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Speck Macbook Case 50% Off Promo

As soon as the hubby handed me my Macbook Pro last year, it was no less than Speck I got hold off to make sure I got this swanky gadget protected. I love that after several months, it still looks as good as new. More importantly, it totally delivers to the full protection it claims. Its durable hard case shell protects my machine from scratches and scuffs.  The integrated rubber feet makes for a reliable stability. And because I hardly shut my Macbook down, I have totally maximized Speck’s feature of being fully vented, makes for an optimized heat dissipation. 🙂

Kikay Corner for Speck
My hardworking Macbook fully clothed in Speck for Macbook Pro 13″ See Thru Raspberry (photo taken today)

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 10.27.41 AM



This kikay’s current take on today’s Smartphones (Currently partial towards MyPhone A898)

Because I finally gave up on Blackberry and will soon have my postpaid BB plan with Sun Cellular terminated (finally done with my lock-in period. Yay!), I shopped around for the perfect phone for my need. I have been deliberating on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because of my need to have a wider screen for the eBooks on queue that are currently in my iBooks library. Between the Blackberry and the iPhone, it is the former that I was willing to give up. But again, because getting a Galaxy Note 2 would also mean that I would still have to lug with an extra phone for my other sim. If the Note 2 came with dual sim feature, then it was the perfect gadget for the multi-sim trotting me. That is, until MyPhone A878 happened. This dual-core Android phone is something else. You will read about my quick review of A878, unboxing, photos and camera shots over the hubby’s gadget blog where I blogged about –> MyPhone A878 Quick Review | Unboxing | Specs | Features 🙂

So long, Blackberry! (wiping my data clean)

My love affair with Blackberry started last year with the Blackberry Torch. Until I had issues with its handling and how it will always slip off my digits, so I switched to Bold 9900. Then, I got tired of 9900’s ultra fast draining battery life — switched to Curve 9300. Some weeks ago, I decided I have had it. The novelty of BBM for me has worn off and I don’t do BBMs for the longest time anyway. Yes, making my postpaid BB plan a total waste. That’s what you get when you go with the bandwagon. Lesson learned.

The ultra sleek MyPhone A878 that got mistaken for the pricier Android phone a handful of times.

My iPhone4 is not exactly the most flexible when it comes to switching sims (among other things), the pick should be one that does not require a micro-sim, preferably dual-sim too.

You will be surprised that the people who mistook it for an S3, a couple of them actually are from the tiangge where mobiles phones abound. You’d expect that people there are more acquainted with the latest of phones. Anyhoo, I got hold of my pretty new toy a.k.a. MyPhone 878 last Monday and without my knowing that two short days after, I will be able to not just have first dibs but actually upgrade to the soon to be launched MyPhone A898.

Me donned in my favorite Freeway Manansala, Fino handbag and my spanking MyPhone A898 (units are set to be launched next week). The above photo was taken by my good friend, Iris of using MyPhone A878 which she uploaded on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on Twitter: jenaspacio, pinayads, MyPhoneOfficial, FreewayOnline 🙂

MyPhone earned my respect since I bought the A618 TV Duo last August, I knew I just had to check out their other Android phones out while I was contemplating on what mobile to replace my then just disposed Blackberry. Speaking of the A618 TV phone, it’s the one phone the hubby can’t live without when Azkals has a game and we’re in transit. Saved me from having to check on Dian Castillejo’s twitter updates on my mobile and read it to him while he drives. Haha! That’s how we roll when we’re out and the Azkals are having a soccer match.  🙂


Unboxing My New Toy: Red Blackberry Torch 9800

I shared last week the story behind my being able to air hockey my way to a brand spanking new Blackberry Torch 9800 in Red,  here comes some unboxing photos.

First off, I love that it’s in the exact color the kikay in me would have chosen. Not that I will say no it if it came in the other color it is available in, which is Black. The deep red color is just so me and I cannot me more thrilled to be tinkering my way into getting acquainted with it — which I did in no time!

