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Uratex “Mobile Sleep Solutions” and Benefits of Good, Healthful Sleep

Ever wondered how to get the best sleep you can ever have? To know more about it, you may probably have to go to a sleep conference or any fora and shell out money to get much-needed information.

Luckily, Uratex, the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam and mattress products, knows how valuable information is when it comes to knowing how to get healthful sleep and reap its benefits—and they’ll even bring the information directly to the people.

Uratex Mobile Sleep Solutions

Just recently, Uratex kicked-off its “Mobile Sleep Solutions” at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City that aims to educate Filipinos in Metro Manila and nearby provinces on how to get the best of sleep health.


Do Away with Premature Wrinkling, Hair Breakage with Lady Satin Pillowcases

As much as I have loved my 300 thread count cotton linens, those sleep lines against my face in the morning (and sometimes afternoon naps) cannot be denied. They don’t just give me away that I dozed off. Apparently, they have long haul effects – like premature wrinkling of the face and hair breakage. Explaining all those stray hair strands all over my pillows.

Lady Satin pillowcases
In all honestly, I found it rather odd when Lady Satin approached me and asked if I can review her product. It did not occur to me until lately that satin linens actually have hair and skin benefits. Of course, I can’t just take her word for it. I had to try and look it up for myself. I was actually meaning to use these satin pillowcases when we get settled in our newly renovated home. But we’re not moving until a couple of weeks. Did I already mention before about my not so very high EQ? The soft feel of the cases was just too inviting to ignore. Well, that’s another challenge I lost recently. Thus, this post. 🙂

lady satin pillow case tagLady Satin label sewn inside each pillowcase. 

lady satin pillow caseI threw them lazily right from when I pulled them out of the box and the satin soft texture can’t be denied. And yes! You read my mind right. I couldn’t wait to hurry to the bath and get to bed! — I wouldn’t want to get all my sweaty face (thanks to our 36ish very humid temperature) on my spanking satin soft pillowcases. Teehee! (more…)

A few beauty tips for fellow sleep deprived netizens

For many WAHMS (work at home moms) like myself, graveyard shift workers (such as call center agents, nurses and the like), and online assistants, one of the many things we have to contend with most is lack of sleep. Agree? The lack of sleep can get to you if you don’t do something about it, I tell you. It can really compromise your immune system, make you look haggard and older than you really are, and worst of all, it can affect your mental and emotional well-being.


Sleep is your skin’s bestfriend

Sleep is your skin’s bestfriend. This is what I have been telling myself, just so I can psyche myself to get my body clock to drop the 4 hours a day sleep habit. Even the hubby is at my back, telling me to quit reaching out for my mobile to check my email every moment I get up in the middle of the night. Force of habit. And that is one thing that’s hard to kick.


Sleep Better and Stay Pretty

sleep-better-kikaycornerOne of Kikay Corner’s more recent articles was about how beauty sleep encourages glowing skin. But the thing of the matter is, a great majority has some kind of sleep disorder crisis. It was discovered that some sleeping disorders stem from bad sleeping position that we have gotten used to over the years. For those who would rather live with sleeping disorders, allow me to enumerate a few of the downside of lack of sleep:

When you do not get enough sleep, the tendency for you to develop eye bags multiply by the day. The collection of fat around the eyes get worse by the year. Wrinkles will venture in as well. Apparently, frowning is not the only reason why you will get wrinkles earlier than you should. Lack of sleep will speed that up for you, as well. (more…)

Why There’s Beauty in Sleep

Here are the things sleep does to our body: restores, repairs and recharges. This is evident when we get enough hours of sleep in a day. Truth to tell, if we observe ourselves at all, there is a difference in our overall mood and well being when we get enough sleep and when we don’t.

A sleepless night or a restless one, can affect your health big time and it shows more obviously in the quality of our skin. This is why most people who are prone to acne and pimples get breakouts when they don’t get enough sleep.

Beauty Sleep

It has been said over and over again how beneficial sleep is. That a person should at least get eight hours of sleep per day to be healthy. Being healthy is the primary goal, but the bonus is enough sleep delays aging a great deal. It reduces the incidence of puffy eyes, for one.

Here are a few tips to a good night’s sleep:

1. Leisurely bathe in a medium hot bath. Mix a few drops of lavender oil and inhale the soothng fragrance.

2. Drink a glass of warm non-fat milk or eat a banana.

3. Read a good book in bed.

4. When you feel sleepy, make sure you sleep on your side. Not on your back or on your tummy.

5. Condition yourself that you will sleep well and have sweet dreams.