Whether we are shooting to have our beauty last or maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition should always be a priority. I had the privilege to listen to a talk by Dra. Marianna Sioson, a medical nutrition physician and Dr. Rodolfo Dimaano, Medical Director of Abbott Nutrition Philippines last week on a new study that demonstrates oral nutrition supplements are associated with significant reductions in length of hospital stay and cost.

A new health economics outcomes study, conducted by leading health economists and supported by Abbott, found that oral nutritional supplements provided to patients during hospitalization are associated with significant reductions in length of stay and hospitalization cost. Additionally, the 30-day readmission risk was significantly reduced for patients with at least one known subsequent readmission.


The ″Impact of Oral Nutritional Supplementation on Hospital Outcomes” study is a retrospective data analysis on the effect of oral nutritional supplements on hospital economic outcomes. The study compared hospital stays where oral nutritional supplements were provided with similar hospital stays that did not provide oral nutritional supplements. The difference between length of hospital stay and cost of treatment (including supplies, labor, depreciation of equipment, etc.) were measured. (more…)