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#HealWithVaseline this Summer: Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion and Deep Restore Lotion

The summer heat has gone beyond unbearable these past days. Unbearable enough that I was under the weather the week after my son was. Tandem it with one of summer’s most common diseases, sore eyes, and I just about welcomed myself into misery land. But as I am feeling better today, I’m more than ever convinced that we should be more vigilant in making sure our bodies are well hydrated, especially this summer.

Heal with Vaseline

That said, did you know that this wild summer heat has the makings of dehydrating your skin? I know this all too well since my cracked lips are such give away.  As our skin is exposed to factors that can damage and dry it out. From hot showers, air-conditioned rooms, to the heat and pollution during one’s daily commute, skin is stripped off of its natural hydration and moisture. Check out the difference between leaves with and and without Vaseline. That’s pretty much the case for my lip when I fail to dab Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on it – one touch and it’s likely to crack.


Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

This tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly did not merely protect my lips but it has practically healed my cracked lips. No more achy and bruised lips from all the cracks. We all know how lips tend to crack when we are sick, so this has been my go-to-tub since I got the flu. (more…)

Beauty Product Feature: Sugar Scrub by Amethy #SugarScrubByAmethy

I love soaps. That is if we’re pertaining to the real kind of soap – castile. Since I started making my own soap, I’ve become picky with soaps. Because really, most “commercial soaps” are made primarily of detergent and you won’t want to bathe with that, would you? Aside from that, if it’s not castile, it’s probably boring. That’s just this soaper’s personal thoughts. I also love scrubs. In fact, I never appreciated going to spas unless it comes with a body scrub. So when Sugar Scrub by Amethy sent this tub of bathing essential, I was more than thrilled. I love using coffee grounds for body scrub and this minty flavored one sure looked to me was most fitting for the season. 🙂

sugar scrub

Sugar Scrub by Amethy in Peppermint


Alex Gonzaga live on Mellow 94.7

TV show host, actress and bubbly girl Alex Gonzaga was recently live on Mellow 94.7 FM station to endorse Proactiv, a top skin care product. Alex is Proactiv’s first Filipina face and have been a loyal Proactiv user.

Being her usual vibrant self, Alex impressed the radio station hosts with her candor and trademark wit, which essentially made her one of the most sought after top TV hosts in the country today. Coming from her very own Proactiv experience, Alex shared beauty tips that are instrumental to her having such flawless complexion. Proactiv’s 3-Step routine:

Step 1: Renewing Cleanser, an oil-free medicated exfoliating cleanser that kills acne-causing bacteria with benzoyl
Step 2: Revitalizing Toner, a refreshing, alcohol-free toner that refines and purifies pores, with Glycolic Acid that exfoliates dead skin cells to help keep pores unplugged.
Step 3: Repairing Treatment, a feather-light, invisible medicated treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria preventing zits and acne.

Proactiv Solution comes in 30-Day kit, retails for P2,495 and 60-Day kit, which retails for 3,995, and are available at all Watsons nationwide.

Pond’s Institute Opens in Manila #PondsInstitute #TheSkinExpert

Beauty and science finally meet this 2016 as the Pond’s Institute opens its doors in Manila.

Strategically located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, the Pond’s Institute offers a slew of services that cater to every Filipina’s skin care needs. Upon entering the institute, women can find out their particular skin concerns through the Skin Analyzer. With the results of the test, they can get a customized skincare regimen from Pond’s Beauty Advisers. What’s more—the Pond’s Institute offers free dermatologist consultations every Saturday.


From Tokyo, Madrid, New York, and Shanghai, the No. 1 face care brand in the Philippines brings its breakthrough and personalized skincare solutions for every Filipina to future-proof her skin. A global network of 700 researchers and scientists, the Pond’s Institute has developed over 200 patented skincare innovations for women around the world.


Every day, our skin faces innumerable pollutants brought about by urbanization—from dangerous nanoparticles that are 20 times smaller than pores and easily infiltrate the layers of our skin, to increased UV exposure by up to 85% through electronic devices, and oxidative damage that causes skin to degenerate; our skin has been taking a beating, and the effects are taking a toll on our complexion. (more…)

Take Care of Your Underarms and Get a Chance to Win a Dove Deo Getaway to El Nido with #DoveGoShave

The struggle to keep our pits hair free is real. Sure, this may be one of those posts that you might just about tag with, “Too Much Information, (TMI)” but hey, it is one of those things we women have to constantly battle with. So why not get the word out on it. I have, in fact, mustered the courage to go through a few sessions of underarm laser hair removal treatment but I chickened out when I experienced darkening on the third or fourth session. But the good news is, from every couple of days shaving, it’s now down to once a week. 🙂


