Marks & Spencer Celebrates International Women’s Day

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, Marks & Spencer treated a bunch of beautiful ladies at the Greenbelt 5 branch on March 8, 2016, with some styling tips by lifestyle and fashion icons Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Patty Laurel-Filart.

Kelly Misa and Patty Laurel for Marks and Spencer

If was a fun evening of cocktails, canapes and raffle prizes for lucky winners! 


Kelly and Patty gave valuable tips on Swimwear for Moms who, like the both of them, have just given birth, — a ruched bathing suit can do the trick of hiding the yet flabby tummies. 🙂 (more…)

#BeASpacer at Space EDSA: Redifining Dormitory Living #SpaceEDSA

One of the reasons why I’d rather stay indoors these days is the crazy traffic. You’d think it was the holidays but will think again, the holidays are done and over with yet traffic has gone beyond holiday-levels. It’s downright frustrating. What used to be a 20 minute ride has become 3 grueling hours and we are told that it’ll only get worse with the number of vehicles that are projected to drive the streets in the next three years and without any plans of improvement of our traffic infrastructure within the metro. We are not just losing money as a nation, we’re also robbed of time that we’d rather spend doing productive things than sit for hours on end in hopeless traffic.

SPACE Lounge

Now that sounds a little too negative for a blog intro, but it’s Manila traffic reality, folks. So when I heard about Space Edsa located at Major Homes where dormitory living is redefined, I feel relieved for the young professional who struggle their way to and coming from the office.

Space Edsa

Space Edsa is a convenient and affordable living solution built with the young, energetic and dynamic lifestyles of students and office workers in mind. This innovative redefined dormitory living is designed to help as much Filipinos to have the privilege to enjoy taking one ride or walk to work. The idea is to allow each Spacer to live near where they want to be. (more…)

Red alert: Fuel discounts in TOTAL’s V-Day promo

Got anything red in your car? Time to gas up in select TOTAL service stations to avail of discounts on fuel products!

Valentine’s Day will be a red-letter day for TOTAL consumers as the oil and gas giant is giving away discounts for gasoline and diesel on February 14. The one-day promo will run from 12 midnight until 12:59 PM in TOTAL service stations in Newport City, Tambo Paranaque, Greenhills, and NAIA.

Sucat TAIR

Motorists can get ₱3 off per liter of gasoline and ₱1 off per liter of diesel at these service stations. You just need to drive by with your red car or present any red item inside your car to avail of the discount. All you need to do is drive up to any of these four service stations to enjoy the promo. (more…)

Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian, Greenhills

As we typically jump start the year with New Year’s resolutions, it is only but timely to get fitness on our priority list. Incidentally, I recently toured the newly launched plush Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian, Greenhills. Allow me to take you on a virtual tour. 🙂


Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian is the 5th Platinum club of Fitness First. Located at the Viridian Tower, the newest and most prestigious residential condominium tower at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center along Connecticut and Missouri Streets in San Juan City. (more…)

Watsons Rewards Lucky Shoppers with Switcher’s Surprise

Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer makes lucky shoppers’ dreams come true – whether that’s the latest gadget, a brand new ride, an all-expense paid shopping spree or a trip to a dream destination with Switcher’s Surprise. On January26 and 28, five (5) lucky Watsons shoppers at the SM Mall of Asia were surprised, by simply making the switch and choosing Watsons Label products. These include a wide range of products from personal care to generic medicines like Watsons Glutathione, Watsons Travel Hair Dryer, Watsons Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, Watsons Body Scrub, Watsons Collagen, and Watsons Breath Strips, among others.

Watsons Generics Omnibus

Switch to Watsons Generics and Save up to 80%!

Watsons Personal Care

Watsons Personal Care Products

During designated hours of the day, shoppers who pick up specially marked Watsons Label products instantly get the chance to win awesome prizes, such as a flatscreen TV, a Macbook Air, and a trip for 2 to Hong Kong!

Watsons Switch and Save

The lucky shoppers were guided to a specially designed booth where they get their surprise – their Switcher’s Surprise personally handed by celebrity endorsers.



In Her Shoes on 2nd Avenue

Oh to wear many a hat! Girl, do I know so well! This is something we, modern-day Filipinas have grown accustomed to. Aside from being hands-on with the on-goings in the family, I also do my freelance job and I homeschool on top of all that. Did I mention I have given up on house help when our dear Ate Denna left in 2012? My daily grind can be quite crazy, I tell you. But I survive. It’s just a matter of juggling it right and making sure I self-care at the beginning of the day. Self-Care = Soul Care (Daily Devotion), before I even set one foot off the bed. The struggle is real and the challenges are aplenty but the fulfillment I feel at the end of the day of being able to do what I felt I was appointed to do through the day is beyond words.


