The Spa Bonifacio High Street


It was a long delayed date but I was sure glad it happened.  I thoroughly enjoyed that lunch date with my dear friend, Frances. I have known her from childhood and consider her as one of the few people who is really close to my heart.  I have loved this girl like my very own blood.  I really enjoyed that time I had with you, Frances! T’was her sweet treat. ‘Till next date! It will be on me then. 😉

We later headed to check out The Spa High Street after that big lunch at Italiannis.  The moment we stepped in, there was just one word to it- enthralling. We were welcomed into this serene place of cascading waterfalls in the reception area. No one was there, our feet were naturally led to the stairs going up to yet another perfect reception, this time welcomed by well groomed attendants.

The bestseller for me, aside from the lovely Villa accommodation was their ginger tea. For someone who is not big on anything hot to drink, I drank the whole thing in possibly two sips. I loved it! I was given a mini cup again after the shiatsu massage. I swore I was going to ask my therapist what the brand of the tea is, but it slipped my mind. Even just for that, I might just consider going back to The Spa for the yummiest of teas.



MET Tathione Soap

It was April of this year when this blog was barely breathing that I posted a review of the popular MET Tathione Soap. I just thought it fitting to post it afresh. But to avoid duplicate content, I’m providing a link back to my earlier post. (click the link at the bottom of this post)

Not that I need to get even whiter. I have always been fair skinned from the day I was born, my mother would tell me. So getting even fairer was not really my purpose of checking this soap out. It was actually out of desperation that no anti-histamine meds would help allergic bumps to subside, until I used this soap. It may be accidental, but for me it did me good- twice already. So I guess this post has some valid right to go live.

Here is the link to my review of the MET Tathione Soap. For the record, this soap costs roughly PhP500.00 (approx. $12)

The Blog Reviewer on Kikay Corner

With a mere fifteen posts to date, it is an honor for The Blog Reviewer to have chosen to do a note worthy review of this site. Thanks again for the blurb! 🙂

For the record, in the last four years that I have been blogging, this is my youngest baby. I kind of put it aside for awhile, that is, until assignments came rushing in a couple of weeks back. It was a surprise all right, but a pleasant one at that.

Here’s a snippet of the review:

Kikay Corner where everything is kikay, girly, pink and sassy. Browsing this corner in the Blogosphere brings me to the initial impression that girls can really get the most out of this blog…

Okay, so I have been a certified “kikay” since the term was coined. But then again, expect more on practical kikay tips in here even as the author of this corner has evolved from a “ultra kikay” to a “practical kikay”. I am officially opening suggestions and requests for anything kikay that you want to see posted here.