She’s pretty, right? But don’t be deceived, she’s not all but looks. It is actually the first Blackberry that comes in Blackberry OS Version 6.0 (more…)

Blackberry Pilipinas Fans Meet the Playbook

I’ve always been curious about Blackberry but never really got around to it until  last week during  Blackberry’s First Fans Meet Up attended by Research in Motion’s (RIM) Senior Manager in Social Media for the Asia Pacific, Mr. Gerald Ang.

The idea is for the Blackberry Pilipinas fans to meet the just launched Blackberry Playbook. It was an intimate and fun-filled event hosted by certified BlackBerry addict Rovilson Fernandez. A number of Blackberry Pilipinas fans, bloggers and celebrities like Rich Herrera and Rich Hardin of Team Philippines (Amazing Race) were there to celebrate the event.

We were introduced to each other by pairing us up with another guest.  The object was to learn three interesting things about our new friend. We did that.  It was fun, given all the random,  even quirky facts about our newfound friends.  One man shared that he shaves his legs for speed. He’s a runner and it’s the benefit he believes he gets out of doing so. How interesting can people get, eh?

And did I mention that the event was held in Marriott Hotel’s Garden-inspired ballroom.  Cozy, elegant, quaint. I’m totally digging the ambiance of the place. 🙂 (more…)

Beyond the Box: New Apple Premium Reseller Store in Resorts World Manila

When I received an invite for the grand launch of Beyond the Box some couple of weeks back, I knew I would have to scratch out my mindset on not going to events that are held beyond Makati. I have loved Apple since we got hold of our iPad and iPhone 4, the hubby’s and mine, respectively. And this, I knew I had to check out.

The Beyond the Box launch was as grand as grand can be. It was hosted by Lifestyle Channel’s VJ Janeena Chan and Philmug chairman Elbert Cuenca.There were probably over a hundred of instant prizes that guests and members of the media went home with. Among those that were given away were headphones, hard drives, portable chargers, thumb drives, et. al.

Above is the frontage of Beyond the Box store located at the third floor of Resorts World Manila(more…)

HTC Launches HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z

As a satisfied HTC user myself since August of this year, I was thrilled to witness the unveiling of HTC’s brand new Android-based smartphones – HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z last November 23, 2010. While a considerable bunch are into Android nowadays, we might as well stick with the company that makes the best Android Phones, right?

First off, just a few facts that you probably didn’t know about Android:

Kikay Corner’s Kikay Netbook: Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection Netbook

Kikay Corner was picked by the Asus team during the Asus EEE PC Seashell Karim Rashid Collection (1008P) Philippine Launch held last night at Icon Intercontinental Hotel, to receive this fab of a netbook. There is probably no netbook more Kikay than this.  I love it to bits!

My dear hubby owns an ASUS netbook (1005HA), so I know how this little monster performs. I love that I now have a matching all girly, pink, just the way I want my netbook to be. Karim Rashid, one of the world’s leading designers definitely made this particular Eee PC Seashell more appealing and hip. To achieve this distinct and gorgeous look, ASUS’ industrial designers have had to pioneer a plethora of material, production, and textural innovations, such as the combination of rubber paint, in mold roller (IMR), and metallic materials to create thoroughly unique finishes.

Glossy Hot Pink

Hot Pink is the new black for fashion and a shock of punchy pink is just the thing to brighten any ensemble. This positive and very orgulous color clearly communicates the idea of immateriality, entropy and energy of a strong optimistic presence. The Hot Pink Eee PC™ 1008P—which recalls a fashionable woman strolling down New York’s Fifth Avenue—has a metallic silver bottom layer and a transparent Hot Pink IMR upper layer.


Winner of Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner Drawn

I know Kikay Corner promised to declare the winner of The Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner Giveaway Contest on Christmas Eve. Please forgive me if I did it earlier. I realized that there was no use delaying the announcement, when the winner should already be celebrating. I hit the randomize button as soon as I have double checked that all entries are in. Every entry was considered valid save for one, who got the wrong link on the contest post.   I sent you a message via your blog and replied to your comment on the contest post as well but I did not get any reply. 


belle de jour randomizer

Without further ado, the sole winner of the Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner is….