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2 Things to Remember in Choosing the Right Underwear

hygienic underwear

It is easy to leave out the importance of what undergarment to use throughout the day. We even tend to trivialize as it takes the bottom spot of the many decisions we have to make in our daily schedule. Truth be told, wearing something too tight, or too loose can easily spell out discomfort straight away.  It is as basic as it is, but remains crucial, if you think of the potential comfort or discomfort it gives you as you work on our daily grind.

As seemingly trivial as an underwear is, it remains to be a staple item that every other John and Jane, has got to deal with every single day. So we might as well get the word out on the two things to remember in choosing the right underwear for you.

hygienic underwear

2 Things to Remember in Choosing the Right Undergarment

1. Choose your Fabric.

Stylish underwear come in different kinds of fabric. But if you are looking out on comfort and make sure what you are wearing serves its purpose, then cotton is hands down the only way to go. Breathability is of utmost importance when it comes to undergarments. (more…)

The best spring sporting looks

Summer is here and with it comes the pressure to start eating healthily and get back in shape. One of the best ways to feel motivated and inspired to achieve your fitness goals is to update your workout wardrobe.

Here’s a look at some of the best sporting looks to help you get back on the treadmill and feeling fit and fabulous.

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Forget tracksuit bottoms and shorts, leggings are the most comfortable and wearable workout clothing available. Most good quality running tights or leggings are made from fabric which creates a cooling effect on your skin and removes sweat.

Leggings also don’t have to be super tight across your entire leg. There are also three quarter length options with a range of contrast panel and stripe detailing to choose from for those looking for something a little different to the traditional plain black pair.


One of the biggest hurdles you can face when tackling your fitness goals (apart from junk food of course) is an injury. Not warming and cooling your muscles well enough before and after a work out is one of the biggest contributors to sport injuries.