic, an agent of restoration and a protects against harmful sun damage.


Feel free to email KikayCorner at  Retail price is PhP750 or USD$17.  Payment via G-Cash, Bank Deposit (BDO or BPI) or PayPal. Kikay Corner delivers Organic Thanakha to anywhere in the Philippines via Air21 (shipping fee @ P80) and internationally via Fedex (shipping cost will depend on your location)

KikayCorner.Net is Now an Official Distributor of Thanakha

Please refer back to this post about Thanakha, being the ultimate organic beauty agent. After having found a supplier, anyone would understand why I chose to be a distributor. I cannot emphasize enough how this seemingly outlandish and old fashioned idea of applying a paste of tree bark over your skin can do anyone’s skin any good. After having tested for myself, for more than three years, how this treasure find helped me get rid of warts and milia over my face, which is practically unheard of by modern science. The norm is to have these nasty growths cauterized, right?
Meanwhile, please sit back and wait for more posts and details on how you can order. I understand that this will entail some additional squeezing in to my already piled up everyday schedule. But I will be the most happy to be able to share this wonder product to people from all over after having seen how it benefited me. Please check back in the next few days. 🙂

Palladio’s Natural Rice Powder

Palladio Rice is available in all Beauty Bar shops. It costs PhP325 (approx.$7). All I can say is that for its price, one should not really expect much. It is just a regular loose powder and it will give you a semi-translucent finish.
It is oil absorbing all right. But it only protects you for four hours tops and you have to go right back to the powder room to retouch. You really can’t do touch ups just about anywhere or take the risk of having loose powder all over your clothes. It may be a good alternative to the usual synthetic cosmetics but only if you do not mind frequent applications.

As per its label, it says: Discovered accidentally by a renowned professional makeup artist – has been and still is the oldest of all trade secrets. It is used primarily as an oil-absorbing highlighter and makeup setter.