Origins Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath

If there is anything good about summer, it is this reasonable excuse of immersing in the tub with the luxurious Origins Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath, for longer than usual. This gorgeous smelling bubble bath was given as a gift for Christmas by my dear friend, Frances. Thanks, Franz! I really love it. 🙂



Eyeshadow Primers for Oily Lids

If you happen to be one of those who have combination skin, then chances are, your lids are two of the oiliest  facial spots. The trouble with having oily lids is the persistent creasing of any type of eyeshadow that you apply. Even the supposedly crease proof ones fail to deliver.

urban-decay-eyeshadow-primer-potionYou really do not have to endure all this creasy problem. There are a handful of eye products for those who have oily lids problem. It is up to you if you would like to experiment on other eyeshadow primers, but if you’d rather not take chances, grab a stick of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It currently retails for $16. You have to make sure though, to apply powder shadow instead of cream shadow, over the primer. Cream shadows will still tend to trigger creasing, for obvious reasons. (more…)

Launch of Tamera Online

Kikay Corner was invited to the launch of Tamera Online last Saturday in Makati. Tamera Online is the online cosmetics store venture of former titleholder of Miss Philippines, Tamera Marie Szijarto. What could be neater than the launch of the very first, true blue cosmetics online store in the Philippines. The online stores that I have been patronizing for years do not have the total convenience of what an online store should be, to begin with.
Shopping online has been like a best friend to me for some time now. Though, it does not necessarily follow that I splurge. (I happen to think that I am very responsible with my purchases) I make sure that I only purchase good buys and those that are not available in our local stores and/or cheaper than if I were to purchase the same items from the department store, which are the exact things that this cosmetics store is committed to deliver.
So far the purchases that I have done online require me either to go the bank, pay via G-cash or do transfers which cannot be done until I make a show and do the application of that third party added to the list under my account. Although the enrollment of third parties are done only one time, sit till defeats the purpose of purchasing online, which is convenience. I did not have a choice back then. Now I do and it’s fun that all my purchases are guaranteed to land in my doorstep in no time. Another plus is the convenience shopping with your PayPal account. No need to divulge my credit card account anymore. Somehow I still feel uncomfortable typing in those numbers despite all those security guarantee that websites claim of. Sure you can use PayPal with ebay purchases. But ebay itself disclaims of any responsibility when it comes to how the transactions turn out. It’s like purchase at your own risk, really.

Tamera and Me

I am personally looking forward to the expansion of TameraOnline to bring home my favorite cosmetic brands like T.Le Clerc and YSL to the Philippines at lower prices than Rustan’s offer. To date they carry brands like Nutrogena, Benefit, Physician’s Formula and Smashbox. I recently just subscribed to their mailing list and was guaranteed a free gift offer for my very first purchase. The free gift is a full sized popular International brand and not the usual product sampler gifts that other companies throw in your package. This is a hit alternative to traditional shopping that is A rated, hands down. I am making my first purchase very soon and will let you know how it will turn out.

Reverse Aging with Dermal Fillers

I have been hearing a lot about dermal fillers. No generation has had the same concern about photodamage, trauma and other skin damage that are caused by free radicals all around us, more than this time and age.

A dermal filler training video is available via Video Shelf and they have this comprehensive DVD on The Complete Guide to Dermal Filler Injections by a well known Beverly Hills based cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dolores Kent who has been in the business of beautifying people for over 20 years.
This procedure is a lot more non invasive than the others and might prove to be a better choice for those who would love to reverse the effects of aging.

Perfect Diet – Does it Exist?

Up until this time, scientists far and wide are still learning about the perfect diet. By far, balance and moderation have been the two dominating factors. More often than not when we are presented about diets that people vouch for, we cannot help but be skeptical.

There are a whole lot of things to consider when one goes on a diet. In fact, it is always recommended that one sees his or her doctor before starting on a particular diet.

My succeeding articles will compose of different diets and will answer questions from the simplest to the more complex ones. Beauty starts from within and the food we feed our physical bodies will later tell through our skin, how fast or how slow we age, even the weight issues we might have.

YSL Matt Foundation from My Beauty Loot

A couple of weeks back, my dear friend, Frances gave me this beauty loot! Thanks, Frances! Now I’m out to find out how to use all these pretty things. Practice makes perfect. 😀 I usually just use face powder, lipstick, brow pencil and I’m good to go. Now, we wouldn’t wanna waste all these pricey beauty stuff, do we?

I actually have started using the YSL Matt Touch Foundation and I am so loving it! I haven’t been big on foundations, really. The few times I wore foundation were during special occasions and they were always done by a pro. I remember buying one, but never got around to using it! It was too complex, I thought. This one is just too easy to apply and no caking at all! I usually get ready even before the hubby is. This means I do everything in a jiff and I really don’t like having to spend long hours in front of the mirror. Now, I wonder why I never got myself a matt foundation. It is so fun applying it, it feels so smooth to the touch after application and it lasts and lasts! Best of all, I am so glad that Frances gave me just the right shade. I am so thrilled, I think I’m ready to throw all those mineral stuff ideals. Maybe until I actually use something better than this. 🙂

Here’s the blurb from YSL web page:

Oil-Free Foundation

SPF 10

Matt Touch Foundation’s smoothing, silky-soft texture caresses the skin with a sublime and long-lasting radiant matt finish. The white water lily extract associated with anti-shine sebo-sponges purifies and controls excess oil, and the star radiance booster pigments conceal imperfections and illuminate the complexion.

The skin’s texture is refined, the skin is pure, neat and fresh. The complexion is beautifully radiant while remaining perfectly matt. With MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION, you can let your complexion enjoy the incredible sensation of a matt and long-lasting veil of even color.

French Manicure

French nails was coined in 1975 by a Los-Angeles based Orly International. As for their reason, it could be anything really. Plus the fact that the “French” description can easily mean class and big bucks. That could be the two reasons that I could personally think of, given the fact that the particular nail fashion has absolutely nothing to do with France or the French people, aside from its borrowed name. If there’s anything, this classic nail fashion has been tested through decades of existence. It is still considered classy and elegant up to this day and age.

Its clean and yet polished look makes it a stand out. It seems as if all things French can easily get away with anything. Think about fashion and food for instance. From all those strange but adorable haute couture fashion to those yummy transfat laden fries.