#WranglerSunChaser Week 3: Keep Going

I don’t know about you, but I’ve sent in at least 9 entries to last week’s Wrangler Sun Chaser challenge. Gotta love all those Wrangler Sun Chaser entries on Instagram. It only took a quick run through the entries to hype me up to post more photos with the required hashtags #WranglerSunChaser and #Philippines. Don’t forget to use them to make your entry count. The weekly winner bags the P8,000 worth of cash vouchers!  🙂

wrangler sun chaser entriesA few of the #WranglerSunChaser entries on Instagram.

Here are a few of the ones I posted for Week 2: Stay Cool theme. 🙂

beach frolickin

 Me and the kiddo frolickin’ at the beach with the vast sea and the blue skies for our backdrop. 🙂

jeff balete stay coolOne of my entries was that of the hubby, in his blue jeans beholding  a majestic, Banyan (balete) tree. So huge that it almost covered the blue skies.


Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge

Wrangler invites everyone to a month long event that will have us bring out our adventurous selves as we chase new horizons with the “Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge.” This will be ongoing across 9 countries in the Asia Pacific region, from April 14 – May 11, this is a true regional hunt for the ultimate adventurer amongst all Wrangler fans.

There is a challenge every week to conquer something new and share our adventures on Instagram – WranglerPH, using the hashtag #WranglerSunChaser.


 Join the fun as you share your adventures and new thrills. Wrangler is rewarding each week’s best adventurer with no less than P8,000 worth of cash vouchers and there will be one lucky winner of the regional finale prize: a 5-day trip to a destination of choice. The ultimate adventure.


Online Jean-e-ology

The Guiness Book of World Records holder for the priciest pair of jeans is none other than Gucci’s Genius Jeans. While a pair of Levi’s can be bought at $20 at Wal-mart stores this denim is priced at $3,134! But this was taken off the rack by Escada’s Swarovski crystal-studded jeans which sell for US$10,000!

A lot of women and some men are ever willing to pay so much for a pair of jeans, without much thought, but the truth of the matter is there’s more to jeans wearing than just the brand. Even fashion experts themselves come up with fashion jeans that reach out to the more practical people. Truth to tell, those uber expensive jeans are no more than glitters for the catwalk.

You should check out The site that is always updated in today’s latest trends. The company started back in 1971 and is one of the most successful national retailer in Canada that provides the best jeans and just about everything that goes with jeans. Today’s woman is practical but fashionable. So if what you are after is great value for your money, Bootlegger is the site for you, where value and style go together.

First Step to Buying Jeans

First rule is to determine your body type. For each body type there are corresponding styles that work best. Here’s a quick list to guide you.

  • Slim — Flares are best, also low rises types, tight waists and backs will give you more shape and will also show off your lean silhouette.
  • Curvy — Flares and bootlegs work best to show off your curves.
  • Athletic — Low rises and contoured waists are for you, do away with skinny legs, they make your hips wider and the same with flared legs, they make you look curvier.
  • Full Figure — Experiment on dark washes, bootcuts, and 2% stretch denim will slim, curve, and accentuate your assets. Avoid heavy back-pocket like those of cargo pants if you have a larger behind.
  • Short — Always get your jeans hemmed instead of rolling or cuffing which will just make you look a lot shorter. Use dark washes, these will elongate your legs. For the same reason, do away from cropped jeans, they have the tendency to make your legs look even shorter so consider purchasing one in a dark wash.
  • Long — Look for a brand that works for you and stick with it. (a fresh article on this matter in the coming issues)

*image courtesy of

Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Jeans

How do you wear your jeans? Don’t you know that we should not just wear our jeans just because it has been like a staple and have been more like an everyday wear. There were a couple of funny moments that the hubby literally had to drag me out of my wits to tell one girl who was sitting on the sides of an escalator in one of the largest mall in Mandaluyong City.
How could I not, when the cheeks of her butt were taking their sweet peek at the outside world! It came to me like that of a cry for debt help and I would have gladly obliged and told her in a subtle but sweet manner. But anyway, I had to mind my own business. It was definitely not out of one petty fashion need that I have got to tell her to hide her cheeks. But wouldn’t it be sweet if we know how to wear our jeans just right. Not too low, not too tight. Definitely no spillage on the sides like the above photo for instance.
This article does not mean to discriminate people on the heavy side. Truth of the matter is, whatever size you belong to, it is possible to wear jeans that will complement your overall look. Becoming a mother is no reason to wear “mom jeans” when you can always choose to be a hot momma!

When shopping for jeans always look into the crotch area first. The “rise” should just be the right one. No pulling, no extra fabric. Make sure that this new pair will overall flatter your lower limbs. If you know you’ve got to hide those extra pound then, choose the jeans that will hide them, for Pete’s sake! If skinny jeans are in fashion, you don’t really have to conform when you know this will just give you the “muffin look”.