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Kikay Corner’s Organic Thanakha Online Store is Now Officially Open

Please click this link to go directly to KIKAY CORNER’S ORGANIC THANAKHA ONLINE STORE.

Kikay Corner is now proud to be an official distributor of Organic THANAKHA. Thanakha is an all in one skin care product that is therapeutic, an agent of restoration and a protects against harmful sun damage.


Feel free to email KikayCorner at  Retail price is PhP750 or USD$17.  Payment via G-Cash, Bank Deposit (BDO or BPI) or PayPal. Kikay Corner delivers Organic Thanakha to anywhere in the Philippines via Air21 (shipping fee @ P80) and internationally via Fedex (shipping cost will depend on your location)

Eyeshadow Primers for Oily Lids

If you happen to be one of those who have combination skin, then chances are, your lids are two of the oiliest  facial spots. The trouble with having oily lids is the persistent creasing of any type of eyeshadow that you apply. Even the supposedly crease proof ones fail to deliver.

urban-decay-eyeshadow-primer-potionYou really do not have to endure all this creasy problem. There are a handful of eye products for those who have oily lids problem. It is up to you if you would like to experiment on other eyeshadow primers, but if you’d rather not take chances, grab a stick of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It currently retails for $16. You have to make sure though, to apply powder shadow instead of cream shadow, over the primer. Cream shadows will still tend to trigger creasing, for obvious reasons. (more…)

YSL Matt Foundation from My Beauty Loot

A couple of weeks back, my dear friend, Frances gave me this beauty loot! Thanks, Frances! Now I’m out to find out how to use all these pretty things. Practice makes perfect. 😀 I usually just use face powder, lipstick, brow pencil and I’m good to go. Now, we wouldn’t wanna waste all these pricey beauty stuff, do we?

I actually have started using the YSL Matt Touch Foundation and I am so loving it! I haven’t been big on foundations, really. The few times I wore foundation were during special occasions and they were always done by a pro. I remember buying one, but never got around to using it! It was too complex, I thought. This one is just too easy to apply and no caking at all! I usually get ready even before the hubby is. This means I do everything in a jiff and I really don’t like having to spend long hours in front of the mirror. Now, I wonder why I never got myself a matt foundation. It is so fun applying it, it feels so smooth to the touch after application and it lasts and lasts! Best of all, I am so glad that Frances gave me just the right shade. I am so thrilled, I think I’m ready to throw all those mineral stuff ideals. Maybe until I actually use something better than this. 🙂

Here’s the blurb from YSL web page:

Oil-Free Foundation

SPF 10

Matt Touch Foundation’s smoothing, silky-soft texture caresses the skin with a sublime and long-lasting radiant matt finish. The white water lily extract associated with anti-shine sebo-sponges purifies and controls excess oil, and the star radiance booster pigments conceal imperfections and illuminate the complexion.

The skin’s texture is refined, the skin is pure, neat and fresh. The complexion is beautifully radiant while remaining perfectly matt. With MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION, you can let your complexion enjoy the incredible sensation of a matt and long-lasting veil of even color.

Curious Over Victoria’s Secret Pink

Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection got me curious. Have not tried any from the collection but this Tinted Balms look really interesting. Have a handful of favorite scents from VS, but have not really tried their cosmetic collection.  For those who have that might chance upon this site, how do you find it? 😀

The blurb from their site:

Tinted Lip Balm
Get an extra soft and sweet pout with these hydrating, flavored lip balms. From early classes to late, late nights, one swipe adds the perfect hint of color. Domestic.

Trying Out a Local Pressed Powder


I should say that T.LeClerc in Banane so far is the best face powder for me. But being the adventurous me and a cheapskate at that, I chanced upon this

Ever Bilena Pro Translucent Face Powder in Ivory Lite, when I was doing my grocery shopping the other day. I just thought it was just around $4 (give or take), and with my T. LeClerc compact getting more than halfway empty, I should really be looking for a replacement.  (a cheaper one as a mental note). If you would swing around so it goes… you will understand why.  It so looks like a local Clinique loose powder which is translucent as well.  I have been using Clinique for years until I used Le Clerc.  I couldn’t wait to get home to try this.  First application turned me off.  The scent is that of a strong cheap face powder (as expected).  Nothing of the pricey brands have that kind of scent.  Okay,  the first turn off can be negotiable.  I am actually willing to try it further if it does what it says it does.  Translucent finish, check.  I will let you know how it delivers.  

Eye Brow Pencil

Another one of my make up essentials is an eyebrow pencil. As opposed to most girls needing to pluck wayward hairs around their brow area, this girl right here is in need more of drawing brows over her real pair because her brows are just too thin.

