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To date there are a handful of followers who have joined Kikay Corner’s Celeteque beauty giveaway. Here’s where I ask for my dear readers to follow me on Instagram! I’m covering a media event in a bit that will need the support of my IG followers. 🙂

KikayCorner Instagram

With over 2,600 photos I have uploaded on Instagram since I joined, it can be told that I am partial towards this particular social networking micro blogging site. It’s just way easier to follow posts and it pretty much archives all your posts in one tab. Yes, I am loving that they now have video feature. (more…)

Sulit Clique’s 1st Bloggers Event held their very first blogger event last October 24, 2012 at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt 2, Makati City. We arrived a little early and we were able to meet the people behind the big name “Sulit.”  Not a lot of brands still do that  nowadays. And that’s something that I personally appreciate about the event itself. Which draws me to start this post with a shout out of Thanks to the people behind Sulit!!! Almost everyone from the Sulit team took time to sit with us. Even the Sulit founder himself, RJ David was gracious and very approachable. Bloggers can make use of that special treatment from time to time. Thanks so much! It was a fun night!

The event was hosted by the gorgeous RX 93.1’s DJ Gelli Victor. Me-Ann Bundalian, the Marketing Head of Sulit and Jean Nery Magboo, Sulit’s Corporate Communications Supervisor also gave us  some backgrounder of and snippets of what we should expect throughout the night. Founder, Mr. RJ David

The geniuses behind are RJ and Arianne David. They started out SULIT right in their home and basically as an experiment in September 2006 as a free online classified ads website. I have a lot of respect for people who think outside the box and act on their guts.  (more…)

Free Blogger Event: Kindle Fire Giveaway

Madam Deals Media is giving away Kindle Fire for its Free Blogger Event! The event is happening from October 10 to 24, 2012. Bloggers will get Facebook likes, pageviews, and the chance at the blogger prizes.

And if you need more Facebook “likers” on your page, this is it! This Kindle Fire Giveaway announcement for a FREE facebook link. Sweet! 🙂

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Kikay Corner’s web hosting

Kikay Corner was initially under a free platform when it was first launch. A few months down the road and I was claiming its domain after having peeked if the dot com was still available. Apparently, somebody from somewhere saw that I was contemplating on claiming a dot com for this blog, thus it was claimed ahead before I got down to it. So that’s basically the story why this has got a dot net instead of a dot com.


On online courses and learning being a lifelong process

Being kikay sure has its expectations. But more than the expectations of people, does not really bother me. While it might be such a big a deal for some to have the approval of others, I’d rather have things my own way. Although I may not be very adventurous when it comes to fashion, I make sure that the reflection I see in my whole body mirror is pleasing before I step out of our house. My reason is this, we’re fixing ourselves up anyway, why not be pleasant sight while we’re at it, right?


Backing up this beauty blog

After what has happened to my primary blog, a couple of months back, I have to be more careful in maintaining my sites. I have lost hundreds of indexed pages of my primary blog because this particular Dale Morgan practically stole my database when he scammed my husband and me and a host of other webmasters around the globe. He’s a loser all right but I’m not going to get that into me as I move forward and do better at being my site’s own webmaster. 🙂


A beauty blog to check out: Beauty for a Living

My gorgeous friend, Frances, recently launched her very promising beauty blog. Beauty for a Living is what she does and what could be more natural than have a blog with topics you will never ran out of writing about, right?  The author is an expert in a whole bunch of things and beauty is just one of them.  A beautiful person inside out.


Make sure to swing by  Beauty for a Living soon. Everything about beauty news, beauty reviews, beautiful people, beautiful life! 🙂

The Perfect Netbook for Kikay Corner

Kikay Corner is contemplating on getting a netbook. Her current Core Duo cannot seem to keep up with the demands of an internet junkie. The current monster of a laptop that she has had since 2007 is barely turned off. If at all, the trusty internet partner is turned off – once a month and that’s it. Otherwise it is always in its sleep mode.

From our research, Intel Atom is our best shot if we want a diligent machine for a hardware. So that leaves me with Lenovo S10, MSI Wind, HP Mini, Eee PC and Asus N10.


Asus N10 does look promising with this specifications to boot:
*Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Processor
*512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz Front Bus speed
*160 GB or 320 GB SATA Hard Drive for E or J
*10.2″ diagonal WSVGA (1024 x 600) Widescreen Display
*Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS with 256MB Dedicated Graphics Memory switchable (for J only) to Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel GMA for E only)
*802.11a/b/g/n Wireless
*Card Reader
*6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
*Licensed Windows Vista
*SmartLogon facial recognition
*Fingerprint reader
*Weight 3.5 lb

I love that it has 256MB dedicated graphics memory that is switchable to Intel GMA, if Kikay Corner would want to save battery. But that feature is only available for the J model. Asus N10 comes in 2 models. The other one is the E model. I also have an option to use a 6 cell battery. This is also available in MSI Wind. This will give me longer battery life. Up to 12 solid hours. That SmartLogon facial recognition should also be a plus.

But I also adore the eye candy HP110.

hp-mini-110Mini 110 Technical Specs:
*Intel Atom Processor N270
*Genuine Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3 or Mobile Internet (Mi) OS
*10.1” Diagonal SD LED Anti-glare Widescreen Display (1024 x 576)
*Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
*1024MB DDR2 System Memory (1 Dimm)
*160GB (5400RPM) SATA Hard Drive
*HP Webcam
*802.11b/g WLAN
*3-Cell or 6-Cell Lithium-Ion battery
*1-Year Free Hardware Technical Support


This Blog’s Own Domain (?)

After the long awaited Big G’s slappin’ that was given to this site, I have been contemplating to get this site its own domain. It was four or so months ago when I was first set on doing getting Kikay Corner’s own domain, but knew I had to wait to keep this site’s page rank.

If I were to lose the rank, it better be out of a good cause. Like all those sponsored posts, for instance. Which is the precise reason why I lost this site’s pagerank2. And so here we are. I am actually still uncertain. I’m waiting for a few more days, until the rush kicks in or else I’d stay with the blogspot suffix. Maintaining all the blogs that I have can be a real task, still I hope to be better at.

Kikay Corner on Heritage Web Design

As you might have noticed, it’s been quite a while since I last updated this site. I have been long considering getting a new domain for Kikay Corner but I could not do that without losing this blog’s page rank. It was actually the day that I was suppose to transfer this to its custom domain some months back when I saw from my toolbar that it was given a page rank of 2.

This being the case, I am still cooking up its transfer very soon. I am very well aware that a custom, unique and original website always makes the mark against a free hosted one. For this reason, I have been looking into Heritage Web Design. I have read from several testimonials in their site all the ravings of their satisfied customers and who can be better witnesses than those who have actually tried out the service, right?

Heritage Web Design is a company based in the United States and an expert in designing and hosting affordable web pages. It was just timely that I came across their site, because the hubby has been having a major headache this past week with the web hosting service that he availed of. He has since had his payment refunded.

From what I have read from the clients themselves, Heritage Web Design puts such keen attention to detail no competitor in the market have come close to doing. Finally, a website solution with world class quality of service that ends every possible webmaster’s frustration. You have to check out for yourself and read all those recognitions they have received by far. From articles to magazines to individual clients. You need not to look any further, contact them at 866-211-0743 and get hold of an expert to take care of your web page.