First, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are currently known as the killers in our bathroom. We’ve had these ingredients for as long as I can remember. When I first read about the dangers of these ingredients when I was still prego with our kiddo, I swore I was never going to use any stuff with these killers – and that I did. Can you imagine even the good ‘ol Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Shampoos and even those supposedly baby baths have these evils stuff in them.

Obviously the youngsters that going bald after using these supposedly baby products, is not very surprising. Even my own mother told us that my sister got bald around the top of her head when she was around two because her nanny applied shampoo (Johnson and Johnson’s) directly to her scalp. Mother said that the shampoo should have been diluted in water. Which is all together outrageous! I mean if a shampoo claims to be good for babies and even good for human, then no special something should be done to make it safe for babies! Apparently SLS and SLES are very effective foaming ingredients or what we call surfactants. And big companies use this primarily because it is cheap and the potential to generate more income is greater if they use cheap ingredients that do the job. Watch out for a detailed report on the dangers of SLS and SLES to our health.

Meanwhile here is the stuff we use around our home. Honey Propolis Shampoo by Ilog Maria. For the record, this is not a paid advertisement. I use nothing else on our son’s hair and I hope to raise awareness to my dear readers on the ill-effects of our usual commercial products and make a buzz as well that there is a choice for us and not just live with what we got used to. I figured people continue to patronize the usual bad products because they think they have no choice. Don’t let the commercial rule your lives.

Here’s the stuff straight from the Ilog Maria website.

Honey Propolis Shampoo (Family Size)

Handmade in our Beefarm from natural ingredients: Honey for conditioning &hair growth. Propolis for scalp infections, dandruff, falling & greying hair. Natural oils like palm kernel oil, castor oil and coconut oil for gentle cleansing. Aromatherapy grade essential oils from herbs and fruits nourish and heal your scalp, while fighting skin ailments.

Place a small amount of our natural shampoo in your palm. Work into a rich lather in your hair. If no bubbles form, this is because our natural shampoo is reacting with and eliminating all the residues from commercial shampoos, hair oils, grime. Rinse out thoroughly. Then put a small amount of shampoo again, work into a rich lather. Keep lather on while bathing the rest of your body. Rinse well.

For the very best hair conditioning, nothing can beat two sliced kalamansi. Their pulp and skin have enough limonene oil to condition your hair naturally, perfectly. Rub the juice, pulp and skin oils into your hair and rinse very well. This will leave your hair soft and shining without the residue of commercial chemical hair conditioners.

Price : Php 154.00
Unit Weight(g) : 275 grams
Here’s our empty bottle, proof of my patronage of this shampoo. It was only today that I was again able to access Ilog Maria’s website. For some reason, I wasn’t able to access the site the last couple of months. Because of desperation, I had the little I have left in the shampoo diluted with water and like the cheapskate that I am, used it very sparingly. Now, that I’ve got my order confirmed and the package to arrive in the next couple of days, I can readily say goodbye to the last drop. 🙂