Nicole Scherzinger is Proactiv’s Brand New Celebrity Endorser

The success story of Nicole Scherzinger is close to our hearts. When she became famous and people raved over her especially when we found out of her Filipino descent (she’s a mixture of Filipino, Hawaiian and Russian), followers can’t get enough of her. But who really is Nicole and where did she come from?

Nicole Scherzinger’s rise to fame didn’t come easy for her. She was raised by her mom and German-American step dad. The household that she was raised in was simple but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream to become a singer.



Nicole became famous as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls before she set off solo as a recording artist. She sold a record breaking 60 million records. Nicole has won Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars and became one of the judges at the UK and US editions of The X Factor.

Nicole’s Proactiv Story

While it’s easy to see that Nicole has flawless skin, she admits that she makes sure she maintains it that way.  She shares, “I feel like in my line of work, I’m always under the microscope. It’s quite traumatic when you have an acne breakout and blemishes because you wake up and you’re hoping that your face is clear.” Nicole has found a beauty ally in Proactiv. “I found Proactiv through a friend in my band. She had really bad breakouts and blemishes that it really scarred her skin. She discovered Proactiv, and it’s just amazing how she’s just blossomed,” Nicole said.


Beauty Product Feature: Sutla Flawless Whitening Solution

For some reason, even if I am a reseller of Sutla and Flawless beauty products, I only feature those products that I have tried and tested myself. I have lined up a handful lot of Flawless products but I haven’t find the time to publish just yet. One of the more recent Sutla Flawless products I have tried is the Flawless Whitening Solution.

Flawless Whitening Solution

To start with, I am not dark-skinned. So before you wonder why I’d bother with Flawless Whitening Solution, there are some parts of my body that have uneven skin tone. In preparation of last month’s Davao family vacation, I just had to get this done, just in case I’d go swimming. I’m a little self-conscious about this dark spot on my right leg. So there.

Flawless Whitening Powder and Solution

A pre-mixed of Sutla Flawless Whitening powder form that helps eliminate dark spots other skin pigmentations and discolorations, pimple scars, stretch marks and rejuvenates skin. Ingredients are all safe too. Nothing to worry about cancer causing chemical agents too. I would definitely won’t even think of trying this myself if it does.  (more…)

#AirbrushedLookEveryday with @MaybellinePH Dream Liquid Mousse

It is always fun to get first dibs to new things. Before we flew down South last weekend, I got a hold of Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse with its Duo Fibre makeup brush! I love the Perfect Airbrush coverage that it claims to be able to deliver. I have never tried airbrush makeup before because of the hefty amount that came with it. Understandably, this new makeup innovation got me all curious.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse setMaybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse and Duo Fibre makeup brush

Airbrush Finish

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Classic Ivory (more…)

Maybelline’s First Impression Meter

Did you know that per research, it only takes up to 8 seconds to make a first impression! That’s one shot to  put our best face forward, so let’s make it perfect!

I’m not sure if you have recently accessed Maybelline’s First Impression Meter on Facebook. It was fun! And true enough, it doesn’t really take too long before one comes up with his/her impression of a person’s face. Adventurous, Shy, Likeable, Trustworthy, Confident, Fierce, Bold, Bubbly, Tough, Intelligent, Expressive. What do you think will be the predominant vote of your profile picture on Facebook? As of blogging, I am still waiting for an email from Maybelline on the first impressions I made on other people. Will definitely get this post updated! 🙂

Perfect First Impression

Meanwhile, Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream was awarded last June 11, 2014 as the Watsons Health & Beauty Best BB Cream of 2014.  Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream gives you instant skin perfection, the perfect first step for the perfect first impression! It is all you need to cover imperfections and brighten your complexion for a radiant and healthy glow!


Product Feature: Myra VitaGlow BB Cream

A BB Cream for only P99 a tube? Now, this for me makes Myra VitaGlow BB Cream is check out-worthy. I have tried a handful of BB Cream brands and have yet to find one this affordable. I have learned a long time ago that more affordable does not necessarily translate to low quality. In fact, a whole bunch of affordable brands can very well compete with contemporaries that are sold several times more.

