I stepped into Bioessence Serenity Spa in Connecticut Ave. Greenhills yesterday without any particular treatment in mind. But then again for someone who is not a fan of anything invasive, I would have wanted to experience one of those miracle lifts. It almost made me giddy that from the skin analyzer machine that Ms. Henny (beauty consultant) got me under, tells that I hardly need anything done to my face. That is just one affirmation that my low maintenance skin regimen is working. She then asked me what my regimen consists of. There is really nothing to tell but the organic and natural products that I use and lots and lots of water. Just like the OXYGEN Botanicals beauty line that they have.        

That alone tells a lot about Bioessence Serenity Spa. They will definitely give you a non-biased analysis straight from the skin analyzer system that they use. Our naked eyes can just about play tricks on us, underneath the primer and foundation may lie the whole ugly truth about the condition of our skins. But their system will detect what you need to have done. It really will give you that edge towards prevention. We all know that free radicals multiply by the second and we have to be vigilant. Or else we all will end up aging ahead than we need to.

I was not one bit surprised when Ms. Henny Ravina told me that what I badly need is a massage. My nodules told me off right from the moment she pressed the back of my neck! I gladly obliged. Who couldn’t use a good massage in this stress stricken days, right? I was then led to the cubicle to change and get my fresh robe on. My therapist/attendant, Fe led me to the Turkish bath sauna before the heavenly Cellulite massage was done on me. I should say that this kind of sauna works better for me than the usual sauna room I would go to. It detoxifies my whole body without having to feel uneasy and breathless from heat that can become unbearable. It only took a few minutes before I was sweating like crazy. It felt really good!

I had the most relaxing time while Fe got busy doing Cellulite massage, which consisted mostly of effleurage and kneading.  I really could not say the same for the massage I got from another beauty/spa clinic in Ortigas some months back. I practically had headache for days. I swear the girl must have pinched a nerve or two.  Fe on the other hand was really good.  Which prompted me to ask how long she has been with Bioessence.  She has been with the company for 8 long years! Again, that is a testament about the kind of people behind this beauty business. As someone who is in the business of taking care of people, it is a real plus for me. It tells about the commitment, passion and the value this business gives to their people. I am sure that I am not going to look at Bioessence Serenity Spa the same way again.