BlueWater Day Spa Welcomes Brand Ambassador Bb. Pilipinas Universe Gazini Ganados

Gazini Ganados For BlueWater Day Spa

Bb. Pilipinas Universe Gazini Ganados is the newest face of Bluewater Day Spa.

One look at our reigning Bb. Pilipinas Universe, you’d wish that you also have “got it together”. But unknown to many, there’s a lot of hard work entailed, not just in preparing for a beauty pageant but more so after you’ve won the crown and are now given much higher expectations.

Gazini Ganados For BlueWater Day Spa
Creative and Events Director of Bb. Pilipinas Mr. Jonas Gaffud; Operations Manager of BlueWater Day Spa Ms. Nancy Go; Bb. Pilipinas Universe Gazini Ganados; CEO of BlueWater Day Spa Ms. Mary Simisim; BlueWater Day Spa Ambassador Mr. Fabio Ide.


BlueWater Day Spa Opens Their 6th Branch in Ortigas

Bluewater Day Spa celebrated another successful grand opening with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for their 6th branch at Ortigas Ave, one of the busiest business districts in the metro. Spotted on the ribbon cutting ceremonies were Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, international car racer Marlon Stockinger, Christian Bautista, David Licauco, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ervic Vijandre and new brand ambassadors Raymund Isaac, Enzo Mondejar, Jay Buen, Sidney Yap, Ton Lao, Cez Young, Leo Posadas, Jake Galvez, and Dino Lazado.


5 benefits of a foot spa treatment

foot spa

Our feet is some of the most abused parts of our body, especially for those whose work has them being on their feet for the better part of the day. but even not being on your feet is not that great because having a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with having to wear shoes can cause tired, aching feet.

A foot spa is a great way to pamper yourself. you not only get rid of the aches and pains, but you are getting other benefits such as reducing headaches and the like. A foot spa usually involves having your feet soaked in a warm foot bath followed by other treatment like reflexology and massage and even a pedicure.

foot spa

Here are some of the benefits that you can get with a regular foot spa treatment.

1. It can help relieve your stress – looking for the perfect pick-me-up after a stressful day? A trip to your local spa for the perfect foot spa treatment is just the trick. You will immediately feel soothed with the relaxing foot bath, and if you do the massage, you’ll surely feel the stress leaving your body. (more…)

BlueWaterDay Spa Launches the #4HandMassage and Its Brand New Celebrity Endorsers

BlueWaterDay Spa recently introduced its brand new celebrity ambassadors as it launched its must-try Authentic Traditional Four Hand Balinese Massage.

BlueWaterDay Spa’s roster of brand new celebrity endorsers includes: Nikki Gil-Albert, Kim Chiu, Anthony Semerad, The Mercator Men, Benjamin Alves, Bianca Guidotti, Ervic Vijandre, Mike Tan and Aljur Abrenica.


@nikkigil is @bluewater_day_spa’s newest #celebrity #brandambassador #bluewaterdayspa4handmassage #balinesemassage

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Blue Water Day Spa Introduces Therapeutic Colonic Massage for Faster Weight Loss

I’ve learned recently that stress comes in three different major forms: postural, emotional and chemical. All of which contribute in our quality of life. I know this for a fact since my bad back has been pretty persistent in making this felt.Then there comes the chemical pollution from the air that brings with it unbelievable amounts of toxins to our system. We subject ourselves to regular free radicals and it’s not as if we have a choice. It has become a way of life, truth be told, and we barely have control over it.

But we do the best that we can and as good stewards of our health, vigilance is always the key. Regular detoxification nowadays has become more than just a luxury. With the choice of food, sure we can always try to go organic but with the air pollution we encounter whether we commute or drive, create a build up of free radicals that need to be purged off our bodies.

Therapeutic Colonic Massage

Therapeutic Colonic Massage

Along with the introduction of their newest ambassadors:Christian Bautista, MIss Universe 2013 Third Runner-Up Ariella Arida, Ken Alfonso and Wyn Marquez, Blue Water Day Spa recently launched its most effective detox management treatment – The Therapeutic Colonic Massage: Detox for Faster Weight Loss. (more…)

4 Signs of a Good Spa

Everyone needs a little pampering once in awhile, and if you’re looking for an outlet, a trip to the spa will soothe the body and rejuvenate the soul. But how can you tell the good spas from the merely average? Here are four things to look for the next time you need a taste of luxury.

1. Assorted Treatments

Though every spa will offer different therapies and body treatments, they should always form a long list. From aromatherapy baths to exotic facials and skin peels, it’s important that a spa provides total body service for a variety of needs.

2. Certified Staff

Masseuses should be licensed by the state or certified by the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy (NCETMB). Acupuncturists should be regionally trained and accredited. Don’t put your aching body into the hands of people without skills and experience.

