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#IpanemaPerfectPair with Gerald Anderson

Ipanema’s brand new summer collection launch.

Just when you thought the summer season is ready to say goodbye, comes Ipanema’s newest collection launched recently in a romance-themed event – the Ipanema Perfect Pair at the Trinoma Activity Center!

The 3 chosen finalists – picked from those who posted the best ‘selfeets’ in the online Facebook promo – took the runway to show off the distinct Ipanema summer styles: Sweet & Dainty, Sexy Chic, and Bold & Artsy(more…)

Havaianas Always Summer: Race to Hawaii

The Havaianas Always Summer: Race to Hawaii contest was launched last January 27, 2011 at The Manila Polo Club. It was my first event for the year and was really glad to have seen blogger friends once again. This contest is a unique race that will challenge two member teams to celebrate nationwide while doing summer tasks.

And although we might as well be still savoring our unusually cool weather, summer really is right around the corner and Havaianas Always Summer: Race to Hawaii contest will just be the perfect escape for what might just be another scorching season we are to inevitably experience.


Sketchers dressy jewel toned sandals

I am a fan of comfortable and trendy sandals and flip flops. I have outgrown one good brand after another. For some reason, I always find the branded ones to be the most comfortable. From my Marks and Spencer black sandals which readily adjusted to my feet when I was preggers to this Sketchers Dressy jewel toned sandals (above picture). I bought this last September 2009 for P2,900 (approx. $65) and have not had one bit of a problem until last month when I felt the suede that’s holding the thong together snipped while I was in Eastwood mall strolling with the hubby. I figured it has served its worth. It was the pair that I wore throughout the typhoon Ondoy. My poor sandals did not lose its luster even after the flood- the jewels still intact. I did however had to clean the soft sued thoroughly after it got submerged in the flood more than a couple of times. Which I think might have caused the suede getting snipped.


Rockwell Summer Series: A Weekend of Fitness (Sign up now & get a pair of HAVAIANAS)


Featuring classes from Manila’s top yoga schools, Bikram Yoga, Pulse Yoga & B+B Studio Philippines (Pilates)! This weekend will also feature a mini-wellness fair offering health, organic, yoga, beauty products and more!

Sign up now for this one-of-a-kind summer event on APRIL 25-26 at the PLAZA DRIVE of Power Plant Mall and RECEIVE A HAVAIANAS PAIR of flipflops! (more…)

My Newest Havaianas

A petite five foot tall girl that I am, you really cannot go blaming me for sporting these mid high babies. Platforms are out of fashion, at least from my point of view. They are just too loud aside from the fact that it is totally uncomfortable which totally defeats the purpose why you are wearing flip flops to begin with, right?
Having said that Havaianas are not the most comfortable pair to walk on, I really have got not much of a choice, have I? I go to the church every Sunday and these lovelies can actually pass with a Sun dress. 😀

My First Ever Havaianas

My first Havaianas were that of a mid high similar to this one. The only difference is it has a light blue flowers. It was pretty. For a pricey rubber slippers, these pair only lasted me a little over a year. It was one fateful day when the thong snapped out on me. If truth be told, Havaianas are totally over rated! It is not as comfortable as I hope it is. Its foot bed can actually rub your feet on long walks until such time you notice you have callouses, which is not ordinary in any given rubber slippers.

A local brand Noosa Mums have won my favor since. It’s a local brand from what I know that is designed to the functionality and comfort of the rather over priced Crocs. Priced at half the price of Havaianas, walking on them is totally comfortable, just like walking on air. The bad news is, you really can’t wear it with a Sunday dress. The above image is the type of Crocs that is similar to Noosa Mums design. The only difference is the brand name which you are paying a thousand bucks more for the same comfort.

What’s Your Favorite Flip Flops Brand?

Gone are the days when wearing flip flops is just for the people living in the shanties. In fact, the revolution of flip flopping has been here for sometime now that every corner you look, branded slippers fashion are all you see. That can’t be blamed. Comfort, style and fad are now going together. What’s your favorite flip flop brand?