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Smile Brilliant is on White Friday Sale!

There are a lot of sale going on this weekend and the coming week – here’s one that’s been tried and tested by a handful lot of international bloggers across the globe – Smile Brilliant. They are on White Friday Sale until midnight PST or until supplies last.

smile brilliant white-friday-sale

After reading actual user reviews on Smile Brilliant, I cannot help but be impressed myself. Too bad that my Smile Brilliant package came in when I still had my braces on, which made it impossible for me to use. The product expired on me since my metal contraptions decided to have an extended stay. But with actual user reviews and video testimonials of well-known bloggers across the globe, it’s easy to see that this one is for the books!  (more…)

#SayNoToNgilo with Sensodyne Mouthwash and “Great Little Moments” Contest (Trip for 2 to Korea at Stake)

For someone who’s had to deal with persistent sensitive teeth, the event launch that I attended last week couldn’t have been more timely. A couple of days after, I was scheduled to see my dentist to get my installed retainers checked and have two of my molars filled. My teeth is so sensitive that I had to be administered anaesthesia because it was just plain intolerable for the filling to be done without one.

Sensodyne Toothpaste

While I make my homemade tooth powder that we use at home, a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth like recommended by dentists Sensodyne is always available in our stash of toiletries especially when sensitive teeth becomes more pronounced than usual. It’s essentially a case of wrong way of brushing for me. My gums have receded a great deal because of the way I brush where the bristles push the gums in. Yikes! I try to brush right these days but like what they say, “bad habits die hard,” I still find myself brushing the wrong way. (more…)

The Convenience of Swish Breath Spray

It has been years since our family last used an alcohol-based mouthwash. It was this one painful night when the hubby gargled this undiluted mouthwash that stung his throat and tongue for hours! It was the most horrible feeling, he still remembers it to this day. The dutiful wife that I am, ever since got hold of Swish mouthwash and nothing else. Swish was the very first brand we got hold of that time that’s alcohol-free. We have not thought of switching since we find the other alcohol-free brand too mild for our taste, like you have not washed your mouth at all. Kind of defeating the purpose of mouth washing, really.

Swish Arctic Chill, Swish Peppermint Fresh

Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh variants have since been staples in our toiletries supply cabinet.

Swish Mangosteen Mint, Swish Cinnamon Blast

I am so happy to have learned that there are two other Swish variants available in the marketMangosteen Mint and Cinnamon Blast. I have always loved mangosteen, this is a winner at first swish. While the hubby, being big on anything cinnamon, that’s clearly his.

Swish Minty Meter

And in the event that you have no clue which variant of mouthwash to pick, check out Swish’s Minty Meter. Sweet! I really am loving the mild Mangosteen Mint! Aside from the fact that it’s pink! 🙂 It has since become my default mouthwash of choice.  (more…)

Vouching for Mariano Dental Clinic

There was no way I would have thought that after more than a decade of having my braces removed, I was gonna have it back on! Blame it on my impacted wisdom tooth that made its way to crash on adjacent molars. One of which I lost during the odontectomy procedure that I had done in April.  Surgery was more than an hour and I went home with 7 bloody stitches! Before I scare off anyone who is undergoing odontectomy procedure, know that it was something that has to be done. Else, I’d end up losing all the molars on that side where the impacted wisdom tooth was.

panoramic x-ray of my problematic set of teeth