Upcycling: What to do with Old Reusable Bags

At one time, I’m sure you thought you needed that new cotton tote bag, but after only a few uses, you probably tossed in the back of the closet with the rest of the reusable bags. Now you’re left with several reusable bags that you don’t know what to do with them.

Before you toss those tote bags in the trash, consider the following upcycling tips to breathe new life into those old reusable bags.

tote bags


Storage for Out-of-Season Items

Reusable bags are great for storing out-of-season items. Even a small-sized tote can store small summer toys, while larger bags work well for bathing suits, swim trunks and beach towels. Once filled the bags can be hung from hooks in the attic or neatly stacked in the back of the closet.


JML’s Turbo Cleaner stain remover took care of my Le Pliage’s ink stain

It was a couple of months back when I found that one of my Le Pliages has acquired this stubborn stain. There was no way I can figure out where it came from. It sure looked like it was ink to me and it was too brutal for me to ignore.

Specific Care Instruction for Longchamp Le Pliage:

Polyamide fabric with induction inside trimmed in cowhide leather
To maintain your product, apply with a soft brush Longchamp colorless cream regularly to leather areas.
To remove dirt, clean the whole lining using a cloth or a soft brush, with water and neutral soap (avoid water spilling over leather parts when cleaning).

Even the care instruction that came with the bag did not help. So I did what any diligent kikay would do. I checked out stores and places for stain removal stuff for the bag. Something that is safe for polyamide fabric, to be exact. Lo and behold, I found one of my favorite household brands carrying just what I need, in one of the malls I frequent. How convenient!

It claims to contain no harmful chemicals and is skin safe — 100% Eco Safe. Removes stubborn stains and works on fabric and leather. I got it for only P299.  The huge stick came with a mini. Something I can just have in my purse for emergency purposes.  🙂 I honestly did not quite expect it to work so beautifully. We all know that ink stains can be as stubborn as can be. But it did! I love that I can use this around the house and practically everything that needs stain removing. 🙂 (more…)

Bags – Women’s Essentials

Bags are on top of women’s essentials. But lately alternatives like celli purses are made available in the market. If for some reason, you need a breather from the usual humongous purses, then this could be it for you. A sweet break for your rather sore shoulders. Seriously now, I cannot imagine how men survive without a handbag. Ah yes, they get their treat by throwing in their extra stuff inside their wives’ and girlfriends’ purses, which we don’t mind, for the record.

Celli purses are coined as such because unlike other tiny bags of the time past, these babies are essentially cell phone cases with extra slots for other important stuff like keys, moneys and even credit cards. I have seen a few styles and variations, mostly made of faux leathers. But as with other fashion stuff, this may later come in other varied designs.

Okay so there are celli purses. But then again, women will always favor purses, even the big ones over these tiny alternatives. It can be a little too small for the average woman. It is a little too limiting. Personally, I still favor big purses, even those extra large ones. The top two most hoarded stuff by women are these: bags and shoes. Women of all shapes and forms have got their own collection nook of these babies.