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My Latest Organic Beauty Find and Review: Herbatint

herbatint kikaycorner

I super love it that these days I can actually find organic and gorgeous in one gem of a hair color product – Herbatint.

My being in semi-hibernation doesn't follow that I'd keep my locks in its unruly state. I'm due to have at least a #hair cut, an organic #HairRebond, and #HairColor. And yes my tresses are crying out loud (check last pic). Roots and gray (not as conspicuous) hair are showing. 😂 I've recently had the hair color ticked off my list. Yay! I've always wanted to try @herbatintphilippines but I never had the chance to color my own hair because of the pampering I get showered with. Oh the perks of being in hiatus! I'm loving Herbatint's unique formula enriched with 8 highly pure #organic extracts. Don't you just love that we have this healthier option? I super do! More #ontheblog soon – ❀ 🍃#HerbaTint is inspired by #nature, created to enhance #naturalbeauty. The first hair coloring brand that joined the global movement of people using business as a force of good.

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As I mentioned in my social media posts recently, I’ve been pretty much in hibernation mode these past months, nearly half a year, really. Unlike my VA jobs since 2009 that were flexible, I actually took an a non-flexi one, which has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. It’s a sweet place of rest in a sense that I’ve taken a considerable step back from the otherwise chaotic blogging event scene. I still get to attend once in a while, but only when my schedule permits.

I love that even if I’ve been mostly MIA, I still get have dibs on brands. But brands I’m passionate over like organic brands such as Herbatint, I cannot emphasize enough how extra thrilled I am to finally get to try.  (more…)

Watsons #Hairgoals: An Adventure Into Hairstyle Potentials

#HairGoals Color Your Hair Day on May 27

Blonde. Rose Gold. Ultra Dark Brown. Ash Brown. Imagine yourself in those hair colors. Or maybe you want to go for those bold and bright colors that display your own brand of individuality. Excited yet? Then perhaps it’s time to take those locks on a hair coloring adventure!

News flash. Did you know that hair coloring is actually easy to do? Like DIY-easy. Just get yourself the right products and you’re all set.

Watsons Hair Goals

Hair color though is not the only way to achieve your Hairgoals. Why not go for any of the of-the-moment hair fixing styles as well? Get it on a high pony? How about that deep side part or that slick story look? Maybe shake it up a bit with a short messy shag, undone waves, or messy braids? Stress not, girl. We got you.


Product Feature: Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner #CreamSilkDoubleUp

When it comes to hair, I’ve always been the adventurous type – only because I know that whether I chop it all off, or go crazy, maybe get some kinky curls or have a boy cut, it’s just hair and will grow back anyway. That used to be my “true story” since I learned to style, layer my own hair (when I was in high school). “Used to be,” because it’s been more than 2 years (I believe) since I last colored or subjected my main to some crazy hair treatment (blowout, rebond and whathaveyous). I’m still currently in this, what I feel like calling “hair-hibernation phase.”

I’ve seen for myself how all the years and years of hair treatment/color took their toll on my poor locks. I’ve kind of gone rebellious and jettison everything I’ve ever gotten used to when it comes to hair. And I actually kind of feel like patting myself on the back, for making it this far. You see, I’ve tried in the past but failed.

The #BeautyExperts have spoken here at #CreamSilkDoubleUp #BeautyEvent #beautyexperttips

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Now that I think about it, I only felt the urgency to totally turn away from what my hair got used to is because of the ugly after effects of hair coloring and whathaveyou treatments. This was further reinforced in me when Beauty Experts Agoo Bengzon, Peewee Reyes-Isidro, RissaMananquil-Trillo, Cara Favila and Raymond Santiago each discussed the relevance of Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner and how it is superior to other brands. (more…)

L’Oreal Professionel #WearYourColorProud Soon via @DavidSalonPH

With my roots now peeping, I’m reminded by my lovely L’Oreal Professionel #WearYourColorProud experience at Bang’s Tony & Jackey Salon Cubao last October. You will find my photo coverage via Kikay Corner’s FB Page here: Kikay Corner’s #WearYourColorProud Treat by L’Oreal Professionel

LP IT GIrls 50 OFF for Davids Salon

L’Oreal Professionel #WearYourColorProud is coming soon via @DavidSalonPH! (more…)

L’Oreal Professionnel and Kikay Corner’s Wear Your Color Proud GIVEAWAY!

