Kaizen 10-Minute Haircut Launches More “Cutting-Edge” Salon Services

Kaizen 10-Minute Haircut Launches More “Cutting-Edge” Salon Services

Aside from its express 10 minute express haircut for only P150.00, Kaizen now offers more ‘cutting’ edge services including hair coloring, hairstyling, and nail spa.

Kaizen 10-Minute Haircut Launches More “Cutting-Edge” Salon Services

A novel concept that originated in Japan and has since grown to other countries particularly in Indonesia, Kaizen has five pillars that make it unique – it’s QUICK, CLEAN, STYLISH, AFFORDABLE and WATERLESS. Its local branches are located in SM Manila, and in Market! Market!BGC, Taguig City. It became an instant hit with all men, women, and children in need of a fresh, clean, and quick ways to improve their looks, in no more than 10 minutes.

French Tips Eco Chic Nail Salon’s Grand Launch at SM Aura Premier

Kikay Corner at French Tips Nail Salon

French Tips Eco Chic Nail Salon opens in SM Aura.

Ever since I have embraced going green and started choosing non-toxic things, from the food we eat, to home products, to things we slather our bodies with, it has remained to be a challenge to find the right place to cater this lifestyle.

French Tips20170126_122550
French Tips, SM Aura Premier

Take nail salons, for instance. It wasn’t until recently that I chanced upon a true blue, eco-friendly nail prettifying corner. I cannot be more thrilled to get first dibs on the nail salon offerings of French Tips, as I swung by to immerse myself to some nail pampering at French Tips in SM Aura Premier during its grand launch.

French Tips20170126_102032

I came inside French Tips Nail Salon impressed as I found myself welcomed by its luxurious French elegance. I totally love how pretty the place is! The high back armchairs straight away summoned for me to come indulge to the pampering that I was there for. (more…)

T&J Salon Professionals by Tony & Jackey Opens in SM Masinag

T&J Salon Professionals by Tony and Jackey has officially opened their 41st branch of Tony & Jackey Group in SM City Masinag. It established 41 branches nationwide with prime brand called Bangs Prime Salon and Tony and Jackey Salon the famous brand headed by Korean Hairstylist and the community brand called T & J Salon Professionals lead by Filipino Hairstylist created from the training ground of Tony and Jackey Group. T&J peeps are top-notch in their craft, one of Kikay Corner’s dear readers and I were dolled up back in 2013 at their Cubao branch and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Photos here.

T&J Salon

SM City Masinag Branch has Filipino experts trained by our Korean Hairstylists. The branch also specializes in Digital Perm, Rebond and Stylish Haircut for men and women. We are pride ourselves on providing the highest level of salon experience and dedication when making your precious hair more beautiful. Tony and Jackey aspires better services to our clients to meet their satisfaction.  (more…)

L’Oreal Professionnel and Kikay Corner’s Wear Your Color Proud GIVEAWAY!

Before the day ends, here’s one lovely news to Kikay Corner readers: L’Oreal Professionel is sponsoring this Wear Your Color Proud Hair Color Service treat. It will be like a “Meet and Greet” event with one of my lucky readers! Yay! Girl bonding at its finest where I will get to enjoy  proper consultation and diagnosis for our respective skin tones, with one of my dear readers. And you have now until this coming Friday to join! I will be announcing the winner, Friday night, October 25.

This is in line with L’Oreal Professionnel’s advocacy to be able to provide every Filipina the perfect hair color using the right hair color brand for them through proper consultation and diagnosis. It is L’Oreal’s aim to be able to educate stylists on the science of proper skin tone diagnosis to be able to give every woman the color that will help them become more confident and enhance their natural beauty.

Wear your color proud

Regardless if you’re a mestiza, morena or chinita, you can achieve the hair color that you want by selecting the right shade that suits your skin tone best. Through a combination of proper consultation and understanding of LP’s color brands, every Filipina can achieve that perfect look and that perfect color they want to have.

L’Oreal Professionnel makes it easier for us to WEAR YOUR COLOR PROUD. Kikay Corner and one of her dear readers will be TWO OF THE FIRSTS to try out this service. Sweet! Because we will have first dibs on this, our Wear Your Color schedule will be this coming Saturday, October 26, 2013. If you think you can spare a moment that day for an absolutely free exclusive treat with me at Tony & Jackey, courtesy of L’Oreal Professional, jump on over to the mechanics and join! 😀


Keratin Treatment by Louis Phillip Kee

What girl does not want to be pampered? Not me, for sure! I had my lovely share of pampering some two weeks back when I got invited to check out Louis Phillip Kee’s newest Salon. It was timely since I have been putting off, for months now for my locks to get some serious treatment. Blame it on the couple of perming treatments I had it go through last year. I thought since my hair is naturally wavy, I can get away with permed hair, perceiving it to lean towards the “wash and wear” type. No need to worry over wavy roots peeking. Yes, that has a lot to do with my tendency to be lazy to style.

Louis Phillip Kee

 Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon is love! I have heard a lot about Louis from my dear friend, Frances of from years ago, I remember thinking of scheduling a visit then. That never came to fruition since I live so many kilometers away. This premier salon is good news for me since it’s only around 10 minutes drive from where I live. Sweet!  Although I had to park at the nearby Tile center, since the salon’s parking area was full packed on that day. It is right smack Shopwise Libis, which can be very convenient too.

Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon has private rooms to boot, which can transform into a sparty of sorts for girl dates, for bridal shower showers even. Each private room has a flat screen TV for watching movies. They offer special group rates at no added charges. Now that’s a treat!


 Now back to my hair treatment. My first experience with Keratin Treatment in 2011, while I loved the after effect, I did wish the shampoo and conditioner routine that came with it, were more olfactory-friendly. The Coppola shampoo and conditioner tandem had this very strong fume. I later found out that it has high percentage of formalin. Yikes! I was delighted that Louis Phillip Kee salons use this Diora brand, which  (I believe anyone can forgive me for) I had to smell before the treatment was done. It had this lovely scent, no trace of that Coppola formalin smell.



Our K1 Spa Experience in Davao

We flew to Davao for a quick trip last month and had our very first spa experience down south — in K1 Spa along Quimpo Boulevard. We have zero knowledge of a good spa place in Davao. So we thought to just consult the internet and Google map led us to the nearest spa place from where we were staying.

We were in Davao on our Spa day (Monday), so we thought to check out this K1 Spa. We inquired via mobile before heading to the place and had a good first impression of their staff. So off we went. It was a blessing that my FIL allowed us to use his car as we went around the city during our stay. Commuting in a foreign place can be a challenge.

K1 Spa Menu of Spa Services

The hubby and I availed of Packages 4 (his) and 5 (mine). Package 4 is Aroma Body Massage and Foot Scrub for P530. Package 5 is Body Scrub (Milk Salt) and Foot Scrub for P680. Both of which took an hour and 45 minutes. Pretty cheap for spa packages compared to the ones offered across different spa places in Metro Manila.


Lay Bare Giveaway

One of the many sponsors of Blogapalooza held at Fully Booked last September 17 was Lay Bare. Lay Bare will always be dear to me, as it is the one salon that introduced me to waxing more than two years ago.

As opposed to shaving, waxing encourages regrowth of finer hair. Not to mention having to do away with the unwanted hair for an extended period of time. Lay Bare combines the use of cold wax jelly with a patch-waxing technique. Cold wax jelly is said to eliminate the incidents of knicks, cuts or burns and relatively painless as compared to hot wax.

Here’s a few post-waxing reminders:
1. Refrain from washing the waxed part for 4 hours.
2. If you get waxed during the early evening, wait until the next day to wash the waxed area.
3. Don’t scratch or rub.
4. Avoid putting on makeup, lotion, powder, cologne, et. al, after getting waxed.
5. Apply antibacterial cream twice a day.
6. For redness or minor swelling, apply cold compress by wrapping an ice cube around a washcloth and press it gently on the waxed area.
7. Refrain from strenuous activities that will make you sweat to prevent bacterial infection.


My first time at Henri Calayag Salon

My overly fried tresses finally got the snipping that they needed at Henri Calayag Salon last Wednesday.  Good thing I was finally able to squeeze that in my schedule. Even the L’Oreal Power Dose treatment I had done a couple of weeks back at another salon barely did anything to my hair. I just got really tired of not being able to brush down to the ends because of the stubborn split ends. Yes, my hair is that bad! If it was not for the L’Oreal Nature Anti Frizz serum which I use interchangeably with Citre Shine No Frizz serum, on a daily basis, my hair would never look half presentable.

So early last Wednesday, I called up Henri Calayag Salon for an appointment later that day. I asked for a Senior stylist. Since I was told that Henri is not around for the day. I wouldn’t want a mistake done on my already damaged hair. Henri’s next man being, Richard, who I was told was the salon’s Junior Creative Director. He, as I understand, comes next to Henri.

As expected, I got the affirmation that my hair is in really bad shape and I should forget about rebonding altogether. I assured Richard that never again will I have that done. I’ve seen enough how bad my hair turned out. He would not even recommend digital perming even in the near future. All I wanted was to get my hair restored. So I was told to come back after a few weeks (since I just had power dose treatment done recently) for a round of Kerastase treatment. Then, if I was at all to consider another treatment, it should be no more than a Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy which is better known as Permanent Blow Dry. I remember almost purchasing that deal in one of those group buying sites. But had second thoughts because it was gonna be done in a salon that I have never heard of. Since my issue is just to have manageable hair, ideally, the wash and wear kind, I think this is it for me. The rebonding tends to flat out the hair and is not exactly my favorite. Poor alternative for my rather out of sorts naturally wavy hair.  Richard emphasized a few more times never to get my hair rebonded again. Else, I might just find my hair falling out altogether. Yikes!


Kikay Corner’s #VictorOrtegaSalon Experience


After having googled and landed on different and interesting Victor Ortega Salon reviews, blogs and feedback from forums, I knew I had to give this one a shot. I had my hair rebonded by Tony and Jackey in Buendia November last year and I chose to not blog about it because my experience was horrible. And from that experience alone, there is no way I am going back to that branch, at least, of Tony and Jackey ever. Don’t ask me why. I just might spill it out. But you’ll get some bits about it anyway in this post.

Victor Ortega Salon