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Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013

After quite a while of blogging events hiatus, I finally got to attend that of a brand I have been curious about – Virginia Olsen Minerals. Apparently, I was one of the few who will get first dibs of their yet to arrive Summer Collection 2013 colors!

Kikay Corner

Yes, first off, a selfie. My no makeup look. An easy excuse for not having so much time to glam up. Just way too busy with moving houses and getting settled. Explains that tired look. 🙂

Since I was way too busy to get a decent OOTD shot, here are a couple I found in the images for that day.  Just before I parked the car to ride the train. Yes, I am very carbon footprint conscious (aside from not wanting to trouble myself with the crazy Greenhills parking). 🙂


Because I was commuting half the time, I opted for flats. The most comfy I’ve tried to date.  🙂

Virginia Olsen Minerals Bloggers Launch

Unlike other brands claiming to be mineral makeup, Virginia Olsen takes pride on being 100% pure mineral makeup. Definitely free of paraben, bismuth and talc. My first taste of Virginia Olsen was from my December Saladbox. I admit, I was not too keen on testing the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia OlsenAfter having had to suffer some side effects from using Enormous Lash in 2010, I have kind of gotten traumatized. But after hearing all those girls rave about how good it is (and saw for myself those thick and long lashes), I finally gave it a go that very same day. A week since and my eyes are doing okay still. No irritations whatsoever. The all natural botanical ingredients must have been the trick. I know, I digress. But I will totally blog about my Sophia Eyelash Enhancer experience soon. 🙂

Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013 Launch

Back to makeup heaven a.k.a. Virginia Olsen Minerals Manila headquarters, as I previewed Virginia Olsen Minerals’ yet to be available Summer Collection 2013, I cannot help but notice an affirmation of my first impression of the brand – the pigmentation of each color is impressive! I swear, if I did not have to spend an arm and leg recently for the expenses of building our new home, I would have hoarded them all. I am totally in love with the brand! I love that they are so affordable too. (more…)

In Search for the Best Mineral Makeup

The first mineral makeup brand I have tried and actually loved was Babydoll. That was back in 2005. To date, I have not really tried very many brands that have made a considerable impact on me that made me really jump fence and say, “It’ll be mineral makeup for me from here on out.” My leaning towards organic and things natural should easily have me do the switch.

The latest mineral makeup I have tried were that of Virginia Olsen Minerals from my December Saladbox. Yes, I love the blush’s pigmentation. But I have yet to try their other products. A few mineral makeup enthusiasts who have reviewed different products have been raving over Pure Body Beauty Mineral makeup. I love that all of their products are free of gluten, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances and talc. Were never tested on animals are Hypoallergenic.

Mineral Makeup

Pure Body Beauty offers free shipping for purchases over $50.00. (more…)

December Saladbox

Like probably every other Saladbox subscriber, I got all giddy when I received my December Saladbox. I was not the least disappointed as I love everything that was in it.
December 2012 Saladbox

From the bunch, I am most excited about the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen. There was Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm, Musk by Alyssa Ashley tester, a couple of  2g containers of Virginia Olsen mineral makeup and a P300 Urbanears coupon.

Sophia Eyelash Enhancer

Truth is, I will have to watch it as I put this Sophia Eyelash Enhancer by Virginia Olsen to the test.  The first eyelash enhancer I tried, Enormous Lash sent me to the eye doctor after a few weeks of using it. I blogged about it here. But this might just be the one eyelash enhancer that will work for me, I will give it a try. Let me just say, I am happy that this one is included in the December Saladbox. Because frankly, after shelling out four grand for Enormous Lash and finding out it was not for me, I don’t think I will be willing to experiment with a similar product, especially something as pricey. But if this Sophia Eyelash Enhancer works for me, I will gladly purchase. I will surely keep you girls posted. 🙂


Elianto mineral makeup: Cream Foundation

I should say that I have been very happy with Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation which I have been using for six months now. No caking and smooth coverage. But as a lover of things natural, I have been seriously contemplating on diving into the mineral makeup craze. I tried MMU in the past 5 years, but my skin only loved Babydoll which is no longer being distributed locally. If it ever comes back,  please give me a heads up. I tried another brand but was not all that satisfied.


e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick in Royal Red

Here is another addition to my list of favorite lipsticks – e.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Royal Red. I have been using this over a month now and I am thoroughly loving it. Definitely zero burning feeling,  unlike what Revlon Colorstay lipsticks give me. Although it does not stay as long as my usual brands, it is just love that I can practically sleep with the lipstick still on lips.  What is sweeter is it only costs P399.75 (approx. $9).


Mineral powder makeup

powder makeupIs there danger in inhaling fine particles when I use loose foundation or powder? After having been a Clinique Blended face powder (03 Transparency) user for a good number of years since my college days, this question did not exactly enter my mind. But now that I have leaned towards “natural,” I have actually given it a thought somehow.


New MMU to Try Out

I received a sample packet from Mississippi the other day of what looks like another interesting brand of Mineral Make Up.  I have not gotten it tested yet, but will do very soon and will let you know how it delivers. 
I am thrilled to be getting all these freebies from the net.  I am not big on MMU, mainly because my local supplier’s Baby Doll brand has become scarce since the first order I made some three years ago.  Although my inclination has always been towards the natural stuff.  
One interesting comment of of Lippibeth from my post Traditional vs. Mineral Make Up seriously got me into reconsidering things and going deeper into the study of MMU, who happened to be the one who sent me this sample packet.  I hope to love it and with what she has shared about the potential dangers of those nano particles causing some medical issues,  I bet she knows what she is saying.  Aside from that,  I am keen to know if this stuff will give me a good coverage.  😀

Babydoll Mineral Make Up

This is the very first mineral make up that I have tried. The primary reason why I tried this three years ago was just to try out MMU and I loved it! It was the most affordable batch back then and the coverage was stunning. It was as if I was actually using an imported one and it is so fun to use. The first few days I even used it right at home!
My beauty supplier does not carry the brand anymore and I am currently looking for a supplier who does deliveries. Please get in touch via the comment section if you happen to know a Babydoll mineral make up supplier. Thanks in advance!