Because I’m back to shaving my unwanted pit hair, like 70% of Filipinas, it’s always good to arm myself with facts. Like, did you know that 1/3 of what you remove when shaving is actually skin, which leads to underarm darkening? Along with your hair, shaving takes away the top-most layer of your skin, leaving it irritated. And with continued shaving, skin is unable to heal itself and becomes bumpy, dry and dark. Yikes! (more…)

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Ortigas Launch

My first encounter with Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics was when I accompanied my good friend, Iris of, to have her eyes screened for Lasik with Dra. Samson in 2012.  I’ve seen for myself the relief the lasik surgery has been to my friend since. It wasn’t until last year did I come to discover that aside from being known to deliver no less than top-notch lasik service, Shinagawa also has a line of excellent beauty products. I’ve come to love their BB cream, but that’s another post altogether. 🙂

I’m really not surprised that Shinagawa has made a name in our local shores since it was introduced here in Manila in 2010. While it has 44 branches in Japan and has practically been a brand synonymous to “beauty,”  Manila has got to witness for herself that the celebrated lasik and aesthetic center really delivers.

Congratulations @shinagawaclinic on the grand opening of #ShinagawaOrtigas ☺

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Watsons Rewards Lucky Shoppers with Switcher’s Surprise

Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer makes lucky shoppers’ dreams come true – whether that’s the latest gadget, a brand new ride, an all-expense paid shopping spree or a trip to a dream destination with Switcher’s Surprise. On January26 and 28, five (5) lucky Watsons shoppers at the SM Mall of Asia were surprised, by simply making the switch and choosing Watsons Label products. These include a wide range of products from personal care to generic medicines like Watsons Glutathione, Watsons Travel Hair Dryer, Watsons Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, Watsons Body Scrub, Watsons Collagen, and Watsons Breath Strips, among others.

Watsons Generics Omnibus

Switch to Watsons Generics and Save up to 80%!

Watsons Personal Care

Watsons Personal Care Products

During designated hours of the day, shoppers who pick up specially marked Watsons Label products instantly get the chance to win awesome prizes, such as a flatscreen TV, a Macbook Air, and a trip for 2 to Hong Kong!

Watsons Switch and Save

The lucky shoppers were guided to a specially designed booth where they get their surprise – their Switcher’s Surprise personally handed by celebrity endorsers.



Look and feel your best this Holiday season with Proactiv Solution

It’s 11 days till Christmas and this season leading to the most anticipated time of the year can in fact, be the busiest, even most stressful. And we all know that stress is the number one cause of pimples for a lot of us.

As we look forward to reunions of all kinds, whether with family or friends, we all want to look our best (yes, despite the unbelievable stress we go through this time of the year).

How exactly do we achieve acne-free skin this holiday season?

Now, that’s the question. With weeks of left and right parties with little sleep and weaker immune system. The demands of the season might just get the best of us. The moment we neglect our skin, acne and blemishes are just around the corner. (more…)

Beauty Product Feature: Your Whitest White Skin with SkinWhite

What’s a girl to do when three of her favorite things come in one package: chevron stripes, pink and personalized? Go giddy and just drink it in! Not literally, silly! Thank you so much, Skin White for these goodies and my personalized chevron pink overnight bag! You know a blogger is really excited when there’s a whole lot of exclamation marks in one paragraph, right? 🙂

pink chevron overnight bag skin white

Between the hubby and me, it’s really him who’s been the longer time user of Skin White. It all started when I had him try the Skin White deo and he hasn’t switched since. That’s counting more than 5 years now. As for yours truly, I can’t go without a bottle of SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion. In fact, I have it in the car’s compartment, in my closet and in my stash of toiletries supply. Ever since I’ve realized that I can’t step out of the house without sunscreen, I make sure I apply lotion with SPF. I’ve tried other brands but find them too greasy for comfort, so I always switch right back to Skin White. 🙂

skin white advanced whitening facial cleanser (more…)

The Olay Regenerist #MiracleDuo: Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Micro-sculpting Cream

P&G really made sure my mom and I were in for a treat when we got invited to a mother and daughter date at the Manila Pen. I also took home with me the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo. I first tried Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream in 2013, I remember liking how the fine lines disappeared on my second week of use, I look forward how it will fare with the Olay Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence that’s apparently designed to jumpstart skin care regimen. It is used after toner but before moisturizer application.

Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo


Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo: Miracle Boost Youth Essence and Micro-sculpting Cream (more…)