Myra Vita Glow BB Cream

Don’t you just love personalized stuff? I love my  Myra VitaGlow BB Cream Travel Makeup Kit. Thank you, Myra for sending this. 🙂

What’s I love about Myra VitaGlow BB Cream:

1. I love that Myra VitaGlow BB Cream is lightweight and moisturizing enough, it keeps my skin hydrated.
2. Vitamin E. The kick beauty products get when it contains Vitamin E, will always be a plus. Vitamin E keep the skin younger looking and healthy.
3. VitaGlow BB Cream doubles a foundation. Not full coverage all right. But good for everyday use. It comes in Ivory and Beige.

@Nautreal : Buy 3 Kits, Get 1 Free for the Month of June Promo

Dark spot? Pimple marks? Dull/Uneven skintone? Melasma? Skin problem? SEE RESULTS IN JUST 7 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

nautreal ad

Now that’s something very forward and confident for a local beauty product to profess. The money back guarantee is always something I have long wished for our usual branded and commercial products to carry. But too bad we are left to just live with it in the event that the product does not deliver. This is why I took interest in testing Nautreal products for myself (and the hubby) back in 2012.

Nautreal products

Two years since and I remain to be a believer of Nautreal. Specifically their Nautreal Perfect White Kit: Whitening Papaya Soap, UV Protect Cream with SPF30, Whitening Facial Cleanser, and All Out Whitening  Cream (more…)

Keeping Skin Clear this Summer with Proactiv 15-Day Maintenance Kit

Summer is here!

And with our travel plans lined up to thoroughly enjoy our much needed summer break, clear-skin is the way to go. That said, our favorite acne solution product, Proactiv Solution 15-Day Maintenance Kit is now locally available. Yay! No longer do we need to leave our beauty kit behind as it comes in a handy travel kit that can go with us in our traveling sprees.

We all know too well that maintaining an acne-prone skin is something we cannot just take for granted. And being in the business of keeping skin acne-free, twice a day, is the way to go. So whether it is overnight or three day summer getaway, quick or weeklong, it is imperative that we take our kit with us to make sure we don’t get surprised coming home to our face mushroomed with breakouts. It is common knowledge that summer heat can be harsh enough on our skin as it is.

And in the event that you are flying some place to your summer destination, it is lovely to know that the Proactiv 15-Day Maintenance Kit, that includes convenient 1-ounce bottles, is approved for airport security. No need to fuss stuffing your kit in your handcarry. Sweet! 🙂

Proactiv Solution 15 Day

Proactiv 15 Day Maintenance Kit includes the complete 3-Step System- Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment-in three 1-oz. take-aboard bottles. The kit comes with a tube of FREE Refining Mask! The snap-close pouch is 3.75 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches and fits easily into a backpack, purse or gym bag.


Totally Digging Nature Republic’s Collagen Dream Kit

It was exactly a year ago when I first gave Nature Republic a try and I have loved most of their products.

It was not until a couple of weeks back when I was spring cleaning and saw this Collagen Dream Trial Kit from Nature Republic buried in my stack of accessories (more…)

Introducing Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub to my weekly routine

It has been more than a year since Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub was first introduced to my bath routine. I love that the makers have come up with its counterpart specially formulated for the face.


I posted the above photo on Instagram (follow me! @jenaspacio) a couple of weeks back. 🙂

Asian Secrets Lulur scrubs are inspired by a most luxurious ritual used by Indonesian royalty called Lulur, originally intended for the bride-to-be to beautify, smoothen, and whiten her skin before her wedding day. Lulur originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and products inspired by this traditional treatment are still used by Indonesian women, and in specialty spas today.


Oily Face Problems? Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control to the Rescue

Oily face issues, I have had them for the longest time. I might not have what one might call an acne prone skin, but oily is no less of a problem especially when caught in between tasks. Oil-control sheets, for sure I won’t get caught leaving the house without. But I have not really used a lot of them since this — Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control. 🙂

As of late, the one product that I can totally address oily face issues is – Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control. It is a breakthrough facial lotion that eliminates shine and is designed to absorb excess oil to help give a more mattified appearance while helping the skin fight acne. This also helps the skin to remain soft, smooth and hydrated without looking or feeling greasy.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.06.25 AM

The Proactiv Daily Oil Control is ideal for men and women with oily skin because it controls and balances the oil levels and gives a matte finish after using it. (more…)