Before the day ends, here’s one lovely news to Kikay Corner readers: L’Oreal Professionel is sponsoring this Wear Your Color Proud Hair Color Service treat. It will be like a “Meet and Greet” event with one of my lucky readers! Yay! Girl bonding at its finest where I will get to enjoy  proper consultation and diagnosis for our respective skin tones, with one of my dear readers. And you have now until this coming Friday to join! I will be announcing the winner, Friday night, October 25.

This is in line with L’Oreal Professionnel’s advocacy to be able to provide every Filipina the perfect hair color using the right hair color brand for them through proper consultation and diagnosis. It is L’Oreal’s aim to be able to educate stylists on the science of proper skin tone diagnosis to be able to give every woman the color that will help them become more confident and enhance their natural beauty.

Wear your color proud

Regardless if you’re a mestiza, morena or chinita, you can achieve the hair color that you want by selecting the right shade that suits your skin tone best. Through a combination of proper consultation and understanding of LP’s color brands, every Filipina can achieve that perfect look and that perfect color they want to have.

L’Oreal Professionnel makes it easier for us to WEAR YOUR COLOR PROUD. Kikay Corner and one of her dear readers will be TWO OF THE FIRSTS to try out this service. Sweet! Because we will have first dibs on this, our Wear Your Color schedule will be this coming Saturday, October 26, 2013. If you think you can spare a moment that day for an absolutely free exclusive treat with me at Tony & Jackey, courtesy of L’Oreal Professional, jump on over to the mechanics and join! 😀


KĂ©rastase Chroma Captive: The Best Luxury Hair Care for Colour-Treated Hair

Capture, Magnify and Protect Hair Color with New Kerastase Chroma Captive.

A guarantee every girl with color treated hair could make use of. I should know since I’ve had my hair colored notoriously since I was in college. Hair color treatment is one of those things we actually start doing and never go back. The problem though with hair color treatment, its intensity doesn’t really last a long time from the moment we step out of the salon.

Kerastase Chroma Captive got me even more convinced when Laura Charlton of David’s Salon totally vouched for it. “Love the new Chroma Captive range. I’ve tested it on several occasions, and each time, the results were great! The colours were preserved, with added shine and vitality. The Bain alone is great but using the complete range (with the masque and/or fondant) gives the best result. I will recommend this for all those who colour their hair. If they want their colour to last, then this is the perfect range to achieve hair colour perfection!”


Here’s to help us understand the dynamics of how Kerastase Chroma Captive does its job within this Chromatic Pyramid.

1) At the peak of the pyramid sits shine, which acts as the “top tone” of colour and is attacked by mechanical factors such as brushing and daily heat styling.

Linseed Oil in the Chroma Captive range is responsible for this as it repairs the hair stracture and coats its surace for maximum fibre homogeneity and light reflection.

2) The “heart tone” which sits at the heart of the pyramid represents colour protection which can be damaged by colour oxidation due to UV rays and free radicals.

The UV Filter + Vitamin E protects the color from all external aggressions.

3) Finally the “bottom tone” that represents colour intensity is affected by repeated washes.

Kerastase’s exclusively patented technology Zinc Gluconate traps the pigments deep within the hair shaft to stabilize the color. This allows the hair color to last more than it normally would without the Kerastase Chroma Captive range. 

Bain Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo retails for P1,483 and comes in 250ml bottles. I love the fragrance of this line, that’s for sure. Bain Chroma Captive is designed to leave the hair clean, soft and silky with shine like no other. Now that’s something I’d find out in the coming days. 😉

Fondant Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Care retails for P1,693 and comes in 200ml bottles.  Hair fibre is left smooth and shiny, replenished and colour is brilliant and protected.

Masque Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque retails for P 2,708 and comes in 200ml jars.  Hair is left smooth and silky, colour has superior shine.

All three products from Kerastase Chroma Captive range are Paraben free! Yay! That’s two thumbs up from me. And for those who don’t care, paraben is the one ingredient that you have to watch out for. Not just because it has been linked to breast cancer and fertility issues but for one’s overall health. These hair care products, we don’t actually ingest, sure. But these chemicals have a way to seep through your skin and into your system. My say, Hooray to Paraben free beauty products! 🙂

Sophie of Beautynomics, Bless My Bag, Mikki Galang, Brigitte, Rowena of Animetric’s World, Martha, Marj, Nikki of Askmewhats and Kim Rodriguez and Kikay Corner

I love that more and more reputable products are taking Paraben out of their products’s formula.  This is also why I’m giving Kerastase Chroma Captive range a shot. I already started using it last night. But will ultimately put Chroma Captive to the test when I get my next hair color treatment done in the coming weeks.

