My Velasmooth Treatment Experience (with OOTD)

Exactly a month from now, my boys and I are flying to Plantation Bay to celebrate my son’s 8th birthday! While I have been pretty stretched physically with all the getting settled phase (our home expansion project is finally done after 15 weeks), my flabs have been screaming to get toned ‚Äď like seriously. The consultation I had with SKIN last Monday and the free Velasmooth treatment they gave cannot be more timely!

KikayCorner at Skin The Spa

Blouse: The Children’s Place (size 16)
Denim Skirt
Flats: Neutral Claire Scrunch Dexflex
Bag: Frances Sales’ Doctor’s Bag
Earrings: Baroque Pearls from Davao
Watch: Cocci Lorenzo Dual Watch

First off, a before Velasmooth treatment OOTD shot. I love that I can still wear kid’s blouses and shirts to this day. My favorite comfy shirts nowadays are the ones that are handed down to me by my 7 year old boy. But fact is, as happy as I am that I can wear a kid’s shirt, my flabs problem is no less of an issue.

Skin interior The Spa

Reception area of Skin Dermatology & Laser Center located inside The Spa, BGC

I have always loved the serene feel of entering The Spa, as I get welcomed by its cascading waterfalls. SKIN is no different. The interior is as tranquil as I have always known The Spa for. I can totally wait here all day with a good book and the best tasting ginger tea I have always gone back for at the Spa. ūüôā

I made sure I threw in all my cellulite-related questions during my consult with SKIN’s resident dermatologist. I sure have learned a lot about Velasmooth treatment. For one, Velasmooth is the first clinically proven non-invasive technology for the efficient treatment of cellulite and circumference reduction. It can be done once or twice a week, depending on the doctor’s advice. As I showed Dra. my problematic right thigh, which I started noticing to have gone from bad to worse from two years ago, she was encouraging enough to let me know that it really is not so bad and can be taken cared of within a month of Velasmooth treatment! Precisely my deadline to get in shape for our Plantation Bay trip! (more…)

My Flawless Meso-Lipo + Shape & Sculpt Treatment Experience

As soon as I got back home from Flawless last Monday, I tweeted away: “this is prolly the most invasive that I will ever get–meso lipo for my macho arms. Ang sakit!” The week prior I got a heads up from the hubby that I can avail of Flawless’ Meso-Lipo promo. I made sure I did and purchased a couple at P4,500 a pop. I was looking into having my arms and tummy done. The promo came with a free Shape & Sculpt 3 in 1 advanced technology procedure, which I love! The one I got from Asian Tropics was definitely blah compared to this.

taken right after the procedure


Flawless Shape & Sculpt review

One of the perks of blogging, beauty blogging for that matter, is you get updated with promos as they come. And when they do and you know it’s something you can make use of, you grab it. When I learned about Flawless’ Shape & Sculpt, I did not actually think it was something that I will avail of. I am not exactly on the heavy side, but there were some problem areas I have always wanted to be “taken cared of.”

Last week, I availed of the Shapes & Sculpt Treatment at 60% off. It was mid of 2009 when I started noticing my skin turning a little dimply on the thigh area. It was during the time I stopped working out. Before that, I religiously worked out from January to March 2009 and then I got too busy. Aside from working from home, homeschooling came in and squeezing working out was next to impossible. So when this Shapes & Sculpt Starter Treatment was offered at such a steal, I knew I just had to try it for myself. I am a fan of non-invasive stuff.


GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil – Shooting Two Birds in One Stone

I am so happy to be reacquainted with this product. ¬†This is not a paid post (although, it would be sweeter if it was) but I am happily raving about it because it is precisely shooting two birds in one stone, in every application of GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil. ¬†
After having gained five pounds to my five feet frame in the last month, tipping at almost 106lbs., failing to fit into my regular clothes and have started wearing those first trimester preggy clothes – ¬†I knew I have got to do some desperate measures. ¬†Digging in from my previous finds, I stuck to having “natural” as a basis of my process of elimination and I’m happy to come up with this bottle. The first bottle I bought some years back, I ended up giving away, because I did not use it as much. ¬†I was too thin to need it.¬†
And now you ask how does it shoot two birds in a stone? ¬†Here’s why. ¬†GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil doesn’t just work on firming up those subcutaneous body fats, you also feel fresher longer after bath- because of its peppermint properties. What could be better in this summer heat, right? ¬† My dear sister swears by it as it has been her sweet partner in her regular visits to Fitness First and enjoys her sauna baths. ¬† ¬†¬†

I hereby declare GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil as my non-negotiable summer must have. ¬†It retails for PhP265 (approx.$5.65). ¬†Although I still have to observe if it will actually defat some unwanted portions underneath my dermis. But two days in, there is ¬†actually some difference to the feel. Bumps are lesser, to be sure.¬†
This is the blurb from their site:

This easy to use oil has seaweed extract for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich algae to hydrate and detoxify. No shower needed! The active moisturizing base includes essential oils of lavender and peppermint and virgin coconut oil. To provide excellent results, use together with our seaweed slimming soap.