Bluewater Day Spa Celebrates 6 Years

My husband and I have our Spa Dates every week. One of the first spas that we have tried was Bluewater Day Spa and last week, we celebrated with their spa ambassadors alongside other media practitioners and fellow bloggers their sixth year in the spa business.

BlueWater Day Spa’s eight innovators and wholeness ambassadors include athlete, journalist and triathlon coach Andy Leuterio, international classical concert pianist and musical director Angelo Ortiz, publishing executive and finance expert Blanca Mercado, social entrepreneur Illac Diaz, environmental TV show host Kiko Rustia, strategic broker and wellness activist Conrad Perreras, model, entrepreneur and money broker Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and social business leader Reese Fernandez-Ruiz.

These ambassadors represent Bluewater Day Spa’s new portfolio of services: including massage therapies as Athlete’s Massage, Foot Reflexology, Traditional Filipino Hilot, Hand Restoration Treatment, Combo Herbal Massage, Cellulite Melter Massage; machine treatments that include the Revita Shape Treatment and Revita Firming Treatment, and facial and skin processes like the FPL (Fluorescent Pulse Light) Non-Surgical Facelift, Radiant Facial Treatment and Men’s Vitality Facial Treatment.


Our K1 Spa Experience in Davao

We flew to Davao for a quick trip last month and had our very first spa experience down south — in K1 Spa along Quimpo Boulevard. We have zero knowledge of a good spa place in Davao. So we thought to just consult the internet and Google map led us to the nearest spa place from where we were staying.

We were in Davao on our Spa day (Monday), so we thought to check out this K1 Spa. We inquired via mobile before heading to the place and had a good first impression of their staff. So off we went. It was a blessing that my FIL allowed us to use his car as we went around the city during our stay. Commuting in a foreign place can be a challenge.

K1 Spa Menu of Spa Services

The hubby and I availed of Packages 4 (his) and 5 (mine). Package 4 is Aroma Body Massage and Foot Scrub for P530. Package 5 is Body Scrub (Milk Salt) and Foot Scrub for P680. Both of which took an hour and 45 minutes. Pretty cheap for spa packages compared to the ones offered across different spa places in Metro Manila.


Shui Hilot Healing Spa via Metrodeal

We finally vouchered away our 90 minute Shui Hilot Healing Massage Spa coupons from Metrodeal. We had it reserved a couple of weeks back and strategically included it in our Monday date night this week.

It was timely that we were able to get hold of the Shui Pinoyhilot Healing Spa via Metrodeal. Our badminton regimen would have my body scream for an honest to goodness massage every time. P345 instead of P1150 for a heavenly Shui Hilot Triple 90 Min. Combo Massage & Foot Treatment at Shui Hilot Healing Spa is a good deal. By the way, Shui is pronounced as “shway.” I only found that out when I read it from the spa place.

Ventosa back massage therapy

It was my first time to have this kind of massage. Ventosa back massage therapy is done by creating a vacuum with heat in a glass or bamboo, sore points on the body are gently eased. This is said to prevent toxins from building up in the form of nodules or “ lamig” and is replaced by a naturopathic organic mineral that enables the cell to regenerate and hydrate inside the body. (more…)

The Spa Bonifacio High Street


It was a long delayed date but I was sure glad it happened.  I thoroughly enjoyed that lunch date with my dear friend, Frances. I have known her from childhood and consider her as one of the few people who is really close to my heart.  I have loved this girl like my very own blood.  I really enjoyed that time I had with you, Frances! T’was her sweet treat. ‘Till next date! It will be on me then. 😉

We later headed to check out The Spa High Street after that big lunch at Italiannis.  The moment we stepped in, there was just one word to it- enthralling. We were welcomed into this serene place of cascading waterfalls in the reception area. No one was there, our feet were naturally led to the stairs going up to yet another perfect reception, this time welcomed by well groomed attendants.

The bestseller for me, aside from the lovely Villa accommodation was their ginger tea. For someone who is not big on anything hot to drink, I drank the whole thing in possibly two sips. I loved it! I was given a mini cup again after the shiatsu massage. I swore I was going to ask my therapist what the brand of the tea is, but it slipped my mind. Even just for that, I might just consider going back to The Spa for the yummiest of teas.