Hello Kitty Online Philippines Launch


Me, Earth, Mauie and Salen 🙂

hello-kittyI am not sure if it’s because I was born around the same time Hello Kitty was handed over to Sanrio to be its main distributor in 1976, that I feel a strong bond between us or it is just the plain fact that every girl born right from when Hello Kitty came into existence grew up having her around. From my childhood, I have loved Hello Kitty. Until today that I have a child myself, I still remain loving her. I got a little aloof when Dear Daniel came into the picture. But I soon got over it. 🙂


Hello Kitty is probably every kikay’s (big or small) Sanrio character. I’m sure some must have outgrown her at one time as they grew up. But you have to admit to it that seeing her once again, you cannot help but adore her. I can’t! It brings me back to my childhood days when I went giddy over my kitty toothbrush, collecting my perfumed stationeries with her wide, cute, left ear-ribboned face on every page.


Sassy Parties with Party Pail

partypailLadies, if you would like to throw a party, wouldn’t it be neat if you will be able to throw one that your guests will always remember? Party organizing is not exactly the easiest. This is coming from someone who was once had events coordination as her bread and butter. There are tons of logistics to take care of and so many people to speak to – from your suppliers to the people who should be invited,

Two of the favorite events I love doing is bridal showers and weddings. Looking for Bridal Shower Decorations, especially if you have a particular theme can be a challenge. (more…)

Cooking Up Party Halloween Invitations

Girl friends are now cooking up unique party concepts for Halloween Invitations. As much as we love working and reviewing beauty products, which can be very taxing sometimes. Imagine all the confusion we have to put up with even as get torn over various excellent products and sticking to just one brand. Parties like these allow us to not just experiment with our make up but also look for the Greeting Cards and Unique and Exclusive Designs for Invitations like ONLY has. (more…)