e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick in Royal Red

Here is another addition to my list of favorite lipsticks – e.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Royal Red. I have been using this over a month now and I am thoroughly loving it. Definitely zero burning feeling,  unlike what Revlon Colorstay lipsticks give me. Although it does not stay as long as my usual brands, it is just love that I can practically sleep with the lipstick still on lips.  What is sweeter is it only costs P399.75 (approx. $9).


New MMU to Try Out

I received a sample packet from Mississippi the other day of what looks like another interesting brand of Mineral Make Up.  I have not gotten it tested yet, but will do very soon and will let you know how it delivers. 
I am thrilled to be getting all these freebies from the net.  I am not big on MMU, mainly because my local supplier’s Baby Doll brand has become scarce since the first order I made some three years ago.  Although my inclination has always been towards the natural stuff.  
One interesting comment of of Lippibeth from my post Traditional vs. Mineral Make Up seriously got me into reconsidering things and going deeper into the study of MMU, who happened to be the one who sent me this sample packet.  I hope to love it and with what she has shared about the potential dangers of those nano particles causing some medical issues,  I bet she knows what she is saying.  Aside from that,  I am keen to know if this stuff will give me a good coverage.  😀

Advantages of MMU

Allow me to discuss more on the advantages of mineral make up and maybe, just maybe, I could actually convince you to do the healthier switch. 😀
Did you know that conventional or tradition make up makeup comes in liquid form or uses a bonding agent to keep it together, mineral makeup is basically loose powder. Because it is dry, mineral makeup does not provide the right environment for bacterial growth, making it safe for long-term use. While a convetional makeup needs to be thrown away after their expiration day because of their moisture content, which bacteria uses to multiply and survive.
Everyone will agree with me that this country is probably the most humid, tropical one all over the globe which makes mineral make up perfect for use. Traditional make up does not, I repeat DOES NOT absorb excess oil or sweat, which mineral make up is good at. This explains why you almost never have to do retouches as often.
Traditional make up melts while mineral makep does not. Moreover, it can even withstand high humidity and will stay put on your face the entire day. 😀
Now all these makes me just about ready to throw away all my traditional ones down the garbage bin. I will do that as soon as I get a stash of my own MMU collection. 😀

Traditional vs. Mineral Make Up

Mineral makeup is today’s latest trend. It is now sold in department store counters raved about in fashion magazines. How do the various brands differ, and which one is best for you? How does mineral makeup differ really from traditional ones? Care to investigate?
Truth to tell, despite all the different brand names and marketing strategies, most mineral makeup has similar ingredients. Which is not very surprising. That’s why they are called mineral make up to begin with. Most commonly used minerals include micronized titanium dioxide, micronized zinc oxide, iron oxide, silk mica, and hydrated silica.

Micronized titanium dioxide, a common ingredient in sun block products, is particularly suited to protect skin from damaging sunlight. This white mineral’s crystalline structure naturally reflects and defuses the sun’s harmful rays. Micronized zinc oxide works in combination with the micronized titanium dioxide to reflect the sunlight’s dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

Did you know that unlike traditional cosmetics, mineral foundations can provide sheer to full coverage? A light, sheer finish can be accomplished by moving the applicator brush in small circles on the face. Mineral makeup can also provide a more opaque texture if applied in layers with a damp sponge, much like you would apply liquid foundation. Fortunately, the consistency of mineral makeup gives coverage without the thick, unnatural, pore-clogging consequences of traditional liquid foundation.
With all these unfolding before you, will you really be willing to drop your expensive and popular brand and grab a hold of your very first mineral make up a.k.a. MMU?

What About Mineral Make Up a.k.a. MMU?

My first encounter with mineral make up was more than three years ago. At first, I thought it was just a hype, some kind of a fad. But later found out the several advantages of using one instead of the usual commercial one. As kikay as I can be, I barely go out fully made up. If at all, I will just make sure I have drawn my eyebrows and put on my all natural Bioenzyme plus lipstick and that’s basically it. If truth be told, I am ready to go in as little as five minutes after bath. Meaning I have done all the necessary stuff needed by my brows and lips. I just press on some face powder by T. LeClerc and I’m good to go.

Going back to mineral make up or what they call MMU. MMU is make up that is devoid of the usual fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemicals your usual commercial ones have. MMU is enriched with minerals that are proven to be beneficial to human skin and they are also longer lasting. What can you ask for more, right?

Honestly, I have only tried on a couple of brands and because as I have said I am not big on using make up, I have not really gotten down to what others have done. The MMU collection. That being said, I will still get down to the business of learning more about the beauty of going natural via mineral make up.