3. White Glove Service

Does the staff take your coat at the door? Do they offer free drinks while you’re soaking in the jacuzzi? The whole point of a spa visit is to feel like a million bucks, which isn’t easily accomplished if the staff is discourteous or inattentive.

4. Incentives

The sign of a truly accommodating spa is one that caters to a bad economy. Look for establishments like the GiGi Salon Spa that offers deals, discounts and coupon savings for both new and repeat customers.

These are just four ways to determine the quality of a spa. Use them wisely in order to find a great facility near you!

Types of Saunas

Saunas are a relaxing way to unwind after a long, stressful day. They also have a number of health benefits including stress relief and release of toxins from the body. You may not have thought about buying a home sauna before, but there are various kinds that can be customized to fit your personal needs and the layout of your home. Here are three types of saunas to consider.

Infrared Saunas

The heat in this type of sauna is produced through infrared bands of light. Unlike the ultraviolet light of tanning booths, infrared is not a danger to health and will not damage your skin. In fact, infrared heating beds are used to warm preemie babies in hospitals. The heat put out through this type of sauna is relaxing and provides relief of many conditions.


My Velasmooth Treatment Experience (with OOTD)

Exactly a month from now, my boys and I are flying to Plantation Bay to celebrate my son’s 8th birthday! While I have been pretty stretched physically with all the getting settled phase (our home expansion project is finally done after 15 weeks), my flabs have been screaming to get toned – like seriously. The consultation I had with SKIN last Monday and the free Velasmooth treatment they gave cannot be more timely!

KikayCorner at Skin The Spa

Blouse: The Children’s Place (size 16)
Denim Skirt
Flats: Neutral Claire Scrunch Dexflex
Bag: Frances Sales’ Doctor’s Bag
Earrings: Baroque Pearls from Davao
Watch: Cocci Lorenzo Dual Watch

First off, a before Velasmooth treatment OOTD shot. I love that I can still wear kid’s blouses and shirts to this day. My favorite comfy shirts nowadays are the ones that are handed down to me by my 7 year old boy. But fact is, as happy as I am that I can wear a kid’s shirt, my flabs problem is no less of an issue.

Skin interior The Spa

Reception area of Skin Dermatology & Laser Center located inside The Spa, BGC

I have always loved the serene feel of entering The Spa, as I get welcomed by its cascading waterfalls. SKIN is no different. The interior is as tranquil as I have always known The Spa for. I can totally wait here all day with a good book and the best tasting ginger tea I have always gone back for at the Spa. 🙂

I made sure I threw in all my cellulite-related questions during my consult with SKIN’s resident dermatologist. I sure have learned a lot about Velasmooth treatment. For one, Velasmooth is the first clinically proven non-invasive technology for the efficient treatment of cellulite and circumference reduction. It can be done once or twice a week, depending on the doctor’s advice. As I showed Dra. my problematic right thigh, which I started noticing to have gone from bad to worse from two years ago, she was encouraging enough to let me know that it really is not so bad and can be taken cared of within a month of Velasmooth treatment! Precisely my deadline to get in shape for our Plantation Bay trip! (more…)

Our Nuat Thai Libis Spa Indulgence Experience

 As I have shared in my previous spa posts, one of the many things the hubby and I love to do once in every while is to get massages. We love Nuat Thai Libis more than because of its proximity to our place.  Most photos in this post were taken during our second visit.

Scents to choose from: Lavender, Green Tea and Eucalyptus

I always choose lavender every single time. There’s something calming about lavender that I believe so reinforces the whole idea of having massages. Like it ushers me through my olfactory sense to relaxation bliss.


Ratanakiri Spa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We visited Ratanakiri Spa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during our Vietnam-Cambodia trip with my family a couple of months ago. My husband and I have this habit of checking out a local spa of the places we go visit. We thought all the while that there was no decent spa places in Phnom Penh. Because the first two days we have been around the city, the ones we saw were of the less decent. It is easy to say from the girls outside their establishments.

Ratanakiri List of Spa Services

Because I was not very happy with the foot massage I had in Vietnam a few days back, instead of a body massage, I opted to just have foot massage again (which I later regretted because the therapists here are soooo good), in Ratanakiri Steam Sauna and Massage.  With all the walking that we have done the whole week, I could have made use of a good massage. But since I was not too sure about this new place, I’m not taking my chances. Ratanakiri does Khmer Thai Massage.

Ratanakiri’s massage area 

Couple’s Room

This was were the husband had his massage. I could have shared this room with him if I chose body massage. Instead, I was in the room next door.

Ratanakiri Foot Massage Room

This is where I had my foot massage done. The place was very comfy. I especially love that Cambodians speak better English than the Vietnamese. I barely had to use sign language during our  stay in Phnom Penh. (more…)