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Gloww Collagen Capsule and Collagen Powdered Drink Review

Gloww Collagen Drink

My first encounter with Gloww was in 2012. I was pretty impressed how my skin stayed fair despite the summer trotting I did with my family back then – including a week long tour along the streets (and river – Mekong) of Vietnam and Cambodia. I was almost sure that I was going to be a notch darker since the heat of Manila was considerably more forgiving than that of Cambodia’s! Truth be told, I would’ve stayed in the hotel if it were up to me. I loved that I stayed just as fair! 🙂

Gloww Capsules

Five years since, and I am getting reacquainted with Gloww Collagen Capsules.

Gloww helps feed skin’s CLBT. CLBT being Color, Luminosity, Brightness and Transparency. Its one of a kind SKHN (Skin, Health and Nutrient) Complex reinforces collagen, detoxifies your skin, upgrades blood dissemination, shields it from unsafe UV beams and free radicals.

Gloww Capsules include these following natural ingredients: Marine Protein, Horsetail Extract ,Lycopene, Green Tea Extract, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Vitamin C , Grape Seed Extract, Natural Betacarotene, Pine Bark Extract,Vitamin E.

Recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day for two months, and 1 capsule per day after two months.

Gloww Collagen after 2 months of use

Gloww Collagen Capsules retails for P960 per box, with 30 capsules.

Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink

When a product is already good, and am pretty satisfied in its overall benefits, I don’t exactly expect for it to go another extra mile by coming up with yet another awesome product. But this is exactly what Gloww has done and I cannot be more thrilled!  🙂

Gloww collagen drink

I initially wondered what the difference is from my old favorite Gloww capsules. Apparently, Gloww Collagen is powered by  Verisol. Verisol is a product of advanced German technology that makes the collagen more bioavailable as it is absorbed by the gut, and allows for the repair of damaged skin to be more efficient. The efficient absorption helps the skin to get the most out of your collagen.

Jen Aspacio for Gloww Collagen

After around two months of taking Gloww Collagen Capsules and Gloww Collagen Drink

My skin is noticeably more supple. I don’t need to slather on as much moisturizer as I used to. I’m 40 and I was wearing very light make up in this photo. Of course, I wouldn’t get caught without my brows, but on the face, no primer, just a regular BB cream (which explains the shine haha!) and lipstick. 🙂

Although I did mention that I remained fair with the constant taking of Gloww supplement, I have long corrected in my mind the misconception that it is a whitening agent. It actually is not, the skin remains fair essentially because of the detoxification action of the chemical breakdown of all the ingredients combined. It helps keep the skin sustain its youthful glow.

Gloww Collagen Drink

The recommended dosage for Gloww Collagen is 1 sachet per day. This food supplement is sold for P90 per sachet or P2,700 per box of 30 sachets.

gloww collagen powdered drink ingredients

Gloww Collagen Powdered Drink Ingredients include: Collagen hydrolysate (Verisol), mixed fruit dry flavour, citric acide anhydrous, sucralose and carmine (coloring agent)

Another undeniable and pleasant side effect of Gloww Collagen on me is the non-incidence of dry eyes. I’m not surprised, actually. Since I’ve learned that collagen helps lubricate joints and eye tissues, resulting to dry eyes prevention. “Dry eyes” has been an incessant problem that has bugged me for some years now. My years of freelancing and virtual assistant tasks have taken their toll on my poor eyes. I love that I no longer have to deal with it for as long as I’m taking my Gloww Collagen supplement.

Based on studies, after two months of continued use of Gloww Collagen, the following effects are observed:

  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Improved skin moisture
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Even after a 4week washout phase, effects are still evident.

Gloww Collagen is also BFAD approved, which for me, is a non-negotiable when I’m looking into a long-term supplement. I’ve been won over by the product from 2012, and I am even more pleased with Gloww  now that it comes in this delightfully-flavored powdered drink.

Health and Beauty Benefits of HyC150 Collagen Supplement

What’s in the HyC150 collagen drink and how will it benefit our body and promote anti-aging?

Early this week, I, together with fellow lifestyle bloggers, trooped to Oracle Beauty Clinic, to check out the posh beauty place and know more about HyC150, the much talked about Collagen Drink from Japan and other health and beauty supplement products by its maker, FINE Japan Co. Ltd.


Etiquette Rose, HyC150, Turmeric Extract Powder and Ginger Black Tea are distributed by FINE Japan Co. Ltd.


Thiocell: Not Your Ordinary Glutathione Supplement

I’ve tried a few Glutathione Supplement brand since it started to gain buzz in the market a few years back. While most people are shooting for its whitening effect, I was out for its liver cleansing function when I was regularly taking some medication. I got to try Thiocell back in 2013 and I haven’t tried another brand since.


Thiocell is the first and only glutathione supplement in lozenge form, formulated to give whiter, brighter and more radiant skin.

