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Smile Brilliant is on White Friday Sale!

There are a lot of sale going on this weekend and the coming week – here’s one that’s been tried and tested by a handful lot of international bloggers across the globe – Smile Brilliant. They are on White Friday Sale until midnight PST or until supplies last.

smile brilliant white-friday-sale

After reading actual user reviews on Smile Brilliant, I cannot help but be impressed myself. Too bad that my Smile Brilliant package came in when I still had my braces on, which made it impossible for me to use. The product expired on me since my metal contraptions decided to have an extended stay. But with actual user reviews and video testimonials of well-known bloggers across the globe, it’s easy to see that this one is for the books!  (more…)

Lamoiyan Corporation, Makers of Hapee Toothpaste, Continues to be Pinoys’ Pride

Fully Filipino-owned Lamoiyan Corporation has more reasons to smile as it continues to bring world-class quality yet affordable products that never fail to earn the peoples’ trust and loyalty, especially now that the company is in its 25thyear of existence. In perfect time with its Silver anniversary this year, the company now has more than 30,000 fans in leading social network site Facebook, and still continuously growing – a feat that only proves the unstoppable patronage it gains from the local market.

Hapee’s Facebook page served as a venue to connect with the brand’s market, most of them Filipino moms. Not only that the site served as a tool for Hapee to reach out to its market, but also it served as a page where fans can get practical household tips and useful parenting advice for everyday. And when the page reached its 10,000 mark, Hapee took the chance to hear more from their fans and asked them: “Bakit Hapee ang toothpaste mo?”

Hapee Mainstream FB Page (1)

Apart from its world-class quality that is comparable to other more expensive brands, what’s also keeping consumers loyal to Hapee toothpaste is its reasonable price. According to Michelle Talaboc, while prices of some commodities continue to go up, it’s good to know that Lamoiyan remains affordable, especially for those who have less in life. This, in turn, gives her a reason to smile amid life’s challenges.


Vouching for Mariano Dental Clinic

There was no way I would have thought that after more than a decade of having my braces removed, I was gonna have it back on! Blame it on my impacted wisdom tooth that made its way to crash on adjacent molars. One of which I lost during the odontectomy procedure that I had done in April.  Surgery was more than an hour and I went home with 7 bloody stitches! Before I scare off anyone who is undergoing odontectomy procedure, know that it was something that has to be done. Else, I’d end up losing all the molars on that side where the impacted wisdom tooth was.

panoramic x-ray of my problematic set of teeth