#WranglerSunChaser Week 2: Stay Cool

Have you joined the Wrangler Sun Chaser challenge yet? At stake are P8,000 worth of cash vouchers for the weekly winner and there will be one lucky winner of the regional finale prize: a 5-day trip to a destination of choice. Woot!

I have a few faves amongst thousands of Week 1, Smell Nature entries. Here are two of them:

sun chaser wrangler

@scufforoma’s entry from South Africa

photo (5)

And the hubby’s (@jaspacio) entry captioned: “Luke 19:40 “I tell you,” Jesus replied, “if they (we) keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Let’s be bold in proclaiming praise for God and His amazing handiwork! #WranglerSunChaser #Philippines @WranglerPH.”

I know! I know! That’s just so, “love your own.”  There’s just something about knowing the story behind the photo. 🙂

Winner for Wrangler Sun Chase Week 1, “Smell Nature” is rhainepineda. Congrats, Rhaine! 🙂


Check out her winning entry:

Theme for Wrangler Sun Chaser Week 2: STAY COOL

Wrangler Sun Chaser Stay Cool

Blue. The shade of adventure, blue skies, blue seas and a pair of blue jeans.This week, battle the heat of
the midday sun to reach the highest point you see. Sweat with no regret.


#WranglerSunChaser Week 1: Smell Nature

This week’s Wrangler Sun Chaser Theme is Smell Nature: True luxury is being able to smell the colours of the world. This week, thank the sun for the fruits, flowers and trees. Follow the subtle scents of nature and enjoy the feeling of greener grass pressed against your feet.
Above is my entry that I shared via Instagram. Keeping my fingers crossed here. 🙂

You have until Saturday to post yours and get a chance to win P8,000 worth of cash vouchers from Wrangler. Check out for more info. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #WranglerSunChaser #Philippines to make your entry count.

Fun Under the Sun with Nivea

With our Davao and Surigao trip wrapped up, we are now getting set for a yet exciting summer trip to Bohol and have fun under the Sun with Nivea. I received a handful of Nivea products just before we left for Davao but won’t get to try it until we bask under the Bohol sun.

What got me really interested with Nivea’s Sun Care products is its “no waiting time” capability. While most sun care products in the market require for us to wait from 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, Nivea made it a tad instant. This can mean a great deal for a mom like me. With a kid who is ready to jump out the sun half way before his body is slathered with sunscreen, I need not worry about him being exposed to the sun “too soon.” (more…)

Maximum Fun Under the Sun with Beach Hut MAX SPF100

To put it plainly, Beach Hut MAX SPF 100 got me at SPF100.  I don’t know about you but it is the first time I encountered a sunblock lotion with that high SPF. I first saw its billboard along C-5 last week and I knew it was what I’m gonna travel with to Davao and Bohol for our summer getaway in May.  My confidence in Beach Hut came about by my previous use of their Max 75++ Clear Spray Sunblock in 2009.

So I was more than glad when I arrived at my doorstep today with this sweet package from Beach Hut to welcome me. Way before Beach Hut contacted me to get first dibs on their brand new sunblock offering, I was already a user of the product. Here’s the thing, as much as I love the vacations that happen around the summer season, more than the tanning, I really don’t like the painful feel of the sun on my skin. It hurts like crazy. Although I can experiment with practically anything on my skin and get zero to minimal breakouts, my skin is sensitive that way.


Hello Summer, Hello Sassa! – Sassa’s Summer Collection 2011

Ever since I have tried Sassa Activewear in 2009 and figured it is one of those brands that fit me best, I have always looked forward to collections that they usually launch in time for summer.

Sassa’s 2011 Summer Collection is rife with trendy prints and stylish cuts in dainty, bright and happy colors, just like what Summer is meant to be. Gertier Hermanos, resident designer for Sassa says, “My inspiration for the collection this year was paint, lots of bright colors of paint and abstract paintings, too. Summer is such a bright and cheery season, I just wanted to put the same kind of vibrancy you find on a hot summer day on the collection.”


Neutrogena Healthy Summer Skin Bloggers Event at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

Last Friday, April 16, 2010, Kikay Corner set off with 11 other beauty bloggers to Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club for the Neutrogena Healthy Summer Skin Bloggers Event. It cannot be more fitting to talk about healthy skin in a place where people flock to during the summer season – the beach!

I learned a bunch during the event. One learning that I was able to bring home with me is the importance of seeing a PDS accredited dermatologist. Now, I was never a fan of any of those one stop beauty shops that offer facials and all the other beauty treatments. I never had a major skin issue all my life. But that is not so for many of the girls I know and the truth of the matter is, those one stop beauty shops that claim to make you look prettier entice a whole bunch of ladies out there. From the pre-teeners to adults. And it is not surprising that people flock these establishments. They offer treatments with lower tags attached to them as opposed to having to go to a legitimate PDS accredited dermatologist that’s can cost a little pricier.


Sassa Summer Collection Fashion Preview

What a fab night it was! Kikay Corner was invited to The Sassa Summer Collection Fashion Preview. It was held in Aquanox Restaurant in Makati. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The scorching heat started ushering itself to this tropical country towards the weekend and continues to threaten us with its permanent existence.
Instead of sulking indoors complaining of the heat, the swimsuit fashion preview was enough to get us out of our zones, hit the beach and officially welcome the summer. Definitely the best part of the season, hands down.
Eight girls ramped the Gertie Hermanos–designed 30 piece swimwear/activewear collection. What I love most about Sassa’s collection is its being affordable without sacrificing style. The photo on the right is me with the lady behind the designs . Gertie was able to come up with a variety that caters across age range from tweens to even mommies like myself.

Aside from having been able to witness the launch of these pretty things, I was able to meet fellow bloggers across the Metro who write under the same niche. Here is one of the many snapshot I took-with fellow blogger, Ann of and the lovely PR lady behind the event, Daisy.
Watch out as Sassa hits the malls with this trendy swimwear collection to welcome the summer season.