Wanting to have fairer and brighter complexion must have something to do with our country’s history of being colonized by foreigners. Our standard for beauty has since become predominantly that of fairer skin. This explains why Filipinas use beauty products and take oral supplements for whitening. But the thing is not all glutathione products are created equal. A lot  simply don’t deliver as dramatically as they promise.

Proven to be the more superior product in the market, Thiocell is the firstand only oral glutathione in lozenge form. It is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation and achieve healthier, brighter and more beautiful skin in as early as 2 weeks.

Dermatologists for Thiocell

The history of innovation (more…)

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Ortigas Launch

My first encounter with Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics was when I accompanied my good friend, Iris of, to have her eyes screened for Lasik with Dra. Samson in 2012.  I’ve seen for myself the relief the lasik surgery has been to my friend since. It wasn’t until last year did I come to discover that aside from being known to deliver no less than top-notch lasik service, Shinagawa also has a line of excellent beauty products. I’ve come to love their BB cream, but that’s another post altogether. 🙂

I’m really not surprised that Shinagawa has made a name in our local shores since it was introduced here in Manila in 2010. While it has 44 branches in Japan and has practically been a brand synonymous to “beauty,”  Manila has got to witness for herself that the celebrated lasik and aesthetic center really delivers.

Congratulations @shinagawaclinic on the grand opening of #ShinagawaOrtigas ☺

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Beauty: One of the best gifts you can give your friends this holidays

Youth and beauty – these are two things that your friends (and yourself) might put on your must-have list at any given time. To always look young and energetic, dazzling everyone with your attractiveness and a winning spirit that shows your can-do attitude. To always have that adrenaline flowing through your veins, confident that you can move and act in the pace you want.


While you can’t turn back the hands of time, there’s a better way to give yourself, friends, and loved ones these two desirable, yet priceless gifts this holiday season. Experience the pleasure of tapping on a new source of power that can delay the aging process and usher in a new phase of rejuvenation, both physical and mental. The good news is, the gift of youth and beauty can be yours in one lovely gift – the new Premium HyC 150(more…)

Thiocell Lozenges Glutathione Supplement by Brady Pharma Inc.

I’m sure you think you’ve heard enough of different brands of Glutathione, but here’s something worth a close second look – Thiocell Glutathione Lozenges. This package arrived over the weekend with a basket full of fruits, on Mother’s Day, at that! Thank you, Brady Pharma, Inc.! You know best how to treat a mommy recuperating from illness!  I used to the fruits to make our fruits shakes. I loved the kiwis the best! 😀

I have been regularly taking another glutathione supplement primarily because I need to ensure my liver’s health. My allergic medication has compelled me to regularly take antihistamine on a daily basis and glutathione acts as the liver’s detoxifier. As for the supposed skin whitening side effect, I was not really so gung-ho for. As for the supplements I have been taking, I really have not seen much of a difference. Let’s see, now that I switched to Thiocell. After that Batangas sun soaking I did last month, I really would love to get my color back. 🙂

Now, if I happen to sound a little Greek from here. You see, I have kind of done my assignment. I have not really exactly been the healthiest individual in the planet. Having to deal with chronic allergies here and there and have one birthday in a hospital bed, believe me when I say, I know what I’m saying. This is what basically pushes me to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
thiocell glutathione lozenge
And when I found out that Glutathione is essentially a triple threat to bodily toxins beyond detoxifying the liver, it also neutralizes free radicals and enhances the immune system. Thiocell also is beneficial for diabetic patients with fatty liver. Thiocell does not contain alcohol or animal products and contains no added sugar, starch, wheat, preservatives or artificial flavor.

Post Trial Result: Gloww Capsules

One of the two essentials I made sure I got packed in my luggage before we flew for Vietnam and Cambodia was Gloww Capsules. The other one was my trusty insect repellent spray. We were told that mosquitoes are really huge in Cambodia and we are not risking our son getting dengue again. The other one is my current skin regimen favorite, Gloww.

Now that I’m done with the two months trial of Gloww Capsules, I can say that I am pretty impressed how my skin stayed just as fair despite the tours that involved a whole lot of sun exposure. Now, just to give you ladies an idea how hot it was in Cambodia. Imagine, the Manila heat, then add half of all the scorching heat to that. I would have stayed in the hotel, if it were up to me. But my very active hubby who loves the outdoors won’t allow me to throw away our once in lifetime vacation just like that. It was actually our first one full week getaway ever! 🙂

Aside from sunblock, the whole time we were in Vietnam and Cambodia, there was no other skin care product I used but Gloww Capsules.  I did not bother pack my usual night cream. My toiletries bag was just way too full already and besides, I thought my skin can make use of the needed break too.  🙂


Looking closely at Gloww Capsules

As someone who is partial towards “natural,” a supplement of whatever kind, only catches my attention when its ingredients are made of such and at the very least, BFAD approved. This is what I saw Gloww Capsules to be.

Aside from Gloww Capsules being both. Gloww also has not added preservatives, chlorinated solvents and artificial flavors like most  supplements that are commercially available. Yes, even those that claim to be “all natural.”  I did some research and saw that there are a handful of good feedback from actual users of this product.