Kikay Corner is on The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Blogger friend, Mauie Flores tagged me today on Facebook. My face is once again on the papers! This time on The Philippine Daily Inquirer. I’m on a roll and I’m definitely giddy over it. It’s not everyday that a regular person like myself get her face “splashed” (pun intended) on a broadsheet.


My Hair Makeover by Kolours Luster

When I got hold of the invite from Splash (maker of Kolours Luster) some weeks back, I knew I just got to hold off my plan of hitting the salon. My roots were already shouting out loud to get tamed. My two toned head just had to get taken cared of and my brittle ends need to get chopped off as well.

Photo Before the Makeover: on my way to Shangri-la Hotel Mandaluyong.  Through and through lifeless hair

I was hopeful that I will love the hair makeover I was getting from Splash – first dibs on their new Demi-Permanent Hair Dye, Luster.  And we’re having the makeover done in Head Zone, Shangri-la Hotel by one of their Senior Stylists, no less. How’s that for a motivation for me to hold off my trip to the salon, eh?  Thankfully, my EQ worked just fine and I couldn’t be more glad. 🙂 and moi at Heat, Shangri-la Hotel

I have personally used Kolours since I was in college and I’m pretty happy with every hair dyeing result. I tried the pricier (imported) brands. But being the prudent, budget limited college girl that I was back then, I really would rather spend my money on something that works just fine for a fraction of the cost that I would otherwise pay for if I get the more popular brand.

James, one of Head Zone’s Senior stylist, working his magic on my mane. My ever prominent forehead (which can easily give Tyra Banks a run for her money) can make for a real challenge for any hairdresser.

As opposed to what most people think, a lackluster hair is not an irreversible malady for women. Innovations on beauty and hair care of this generation has allowed for women’s mane to shine in the safest possible way.  Nowadays, it does not take people who are qualified to look into medical job listings to figure that out. Splash made sure that they provide what most women of today would rather use – hair friendlier, safe to use, no ammonia hair dye. Now I’m not sure about the recent raves on INOA (Innovation-No Ammonia) that I have heard of lately. But the question that boggles me is if it is so safe, why can’t people have their hair dyed right at their own home? Well, just something from the top of my head. It just makes perfect sense, right? Closer to natural, without the not so good ingredients = safer. Without the ammonia and with the “safer” claim, then all the more it should be made available for patrons to use the product themselves right at their own home.

A week in and I can’t complain. I think my hair is liking Kolours Luster by Splash.  I love that this hair dye is so safe that you no longer have to wait 3 to 6 months before you can have your hair colored again. Goodbye to harsh chemicals that usually go with most hair dyes. Kolours Luster is available in Pamper Me Brown (Dark Brown), Adore Me Chestnut (Chestnut Brown) and Delight Me Mahogany (Mahogany). These are now available in SM Department Stores, Watsons and some Mercury Drug outlets for P385.00.  Thanks to Splash and Head Zone Salon for my better looking locks. 🙂

Things to do to Survive a Bad Haircut

bad-haircut-kikaycorner-dot-netHow does one survive a bad haircut? You only go two ways here. Either you whine and sulk until your hair grows back or you do away with the negativities and accessorize, improve by having it restyled, colored or even cut again. Whoever thought that boy cut isn’t cool every now and then?

Yes, you can be one of those ladies who are forever loyal to a particular hairstylist. But truth to tell, as fine as your hairstylist is, there will always be bad days in his hairstyling career and you will never know if it will be you sitting on his salon chair in one of those days. No one is perfect, that’s for sure. Of course your hairstylist can be forgiven but do you have to get stuck to feeling bad with such a bad haircut.  The answer is a resounding NO!


Hair Color Ideas by Randy Topham

Whether it be subtle hair highlights to dramatic contrasts using multiple colors, it is wisest to learn the right way to do hair coloring techniques, rather than rely on good ‘ol “trial and error” system. Your crowning glory deserves more than just that.

Trust master Randy Topham to show you hair color ideas from his Advanced Hair Color Collection DVD. This nine step by step demonstrations video is a must have for those who would love to learn more on the dynamics of hair coloring. Head over to to learn how to avail of this great find. I know I would.
Hair Color
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