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Flawless Power of P999 Week 5: Flawless Facial Treatments

Normally, facial treatments from flawless will range from P490-P560 per session. But Flawless regulars can avail of Flawless Power of P999 running from November 1 to 5, 2010 – you are getting three facial treatments for the price of P999. Now that’s another value for your money.

The types of regular facials you can choose from are:

  1. Acne Control
  2. Oil Control
  3. Age-defy
  4. Whitening
  5. Real Gentleman


Jet Peeling by Active White

Jet Peel is said to be an effective superficial peel that helps rejuvenate the facial skin. As a late bloomer when it comes to facials, I decided to give this one a shot. Jet peel makes use of pressurized oxygen to accelerate a liquid agent to supersonic velocities creating an exfoliating and whitening effect on the skin. Per Session a client will be charged with P300. But if it will come with a full facial, price tag will be P800.


Kikay Corner’s Flawless White Advanced Facial Experience

I was especially impressed during my first facial treatment from Flawless during my Easy Peel experience. Although that got me glued where I was for a few days, it was actually worth it as I stepped out of the house with a more radiant glow as the dead skin peeled off by itself. I decided to have the Flawless White Advanced Facial in the same branch where I had my Easy Peel done – SM Marikina Branch. The best Flawless branch I have ever been to, I should say. I really cannot emphasize this enough in my posts. I love that the doctor gave me the freedom to use whatever whitening regimen I most comfortable with. What was mainly emphasized during the consultation with Dra. Candao was that if there a best time for me to use a whitening regimen, this would be it – right after the Easy Peel Procedure done on me. Most beauty centers I know would practically shove their products to their clients. Hard selling is a major turn off for me and there is none of this in Flawless.

The Regular Flawless White Facial (P560) does the job of exfoliating the dead layer of the skin. The Whitening Mask that is applied during the former contains non-toxic and non-photosensitive substance that lightens and evens out the skin tone for clearer and luminous skin. The Flawless White Advanced Facial (P880) is a step up as it restores the balance of the skin for crystal clear and rosy look by moisturizing and smoothening of the skin. Noticeably brighter complexion, a more even skin tone, transparency in old acne scars and discoloration from the sun.


Easy Peel by Flawless

This self confessed “kikay” finally tried out one of Flawless’s beauty services early this month – the Easy Peel. For some reason, I’ve always felt hesitant getting my face done in beauty aesthetic places. Sure, I’ll take on spa, scrubs in a heartbeat. But not procedures on my face. But this Flawless first timer was pleasantly surprised that there is a resident doctor to accommodate my concerns as I went to visit Flawless in SM Marikina.


Waiting on easy peel result

I finally gave in. I am waiting still to see the result of the Easy Peel procedure that was done on me last July 3, 2010 at Flawless. Watch out for my post on that next week. I would have to say that I have found myself a favorite place and it is so close to home – Flawless SM Marikina branch. The staff and the resident doctor are the most accomodating that I have ever encountered.


Flawless Body Scrub Review

Flawless Body Scrub

The very first impression I’ve had of Flawless in SM Megamall is that they have a very accommodating staff. I think this alone can make or break one’s brand. I love it that even as I headed in for my first try of Flawless Body Scrub, that made me feel comfortable to spend more than an hour with nothing but my birth suit.


Severe acne treatment

Crazy cystic acne is a nightmare that is faced by many. Although I did not exactly experience having one (thank heavens for the good genes that my folks passed onto me), this is really a frustrating, even embarrassing experience, at least for the people I have encountered who had to deal with one.


Milia free soon

milia freeYesterday, I got my milia taken care of by a lovely dermatologist by the name of Dra. Alberto. Milia started to surface all over my face (mostly, right cheek) when I used a particular skin product. The procedure was hardly painful. Although dear doctor had to cauterize a few stubborn ones. That’s me on the picture, prepped with a topical anaesthetic on my face thirty minutes before the milia extracting procedure.  


A Polished Canvass

This is basically what every woman wants. A clear, blemish free skin. Here is an alternative to the not so brave to go under the knife like myself. A non-invasive diamond peel right from your very own home.

The Polishing Peel by NuSkin will give you that smooth lift without the sting. It is an extract from pumpkin that is designed to lift out dead cells giving your face that bright and glowing peel. It banishes the dullness and leave skin smooth as silk. Ideally, this should be used three times a day. I used to but I personally have used this just once a week. It is gentle to the skin unlike the more popular facial scrubs. This is not a paid advertisement.

I know I would be maximizing the benefits if only I use it three times a week. But to be honest, my face feels revitalized, translucent every single time I use this. It can be pricey, though. But it would be worth the try, rather than going through invasive procedure, which I will not go through, if I can help it. As “kikay” as I think I am, I am not that brave yet and would still consider myself towards the more “conservative” league. Maybe when I hit midlife or something. But that would be another story. 🙂