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Noted Dresses In 2017 for the Prom


One of the special moments in a young girl’s life is attending the prom. She has one night to wear a beautiful dress, shoes and accessories that include a necklace, prom rings and a corsage. It seems like each year brings a new trend with prom dresses, and 2017 is no different. There are a few surprising features that you will likely notice with prom dresses, some that seem to transform the gowns into those that are for a gala event instead of a high school dance.


One of the things to look for in prom dresses is the crop top. This style will be blended with long skirts and even flowing pants. This design shows of the abs and is a little edgier than the traditional prom dress. (more…)

Guide to Prom Dresses 2009

It is again the time of the year when schools go into painstaking details in preparation for upcoming major school events, like promenade night and the like. This is one of the things a girl anticipates with fondness right from the moment she steps in middle school. The promenade night marks one passage of womanhood for a young lady. Probably the second most important even next to her debut.

It is no doubt an event that has got to be given the attention it deserves. This is where prom dresses from comes in. The people behind this web page knows what matters most. Unsurprisingly they were given the privilege to dress up ABC Family’s new reality series America’s Prom Queen. What can be more truer to it cause than just that. When I headed over the site, I knew exactly why they were chosen.

What’s neat about it is if you are the slightest bit unsure of what to wear, apprehensive to make a mistake, a place to go to is You cannot go wrong with the prom dresses and prom advice they give out which is currently in its eighth season. The wide array of collections they have will get you to decide basing from your built to your personal preference. This web site is also the longest running and guaranteed the most comprehensive website that is dedicated to prom dresses and gowns. Why on earth would you go to some place else, when here is the exact place you should go to for that perfect prom fashion advice, right?

An additional site you can check with is It is a classy division of and have a whole bunch of pretty cocktail, pageant, evening and prom dresses for collections. This site also has a list of designer ones like prom dresses Jovani or even MoriLee’s. What could be sweetest about these sites is the fact that you do not necessarily have to shell out a whole lot to dress up like a queen. You never have to choose between value and quality.

Personally, I like Jovani’s designs for their unique and creative elegance. Here are a few samples from the collection.

The fine fabrics that Jovani uses are just the finest with cutting edge designs to boot. This is no doubt why Jovani has bagged several awards in the last seven years in this industry. Make sure you check out the mentioned links for that perfect dress for your upcoming prom.

Mori Lee’s Collection

There are a few but special occasions that a woman has to prepare for in her lifetime. Most of which mark various rites of passage of womanhood. The first major event is the promenade event in middle school. Nothing trivial, most girls would agree. It is always best to consult an expert. Why settle for the mediocre, when you can get hold of that perfect dress at an affordable price? Now you don’t have to choose between quality and price.

MoriLee has been around this glamorous industry for close to fifty years, designing America’s most popular wedding gowns. To date there are three generations that have guided MoriLee to do what this company has been known for right from the start.

These are just a few of MoriLee’s prom dresses. Breathtaking, right? These are just a few from the selection of prom dresses 2009 they have. You might want to go there and see for yourselves and check out which ones will best fit your taste and personality. It is easy to note that MoriLee takes into account the individuality of the woman for every dress.

The left most photo is perfect and sweet. The jeweled beading decorating the midriff and the classic ball gown skirt makes it a sight to behold. The second shot is sophisticated and classy. From the simplest to every possible style characteristic you would like to project yourself in, MoriLee has it.

How about this Papparazi Prom Collection? Full of character and style. The second picture from the left is a total favorite. The jeweled straps that are pulled through the front bodice that creates a unique and lovely beaded empire. The plunging back neckline with the criss cross effect completes the whole package.

A personal favorite is the Sticks and Stones Bridesmaid collection. Gone are the days when bridesmaids are forced into gowns that they have to leave hanging in their closets after the wedding. This collection is composed of lovely short dresses that they can use even after the wedding day.

The grandest rite of passage a woman has to go through is her wedding day. MoriLee’s wedding dresses collection is the perfect place to look into. MoriLee is not an award winner for nothing. This company truly knows what a lady needs, especially on her most special day. The inexpensive gowns are especially crafted with embellishments like those of the more expensive designer ones. All of MoriLee’s collections are note worthy, check them all out for yourself and head over to their site.

Prom Dresses

Are you already set on that lovely dress you are to wear on your Promenade night? If you are still undecided, allow me to share with you This site was hand picked by the people behind ABC Family’s new reality series, America’s Prom Queen to dress the girls during the elimination phase of the show and even for its final episode. You will have to check it out yourself and see the parade of those lovely prom dresses 2009.

Allow me to share with you a few of my favorite prom dresses from the site. First is this Poly charmeuse sexy halter dress. It is so Serena van der Woodsen? I think so too. But you have to admit that this dress looks sexy without really trying too hard. And you also know that purple is the dominating color of today’s fashion, don’t you? Thus, the Purple Fashion Fall/Winter 2009.

But if you feel like parading like a princess, then by all means you could choose this pretty Quinceanera ball gown skirt. With this satin bodice with the lovely outline of sweetheart strapless neckline carefully beaded just like that of a princess’ gown. Regal and charming. And when the night gets colder than usual or maybe you would just like a varied look, then slip on a matching bolero jacket. Lovely!
Or maybe you are not among the type of ladies who wear the ordinary. You would probably like to make a statement by wearing a simple but equally stunning dress like this strapless, knee length, heavily sequined tulle prom dress. An empire cut, A-line dress with a defining satin ribbon. A removable strap is provided just in case you prefer to have them on. This one is from’s short dresses collection.

Whatever your taste is, has got the right prom dresses for you to choose from and love.