Bumper to Bumper XI: Another Successful Carshow at SM MOA

Bumper to Bumper, the longest-running car show and automotive lifestyle event, happened on December 5 and 6 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Now on its 11th year, the multi-event happening featured the biggest production setup in any car show in Asia.

B2B crowd

“Filipinos love car shows because we can relate to the cars we see. It is always a delight for us to see so many nice cars in one place. You can always see the excitement in people’s eyes when they are in a car show and you also know deep inside that they feel inspired—that one day, they will also have these upgrades or these kind of rides in their garage,” mused Jonathan Chio, CEO of Ladder Events Production.


Skechers Streetdance Battle 2015 #SkechersHomecoming

Dancing lights and electro-pop music brought fire to the dance floor as the Skechers Streetdance Battle lauded ten glorious years of street dance supremacy.

Processed with VSCO

In honor of the champions, global leading brand Skechers hosted an exhilarating homecoming party to celebrate a decade of dance in a night filled with crazy dance moves.

sketchers home coming

Transforming Black Market into a cornucopia of dance frenzy last November 14, Skechers invited the winners of the renowned street dance competition. The past ten years saw the crews UP Streetdance Club, La Salle Dance Company Street, Company of Ateneo Dancers, Miriam HS Sayawatha, Xavier School Dance X, St Mark’s Institute Campus Image Revolve, Claret Hataw, LSGH Airforce, St. Paul College Terpischore, and St Pedro Poveda Enciende as champions for the college and high school division. (more…)

Discovering ‘Innovation’: Quality Danish Design Sofa Beds

I recently discovered Innovation – a world-renowned sofa bed specialist that offer a wide-range of stylish furniture designs that are made to last.

When it comes to home-styling, I’ve always been hands-on from the time that we styled our first rented apartment in 2001 to the fifth home when we became official homeowners in 2006. My taste has since evolved – although pretty is still a non-negotiable and should be part of the package, I also has since included “quality.”

I’ve grown to learn through the years that quality has to come with style. When I went to visit Design Pod located at the 4th level of SM Megamall last week, I cannot help but admire and love Innovations, a Danish brand of sofa beds. One that caught my eye was this Fraction Sofa Bed. (photo above) Innovation is an international renowned brand sofa bed specialist since 1971, it has since has grown considerable following as is what’s inevitable with great quality brands. Innovation prides itself with topnotch aesthetic design that goes with great functionality and comfort.

Sofa Bed Features

Innovations textile  

Innovation has over 60 kinds of fabrics that their customers can choose from.


Kikay Corner’s Christmas Gift Ideas 2015

A list of what to give your loved ones this Christmas.

It’s exactly 25 days until Christmas, are you officially done with your shopping list? For the first time in forever, I can actually say I am done with holiday shopping! I realized that it’s a general tone for people to sound quite burdened when it comes to checking off Christmas lists, I’m choosing the other road this time around. This year, I resolve to being thrilled to be blessing the people I love. Not that I didn’t enjoy giving the past years, but unlike before, I now refuse to be weighed down by the pressure of having to give. Besides, the Bible verse is timeless: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

It has been an eventful year and I have been truly blessed by the people I’ve come across with – whether they are new ones or have spent time with a bunch of old friends as we nurture this gift called friendship.

Here’s hoping to share with you my personal picks for Christmas Gift Ideas 2015.

1. Presence.


Merriam-Webster perfectly defined for us what presence mean. And as seemingly corny as it sounds, it truly has been an elusive thing these days. We’ve exchanged our presence for social media “connection,” and even when we’re with our loved ones, we tend to still be stuck, heads down, eyes glued on our smartphones. I’m guilty as charged. Obviously with my own albeit trivial online presence, I tend to check how my published posts are doing. But I’ve been doing better these days at being “present,” and hope to do better as I spend more time with family this holiday season.  As costless as “presence” seem to sound, it actually can cost us our default, which is to get hold of our smartphone. Offer the gift of your “presence” and have a real, meaningful conversation and quality time with the one you love. The gift of undivided attention is priceless!

  1. ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser

asus zenfone 2 laser promo

Okay, before you get driven off the wall and begin to point out the many ways I’m contradicting myself, allow me to say that it’s really a matter of balance. (more…)