I would have to say though, that it was only until I was actually in college that I have learned how to draw brows and even then, I was still experimenting on the right liner. Being on a college student’s allowance then, I started off with the local brands and when I had extra I tested those imported ones.

Since my primary make up essentials are composed of just these three: eyebrow pencil, lipstick and pressed powder, I searched for the best brand and would always, ALWAYS. Did I just say always? Okay, point made… always end up just getting those liners stock in my make up kit. Most of them might as well rot for years inside the bag, used only a couple of times? And my reason is not because I am too shopaholic for make up finds, but rather, there was just no liner that delivered the way it should. This is why the quest did not end until I encountered Koshize Eye Liner.

This is why I was made a believer and thus I signed up to become a member to get discounts on all those fab make up, bags and fashion stuff! I don’t splurge, as I have always emphasized, I happen to believe I am who you can call a practical kikay. If I would need to buy a make up to replenish my old one, then I might as well buy the best brand for each kind.

And even as my commitment stands to be honest in the reviews that I make, if I need to be brutal about it, so be it. So allow this to be as loud as a Voice Broadcast as I rave about how I love the liner. But what I hate (strong word, but fitting) about the brand is their lipsticks contain tons of lead. I had my first purchase tested and I did not buy another after that. So the lipstick is crap, so that’s out. I am sticking with my all natural lipstick, but the liner is fab! 😀

Advantages of MMU

Allow me to discuss more on the advantages of mineral make up and maybe, just maybe, I could actually convince you to do the healthier switch. 😀
Did you know that conventional or tradition make up makeup comes in liquid form or uses a bonding agent to keep it together, mineral makeup is basically loose powder. Because it is dry, mineral makeup does not provide the right environment for bacterial growth, making it safe for long-term use. While a convetional makeup needs to be thrown away after their expiration day because of their moisture content, which bacteria uses to multiply and survive.
Everyone will agree with me that this country is probably the most humid, tropical one all over the globe which makes mineral make up perfect for use. Traditional make up does not, I repeat DOES NOT absorb excess oil or sweat, which mineral make up is good at. This explains why you almost never have to do retouches as often.
Traditional make up melts while mineral makep does not. Moreover, it can even withstand high humidity and will stay put on your face the entire day. 😀
Now all these makes me just about ready to throw away all my traditional ones down the garbage bin. I will do that as soon as I get a stash of my own MMU collection. 😀

Traditional vs. Mineral Make Up

Mineral makeup is today’s latest trend. It is now sold in department store counters raved about in fashion magazines. How do the various brands differ, and which one is best for you? How does mineral makeup differ really from traditional ones? Care to investigate?
Truth to tell, despite all the different brand names and marketing strategies, most mineral makeup has similar ingredients. Which is not very surprising. That’s why they are called mineral make up to begin with. Most commonly used minerals include micronized titanium dioxide, micronized zinc oxide, iron oxide, silk mica, and hydrated silica.

Micronized titanium dioxide, a common ingredient in sun block products, is particularly suited to protect skin from damaging sunlight. This white mineral’s crystalline structure naturally reflects and defuses the sun’s harmful rays. Micronized zinc oxide works in combination with the micronized titanium dioxide to reflect the sunlight’s dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

Did you know that unlike traditional cosmetics, mineral foundations can provide sheer to full coverage? A light, sheer finish can be accomplished by moving the applicator brush in small circles on the face. Mineral makeup can also provide a more opaque texture if applied in layers with a damp sponge, much like you would apply liquid foundation. Fortunately, the consistency of mineral makeup gives coverage without the thick, unnatural, pore-clogging consequences of traditional liquid foundation.
With all these unfolding before you, will you really be willing to drop your expensive and popular brand and grab a hold of your very first mineral make up a.k.a. MMU?

What About Mineral Make Up a.k.a. MMU?

My first encounter with mineral make up was more than three years ago. At first, I thought it was just a hype, some kind of a fad. But later found out the several advantages of using one instead of the usual commercial one. As kikay as I can be, I barely go out fully made up. If at all, I will just make sure I have drawn my eyebrows and put on my all natural Bioenzyme plus lipstick and that’s basically it. If truth be told, I am ready to go in as little as five minutes after bath. Meaning I have done all the necessary stuff needed by my brows and lips. I just press on some face powder by T. LeClerc and I’m good to go.

Going back to mineral make up or what they call MMU. MMU is make up that is devoid of the usual fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemicals your usual commercial ones have. MMU is enriched with minerals that are proven to be beneficial to human skin and they are also longer lasting. What can you ask for more, right?

Honestly, I have only tried on a couple of brands and because as I have said I am not big on using make up, I have not really gotten down to what others have done. The MMU collection. That being said, I will still get down to the business of learning more about the beauty of going natural via mineral make up.